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  1. I feel with a lot of challenges part of the skill is in the piloting. So I mean... Its not too unfair IMO. But I don't run the challenge. Also... hmmm might be a fun challenge if someone finds a nice slope somewhere....
  2. small complaint - for some reason one of my browser hotkeys (ALT-Left/Arrow) just stopped working for no apparent reason. Its really more of an inconvenience but its an annoying one. Looking for a fix, but nothing obvious is coming up (maybe someone has ideas idk). curse you tech gods.
  3. inb4 @Dman979 shows up. maybe shouldn't tag the one with the keys....
  4. qzgy

    Dont reply

    the only winning move is not to play. But playing is fun!
  5. I think I'll play around with this in a bit, but why this rule? (gonna do it anyways, but I'm in 1.3 so probably not gonna be official).
  6. this tickles me in a nice way. Good film too.
  7. Winter break is ending and I am flying back out of NJ to the Netherlands to continue studying tomorrow. I am not particularly enthusiastic about leaving actual home for another 6 months, especially after a bit of winter break. It is what it is though I suppose....
  8. you expected just jim, but it was me, qzgy! Lets see if @Just Jim will show up though....
  9. Think even earlier, whenever they introduced the new donut tank. Don't quote me on it though.
  10. qzgy

    Happy 2020

    Where are you in the US? Cause I think like Alaska and Hawaii have much longer to wait than say.... New Jersey (almost 2020 at time of posting)
  11. KITTYYYYYYYY! there. thats a name. Musa does sound kinda nice though to me.