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  1. A new Kraken?

    Besides destroying stuff? Nothing comes to mind.....
  2. I'm now really curious to rifle through that.
  3. In other words - a sprint and a marathon (I guess? Even though I'm american, its a weird analogy...)
  4. Ok - explains the image and the only 2 astronauts. BTW, what did he do? Engineer? Something in mission control?
  5. Thats really neat! Which mission?
  6. I sorta now want a qualitative value. Also, how do you know that they are the hottest? Just word of mouth?
  7. The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Haven't you learned by now? Kerbals are almost indestructible.
  8. Vulture - Flying Wing

    The NCS adapter? I like using that. It flows quite nicely. I also have a habit of tilting it down just a touch....
  9. Vulture - Flying Wing

    From another video, I know that the dome nosecones are better subsonic speeds, while the pointy one are better for supersonic speeds. I don't know about intakes though....
  10. Name the Series!

    Jonny Bondy, the adventures of the GI Spy! (no, not sure of the name - I'm young.) The boy who magically kept getting lucky.
  11. Sure. Is a laboratory sentient?
  12. The user below me...

    I mean.... probably. For a little bit. But I'm not licensed. TUBM has a dog or cat, or perhaps some other small furry creature.
  13. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Forum images still bugged, but only on one computer.....
  14. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    It seems so? No visits since march and he has been taken off of the role of Global Moderator.
  15. The Cryptography Thread!

    I think you're right - on both things. Its been so long, I don't know where the paper is, so I can't directly check but from what I remember of the message, you win! (probably.)