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  1. Both? They banded together to march to victory while banding. I think previously her school's band in competition got a score of around 82 (Don't know much, but I guess its like ice skating where performance is graded on a number of things, like the quality of playing and how good the performance or show is? IDK, maybe someone actually in a marching band can better explain). In the most recent competition, they got a score of 86.775. So.... cumulative subjective score of show/performance I guess.
  2. MMMMkay so..... the monster flies. Just about. Album here. Scoring More boom: - 264*12 = 3168 100 Convincing Arguments: +20 SPACE Bomber!: +20 (not shown, but has been tested to be possible) Top speed at 3km of about 700 m/s: +70 Maintenance - 32 Rapiers and 4 Goliaths --> -320 (No penalty for goliaths? Ok I guess) Also add the uhhh 740 parts: - 14.8 Did the math: +100 Fastest Heavy bomber (for now I think): +10 Gentle Giant (its anything but): +20 Service Ceiling (It's powered by rapiers. And rockets. Is it really necessary to prove?): +15 Such Stealth, very sneak: Its kinda flying wing-ish right? +2 Total score!: 3090.2 Points. That more boom thing is very OP. Especially in the heavy bomber range, there's like no point to actually try the other challenges (although it probably could). Still, the engineering itself is a fun challenge! Especially trying to drop bombs at many 100s of meters per second...... If goliaths are penalized by 2 points, then the final score should be 3082.2.
  3. The question isn't how many bays you have, its how many bombs you hold. looks like it'll hold quite a bit though.
  4. Cause I hate myself. And I thought more than 200 bombs on a space-capable bomber would be funny. still working on it. Might send a dropbox link though.
  5. I guess I just have to beat both of you to keep you from fighting over the F Also - send help my PC doesn't like running 800 odd parts in the air.
  6. qzgy

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    @CatastrophicFailure .... moar?
  7. On the subject of marching bands, my sister and her marching band set a new school record. (I'm not in a marching band - the schools a bit too small for one)
  8. Not even for thanksgiving? And I thought my school break policy was a bit empty (no breaks from about start of school till thanksgiving IIRC, then nothing from then until winterbreak in mid december)
  9. 1 - Did that for my early space shuttle missions. My earliest designs were basically a jet/rocket powered plane which released the shuttle at a high enough apoapsis. 2 - As with above, I also used jet engines on the same launch vehicle. Specifically rapiers. actually I can show an image here. Both the jets and horizontal takeoff were fine. 3 - No restriction there. I also used symmetrical layouts around a main shuttle. Shuttle deisgn rules are in general pretty lax, so long as you ditch something and part of it comes back.
  10. qzgy

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    In my albeit limited experience, using an Saitek ST290 didn't give any noticeable input lag. I can see how more than a second of input lag would make it useless.
  11. DAL59

    Is Space Race on hiatus?

    1. qzgy


      See @Ultimate Steve's response and mine underneath it.

  12. Ohhhhhhh ok. I see what you're saying Then you need to make something else to take it down
  13. qzgy

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    For myself personally its worked quite reasonably. Bit wonky as it starts to drift if you leave to controller plugged in for a long while, but well enough. Dont really use the joystick that often though, so I can't really say how well it does or doesn't work.
  14. but I like my stock parts....... Heres a scifi-ish ship to start off with. High part count, but you could probably strip away the internals to make it lower in part count. https://kerbalx.com/qzgy/Grenadier
  15. uuhhhhhhh Apatosaurus? IDK, brontosaurus seems like the most obvious thing.