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  1. qzgy

    Race Into Space

    Winter break is coming up soon. Maybe I'll actually get around to playing again, if you'd like to finish... This could be fun. Good luck to all!
  2. No they weren't. Edit: The new ones look so much messier than they were or need to be. I do not want to have attention drawn to these nosecones, which are kinda now shouting LOOK AT MEEE!!!. They had one job which was to be at the end of the stack and look a bit inconspicuous while looking at least visually somewhat interesting. The old textures did this just fine. The new ones not so much.
  3. Or till it looks pretty.
  4. qzgy


    Interestingly 353 is also pretty close
  5. qzgy


    337 yes it has..
  6. qzgy

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 32: Perfect Tonight)

    yes, then Val may not consider having lobster tomorrow. Anyways, PDF finally updated. 121124 words or there about for anyone interested.
  7. qzgy


  8. qzgy


    113 Edit: ninja'd by Kerbart.... Next is 127
  9. Shouldn't work..... Curious to see your proof.....
  10. qzgy


  11. Already a thing. Hold down alt while controlling the timewarp keys (< and >) to do solely physical timewarp.
  12. qzgy

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    I'm sure this will fix it.
  13. qzgy


    61 Some summers ago actually my father while trying to teach me C wrote a program for exactly that. Worked really well until the numbers got too big.
  14. qzgy