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  1. I wonder what happens if you pop it into a highly elliptical orbit, and just drop the periapsis below 50 km and coast through it. Don't have to worry about spontaneous power plant meltage. It looks like you have decent enough dv to do so.
  2. First challenge in a while (first time playing KSP in a while too...) The Untitled Spacefart. (IDK, didn't give it a name). Top speed: 4264 m/s (images not as polished as normal, but here you go) Craft (I took some liberties with the rules but its totally legal. No decouplers used, all stock) Near top speed Thing showing surface speed (cause navball was in orbital mode) Ignore the stuff that blew up, its not an issue. The cabin survived, if there was a kerbal he would have been fine.
  3. Did you do that by hand? Cause that's really neat. (also willing to bet its possible to make a program that does that automagically for a reasonable number of n sides)
  4. nah, i want the mods to see. Taunt them with my clicks. LOUD OBNOXIOUS CLICKS
  5. Its gorgeous (for what is not the prettiest plane in the world). Nice clean lines too which is hard. The only nitpick I have is there's a little sharp point at the top of the cockpit that doesn't seem present, but I mean... very small detail in comparison to the rest of the aircraft. And that Skunk works book is a very good read.
  6. Well technically I can think of 2 more that fall under technically maybe punishable if you take them 1) sneak into the ladies bathroom 2) find a tree to the side of the field (if there is one...) Neither is really ideal.
  7. Wait why does this rule exist? IRL 4th/5th gen aircraft definitely make use of it so it seems odd to limit it.
  8. Looks really nice, even in its unfinished state. And the flying thing isn't anything that can't be solved by ludicrous amounts of thrust, clipping, and SAS wheels. Also, what's this I hear about craft file editing becoming borked in 1.8? (I haven't been following updates that closely)
  9. Neat. Just an FYI, you can embed images with the direct link (for imgur the link with the image extension, usually has an i.imgur.com link) Your image What's the flight time like?
  10. Today was like 3 degrees C this morning. I looked at my gloves and was like "nah ill be fine without gloves". My hands were not fine after a 5 minute bike ride to the university. No frostbite or anything but quite cold.
  11. Depending on how much you care, you could install a mod to do so, or you could try your hand at making that weirdly shaped tank using stock parts, clipping in fuel tanks where necessary and other weird random parts. I know that there are very nice shuttle replicas out there (this one seems pretty nice https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Space-Shuttle) that do exactly that. Radiators and intakes are common.
  12. All very good questions. Honestly first thought is genetics or super secret mystery experiment.... never know for sure. also.. .chadvey? was that the Name? scottish guy. Having re-read said relevant chapter (11), I don't see anything about mystery goo.Only Cal's mind slowly going until the end of the chapter (if thats even at all relevant).
  13. wha-guggle. Also interesting to see Calford didn't die, after very much appearing to do so. Personally, I'd have left him dead (seems colder/darker i guess?), but it is your story so I guess there's some reason for him to be not dead. Interested to see where this goes afterwards...
  14. Well that doesn't sound at all right. I will not weigh in much further, mostly since I've been staying in a 1.3.0/1.3.1 game for a long while now. Though it seems rather annoying for craft behavior to change this suddenly.