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  1. Now please, sign these forms and wait until we get back to you in 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. Mine doesn't either, but I dont have drill press. Sometimes wish I did though. It did however slowly collect tools... Largest thing last time I checked was a cordless drill. That or the hacksaw.
  3. You've almost got natural disaster bingo there! Honestly not much more to add apart from wildfires (given the climate, blizzards and tornadoes seem unlikely).
  4. Can I ask why not a more plane like design? If you're on Laythe sstos are much more forgiving, or staged aircraft designs are also an option. Plus it makes landing site selection easier. As for getting them back that's sortof up to you. Both things work but with the Apollo style you have to worry about rendezvous.
  5. I still have yet to figure out the witchcraft of fairing fuselages, but this one is looking quite interesting. A really short 747 (which I guess it is)
  6. Bebe craft! Its always neat to see small things If I have one comment, I feel the p38 middle driver nacelle thing could be plumped up a little bit with some clipped tanks to make it also more tear drop shaped. Right now it looks quite thin and starved.
  7. So our boy scout troop has this annual planning meeting thing, usually at the scoutmaster's backyard where we attempt to try to work out what we'll do in the following year (camping trips, meeting, etc). Usually its pretty ok. This one was not. Start the meeting with a long discussion about the term length of patrol leaders, and that eventually morphed into some vague circular stuff trying to figure out what we actually want to do and which trips and how to organize it. It was pretty messy, and quite unhelpful, while not (in my view) really quite addressing some of the underlying problems in the troop that would make things run smoother. Plus, the amount of stuff we actually planned was significantly less than the last one I remember. Food served was really good though so I guess it could have been worse. Meetings though. Not great.
  8. ooo pwetty. Though now its a little tempting to make a slightly more scale carrier for some mini warbirds.
  9. Judging by this title thing, I feel interesting things are happening... Also I should probably update the compiled version soon, its been a while.....
  10. If I may critique it slightly - It is quite... choppy the framerate. As if its was stitching together screenshots at a lower fps or not properly time accelerating things Or maybe its some other problem I'm not recognizing.
  11. Before getting Vegas at a significant discount through humble bundle, I tried lightworks. Works ok, no watermark.
  12. Sorry, but looking at it the only mod was physics range extender which doesn't actually affect the aerodynamics portion of the craft. So your "no physics mods" statement, implying he was using one, is not relevant. Yes, I'd agree the landing was botched but it looks like it could be done (just quite difficult), but on the other hand its not intentionally shedding parts.
  13. Seems like too much work, better just look on the internet and cough up some cash.
  14. There is. At least on desktop. Think it's on the side labeled rearrange images or image order or something.