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  1. Wait what kerbal? *rummages for magnifying glass* Ohhh that speck there.
  2. You favorite tv series

    TBH, isn't a lot of science in it (it at least being the reboot). I find it more interesting for the moral/character aspect of it (which is better done in some than others). The science is lacking. However, avoid fan discussions. They can get kinda toxic. I would say Season 3 First episode. Should be about space rhino police. You can also start from season one of the reboot, which is Ecclestone, but I'm not a particularly hardcore fan of him They are on prime now, so that's good.
  3. How famous are you?

    7/10 Not the most unfamiliar face, but not tooo overly everywhere.
  4. Mine almost melts at that speed. I actually fan into that problem with an earlier iteration of my plane as well. I've found it effective to use fairings as the heat bearing point. Can withstand more heat. Then, for a cockpit, I can clip something into the fuselage or in such a way to prevent exploding
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Wing clipping, My go to method for when I have to make physics cooperate. (Physics has no power over me!!! ok well maybe it does). Clip in a bunch of wings near the back in the engines or something. Useful wings are the D and E panels. For smaller spaces, go for elevon 4. Also, I recommend CorrectCoL. Better than that thing thing we have in the SPH. And maybe chuck on a bunch of reaction wheels. Just in case.
  6. Fact check, my smaller supersonic aircraft does 1450 m/s. Ha. All in friendly jest, of course. Neat plane though. Much cheaper than mine.
  7. Wait a sec... Do kerbals even go through a form of menopause? Or some phase where the can't make baby kerbals? (hopefully not violating any forum rules here.....)
  8. You don't. Compile it into a giant Star wars style live stream scrolling banner.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    I decided yeah, screw it. Giant 804 person carrying plane, here we go.
  10. Deploy Elevons Further

    If you really want to have elevons the deploy quite a bit, you can also muck around in the craft file. The elevons have an authority setting which in game is limited to 150, but can be much higher within the craft file if.you choose to do so
  11. 1) Does it though? I've heard that DMP itself is quite buggy, and prone to acting up 2) It's the wait till everyone can go on rails thing, right? But what if I have a warp to 3 years time and you have a warp to 4 years time? And what happens in I revert my flight? 3) A private LAN server is great. But what if I want to connect with (random person here) who lives in oh I don't know, 2000 km away? How will my game affect his and his game affect mine, especially when there is an element of lag? 4) I can see your point. But what's the difference between this and save game sharing? Still allows you to use a station your friend put into orbit. Also, I make and launch giant ships. What if the guy I'm playing with is on a potato system? He won't enjoy my 1600 part behemoth loading up.
  12. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Yes, only mods wield that power. Only for very important stuff or TOTM stuff, as mentioned above.
  13. Hey, that's cool. Possible to explain how? Or too personal (if it is, understandable)?
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Over the last two days really, but super sonic Scream machines for passengers. Practical? No. Melty? One is. Fun? Yeah! Spoiler for Courtesy Edit: BTW, if anyone is interested in these crafts, they are publicly available on KerbalX