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  1. I feel as if that's not quite the best way to solve this issue. Don't want to get to deep into it, but silencing a perceived opponent isn't really quite helpful. Especially when you come from a somewhat hypocritical position in my view, since you yourself by the rules aren't allowed to technically be part of the team and/or post challenges if I remember correctly. I'll go out now.
  2. qzgy

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 23: Kermangrad)

    Cool! Already started Shadows, decent portion finished (reached the first Interlude). Maybe done with that over the weekend? Idk. Backups are always good. Maybe wouldn't be a bad idea to start one for revelations. I'm not sure either how useful the RTF would be, since my process so far has been copying stuff from the forum into a word doc then doing some minor formatting (font, font size, asterisk centering, etc.) before conversion into a pdf. Anyways, should be fun! Also means I can read the Kraken trilogy offline
  3. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    @Blasty McBlastblast that's true..... But if I say it's an upper stage it would still be launched by the SLV. Right? So..... Idk. I'm gonna wait and see what @Death Engineeringsays on this.
  4. qzgy

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Eh? Not for me. One because break started.... Mid June and two is because I live under a rock as far as ads are concerned. My complaint-public transport system is down sort of for maintenance (SEPTA trolley blitz...) Increases my commute time by a good half hour......
  5. qzgy

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 23: Kermangrad)

    Welllll before it's released.... Guess I'll just be sitting here. Maybe I should reread everything for a refresher. See if I can finish before the next chapter. Also - what are your thoughts on me compiling everything (shadows, whispers, and revelations) into a pdf (or three, one per book/work) with proper credits and whatnot, of course. Maybe it's been done before.... But I'd like to anyways
  6. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Wait.... So if I have an upper stage that burns the payload into a duna transfer, but then burns back to burn up in the atmosphere or into LKO as space junk, would that also be part of the NPM? Or would it not count since it technically doesn't leave LKO assuming the burns happen quick enough? Also I thought this (the ommision of the overstressed penalty with those achievements) also applied to the 4 year kerbal mission time limit (see your post from a little while back) . Has that been changed?
  7. Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification. I realize we're straying very far from the original topic but........ I guess here's something of a response.
  8. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Ohhhhhhh...... Yeah thats never happening.
  9. Thanks. One clairification though - which node is which? Like is the node_stack_bottom the one that would normally produce the shrouds or the one closer to the heatshield that removes the shroud?
  10. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Huh? If my memory serves right.... the 153 ton LV should launch just about once per transfer window.... Right? Maybe I'm interpreting something wrong. But yeah big launchers. My favorite kind. Edit: oh wait I guess you're assuming it's disposable? Ha. Hahaha *insane laughter here*. No I'm hoping to give it wings and make it reusable. Which should then make the second transfers window.
  11. Hey mind sending that patch over (or linking a convenient place for it)? I'd quite enjoy it too..... dont like the shrouds either.
  12. Launch vehicle looks a bit like a falcon 9 with SRB's strapped to it. Which I guess if it works, works.
  13. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    oooohhh fanceh. I'm going to borrow this for planning if you dont mind. I was also going to create some timeblocked chart (which I might still do....) but this is a great resource. Thanks!
  14. qzgy

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    I think I'm well on my way in making the SLV..... NPM is likely to be 153 tons So far.... I think its overkill. Image of a test flight in a half complete state.... At this moment its ditching the cargo fairing.
  15. You can't..... Sorry. You can imbed single images using the bbcode but there's no good way to imbed the whole album. At least to my knowledge