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  1. I'm in the same boat as ProtoJeb. No proper science but lots of pictures
  2. Seeing as today's the day and how much interest/excitement there is, it would be nice for everyone who is experiencing it to share their pictures of the 2017 Solar Eclipse Mods: if this needs to moved or merged, do as you wish.
  3. Aww..... I'm not sure if posting our pictures of the eclipse would help, but hopefully next time is better luck.
  4. I could, but it's fine and probably better to just stick them in the full-size category. I'll make some more cars to properly satisfy requirements soon(tm)
  5. Something not showing up?
  6. I think your Lowell Amsterdam.
  7. Pretty neat replica. Electric engine, yeah? The wing might be on the wide side... Also, about the RCS bearing - that's thanks to klond and azimech. Klond I believe made the original RCS ball in a thermometer cage, Azimech has developed variants into many other things.
  8. Nothing particularly interesting. Tried to test land those massive shuttles on duna. Duna turned one into dust and the other into confetti. More parachutes needed.
  9. Well try an 800 part thing. Even on my computer which is well better than a toaster, it still doesn't play well. Turning down graphics, also with this kind of plume, helps, even if just a bit.
  10. Your CoL is wayyy too far back relative to your CoM. Either move the wings up or mass back. Also helps to tilt the wings back 2 or 3 degrees to create angle if incidence, which helps with lift while also reducing drag.
  11. Oh, maybe I should say something about my craft.... They all seem to be in the light category, but also have more than 6 wheels. So... May have to be bumped up to full or something.
  12. Going to go drive to probably the western Kentucky area starting tommorow with an overnight halt somewhere along the way. (Almost 13 or so hour drive from NJ)
  13. And weigh less. Less weight = less delta-v needed for launch. But really, sending a child would be a publicity stunt. Don't see the point.
  14. So.... who's next? Also, gonna try entering this : https://kerbalx.com/qzgy/BAC-mono-kinda-5 Creator's notes. On sharp turns, brakes exist. On wide turns its better to imagine that there isn't any grip from the tires. And lastly - may need to remove rockets. And boosters. Or you can pretend its nitrous, IDK.
  15. Oh yes, very. RPM does add quite a lot to the functionality of IVA's, and the prettiness.