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  1. I do remember back on 1.0.5 to have a spotlight that was managed by the BDA turret code. The light followed wherever my cursor pointed. Does anyone know what mod was that and if still up to date? If Im remembering wrong think about it just like an mod request (? Thank you in advance!
  2. It does serve very well when trying to destroy something that is below another parts. (trying to hit a tank below a carrier or base or something like that). It is specialy usefull with the new BDAc System, the armor panels cover from explosion and damage from other parts behind them, You can even attach a bomb to it to do more damage after penetration/landing. I use Mechjeb autopilot to try point it directly from space and landing aiming for the final aproach, of course you will need to atach some engines and control surfaces to try hit something, and a lot of luck. If you try to use it from a plane instead of space, you can use this technique.
  3. That pilot suit would be AWESOME. I finally will be able to cry for Goose Kerman's death in a proper way.
  4. I did more testing in a clean KSP 1.3.1, with MM 3.0.1. and the beta. It seems that weapons ignore collisions if the hopely-explodely thing is less than 20 meters away, kerbal or not. The bullets simply pass and ignore the objet, doing no damage at all, they does not "overpenetrate" they ignore completely the objet. I'll put a imgur link of a screen that I hope pretty much self explain reproduction steps.
  5. I think this is a issue with BDAc in general. Any turret (parts with turret module) that can hold any kind of missile (parts with missilelauncher module) doesn't turn off automatically if the missile is deselected without firing, or if there is more misiles atached to that turret; the turret keep folowing the mouse even if deselected. To reproduce it just launch a vessel with a turret with missiles atached to it, select the missiles in the weapon manager ui and then deselect them and the turret will keep tracking the cursor
  6. I have noticed that unlike the latest release, the new beta has no efect on Kerbals. I shoot at them and they suffer no change on hitpoints or they tiny amout of armour. Simply put a vessel that can hold 2 Kerbals with a turret and proper ammo, got a kerbal on EVA and shoot at him, then repeat with the beta. Edit: NVM i think it was a module manager bug
  7. There would be bugs or innestability if I change tweakscale parameters type to "Free" I don't know much of this kind of stuff and I dont want to corrupt my save or anything.
  8. I'm having this problem with all the turrets that have missiles attached to them. When a turret has a missile and I select that missile in the Weapon Manager, the turret naturally enables itself, but when I choose another (or none) weapon, the turrent doesn't power down unleast I leave the scene.
  9. I had the feeling I fit vessels with tracks in hangars before, so I just tried Hangar 3.3.2 and it work perfectly fine, the traks fits it real size inside the hangar. I hope that help you find the problem.
  10. Im having an issue with Kerbal Foundries tracks in KSP 1.3.1. They appear way bigger in the hangar than they are in game. I use a lot of mods so I clean reinstaled only the latest KF and the latest Hangar with Module Manager 2.8.1 and tried again with same results. The issue happens with all of the track kind "wheel". Simply try to load a vessel with tracks inside a hangar and see it's huge model.
  11. There's a way to make FAR stop altering stock water physics? I love FAR for planes but not with boats. So, there's a line in any of the .cfg files can I delete or change to stop FAR mess with water?
  12. Many thanks. I'll let you know if I encounter any other bugs. I love your mods, I have not leave the atmosphere for a while.
  13. I'm having this issue with the Humvee. There is a "wall" arround the humvee's doors that make impossible to board it.
  14. No, I'm pretty sure is FAR. Stock parts also have heavy issues in water (I didn't make any kind of boat in 1.2.2 until now, I wanted to do some and that's why I downloaded those mods). Even my planes do some weird movements when splashed. I havn't read anything about water issues in this thread or Ferram's Github, also searched for "water" on some CFG files and nothing, I can't believe I'm the only one having those issues.
  15. I have being using the dev version of FAR on KSP 1.2.2 for a while without any remarcable bug in flight, but recently I downloaded some boat mods and they are completely broken. Ships explode, fly literally far enough to get in orbit, drift uncontrolably, etc. I readed that everyone is playing with FAR without any bugs so I think maybe I'm the only one me having that problem. I found that without FAR ships works properly, tested for some days, reinstalled whole game two times and still the same; so there's a way to fix that, or get back stock water physics without uninstalling FAR?