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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Don't need em. Apparently landing gear are pretty good as airbrakes. Also you could try just doubling up your tail and deploying that as an airbrake.
  2. kerbal all stock saturn V like rocket?

    See the highlight..... And flavor text... thats the part.
  3. What are your craziest dreams?

    I had a weird dream where a friend from school and I had to do some dissection but I specifically remember we needed lead boots gloves and some form of chest protector. And I was annoyed and thought it wasn't sufficient.
  4. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Rover, Buggy, Rover, Rover, Rover, Rover. When people say car, they have a certain expectation of something that looks like a car, something they could drive in. Not just thing with wheels that drives around. Also expected in a car is a person. Granted, the Moon Buggy does that... but its such a weird thing so.... yeah. Its really not at all looking like a car. The roadster actually fits the expectation of a car. Did it say that somewhere? Huh. Didn't notice. Also - the N-1 was an abysmal failure. I believe it had a 0% success rate. And the payload capacity for Energia seems vague according to the wiki.
  5. kerbal all stock saturn V like rocket?

    Like So.
  6. Pacific Rim...?

    I quite liked it too. You're not alone.
  7. AFAIK, not much performance wise has changed between 1.0.5 and 1.3.1. If anything, it might have become better.
  8. I'm concerned cause those separation motors looks like it would just crash the two things into each other
  9. Rocket

    Ok really, please explain to me what you mean by ramjet and pulse jet? Those parts don't really... exist, per se, in the game. We have jet engines and yes, you could make rockets with those. They wouldn't work in space, but might be handy for like an SSTO.
  10. How famous are you?

    Nuuuuu! Best we could do is try and recreate them...
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Death roll? Whats that? You mean flipping out often? Maybe try putting the fairing around it to help with asymetrical drag? Or more fins at the bottom. As for what I actually did.... (images in spoilers to avoid cluttering) First was mucking about with the 'MehMobile' an in progress design with a name change necessary. I kinda like it but it needs work. Then I tried a 2G SSTO. Its harder than it seems. The issue is that what would normally be sufficient to leave the atmosphere isn't. Perhaps drag optimization or just more oxidizer and a better ascent profile would help, but IDK And then I came up with a brilliant idea to try and "colonize" Eeloo, a planet I've never legitimately visited. So a relay sat for that was tested out with a launch to KSO. And a tiny Snowmobile, cause it seems like Eeloo would have snow. Or something like that. ok the engineers just wanted to make one. And a bonus image of that 'MehMobile' cause why not. spectra is so gorgeous i don't think i can stand stock graphics anymore...
  12. How famous are you?

    10/10. Had fun with that one upping contest. I really should enter those planes....
  13. Other than for the sake of doing it.
  14. The Loophole Test!

    yes. Question N) Alice has 3 rats. Bob has 20 mice. Chloe has a rabbit. David has 2 dogs. Ella has 4 turtles. Frank has 17 spiders. Gabby has 50 flies. Harry has 31 tardigrades. India has -1 giraffes. John has 12 monkeys. Kim has 89 fleas. Leo has 1 dragon. Mary has a bottle of sulfuric acid. Nick has a UV lamp. Olivia has a dead cat. Peter has half a flashlight. Quebec has a ham and cheese sandwhich. Robert has a stuffed eagle plushie. Sally has a signpost. Tim has a lion model. Ursula has a strip of black cloth. Victor has a fire cracker. Wendy has a math test. Xavier has a flying ostrich. Yoella has a drumkit. Zachary has a bike tire. How was the bank robbed? Explain in chronological order and see how each person and item relates.