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  1. Granted. They're free because of a govt program, however, they can only be used to view propaganda to quell the masses and forget the reality of the world. I wish that I had another guinea pig.
  2. unpopular opinion building on this - while yes they are (probably) unrealistic, they are super convenient and I quite like a nice big flat plain sometimes.
  3. In fairness, Red bull does/did? (not super closely following everything) have a very good chassis/car, but also had issues with the power unit going on (I think this was more the case last year or the year before). I think what you see more especially is just how throwing money at a problem will tend to make things better. Would not be surprised if Mercedes/Ferrari/Red Bull (the 3 really competitive teams last year) are spending much more money compared to the other teams on the field and thus can make better performing cars. Also with the major 2021 rule changes coming up, probably a lot of time is being invested there. But yeah, Mercedes is very dominant, and Ferrari definitely messed something up for this year. But I wouldn't say the other engineers are sleeping. Aerodynamics especially is very tricky. (also pls note - I dont know super well what I'm talking about here so I could be wrong).