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  1. TBH, I think its easier to either just brute force and capture with a burn or to aerobrake. Both would work, but capturing with a burn is easier, and more accurate. With that shuttle I posted above, I actually managed to capture into a suborbital trajectory using an aerobrake. Which wasn't bad, but a bit annoying. And capturing with just brute force doesn't require anything too complex in terms of craft design. Just more fuel.
  2. I'm young enough to not have gone to a proper arcade. Sounds like the pre-2000s were awesome. (I was born post.)
  3. Ahh, Jool aerobrake. Don't. Really, its a lot better to use a tylo gravity assist to capture into a jool orbit. Much easier and doesn't have a chance of explosions happening. Tutorial from the KSP Wiki: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:_Gravity_Assist
  4. But its pure stock. No tweakscale.
  5. My large interplanetary shuttle aerobrakes quite efficiently, long as you don't yaw to hard.
  6. Actually could be a lot worse. Take this build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Xs4Tyf Its about roughly even with one of the 1299 priced builds. However, this is after savings. Without that, you would be losing a nice bit of change. (I know I'm not factoring OS in that build, because I know its possible to get windows for about 30 dollars.) As far as performance - I currently run a relatively lightly modded save with 8GB of ram and usually run firefox in the background. Do yourself a favor, try to get 16gb. But performance wise it should be fine to run modded KSP.
  7. EVE and Scatterer. Hope that helps!
  8. Nice. Have you considered just strapping the shuttle between two boosters, or a dynasoar style launch to help the whole thrust offset thing?
  9. Completed another Shuttle challenge and tested out the Endurance Mini. Yes, Mini. How Ironic, considering it uses 10 rhinos. Also put up a space station , again for that shuttle challenge.
  10. A cheap and dirty way to get to the mun is to burn at about a roughly 90 degree angle. So when burning, burn about here. Excuse crappy image stuff. Its not super accurate, but close enough.
  11. Duna STS-1. Boy I love shuttle missions. And trying to outdo everyone else. Maiden of the Endurance Mini. I'm just wondering how overkill this is. Probably very.
  12. Hey, its ok. Kinda cool how nicely the whole base building thing worked out/ Also, maybe you didn't understand what I said. According to the badge description, you need to rescue the crew from the munar base with the EEV, the thing you brought in the last mission.
  13. I would guess hangar extensions + Editor Extensions for infinite offset.
  14. If they do turn it on, I thin it would be best if it was a menu option, I do know this has been said, just reiterating.
  15. Yo. Can't see pics. I believe that a) you can imbed albums just by sticking the link in and b) that uhh, those aren't valid BBCodes. Albums under Spoiler Also, BTW, I believe you need to make Munar orbit at least with the EEV to qualify for a badge
  16. Been doing other things. Sorry. (also, need to inform you I am technically still a minor)
  17. I like spaceplanes. Its a bit more of a challenge, but I like choosing where I land.
  18. Ok, can someone explain to me what a GED is? I'm a) one of the younger people on these forums, only in high school, and b)have never heard of this thing.
  19. Wait.... Then how are you typing this? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED. Oh wait, mobile is a thing. Did some work today (like manual labor) for a friends project, shovelling and spreading stuff. Now everything aches. Its not much, but still something to whine about.
  20. Found this neat website. Stuck a screenshot through it. Original: Another original And converted Disclaimer - I didn't make the website. I just though it was cool.
  21. You know that shuttle from Yesterday? Still needs work, but I made a smaller more practical version.
  22. This I could agree with.
  23. Thank you. I did originally design the rover to dock properly with the shielded docking port and it worked fine on kerbin with the gravity hacked to .16 g the same as on the mun. So I was a little puzzled why it didn't work on the mun. I'm 99% sure that it's cause the front nose come on the cabin of the rover was colliding just a bit with a fuel tank segment. This meant I had to do some stuff to make the rover halves dock, meaning that the docking port was misaligned, relative to what it should have been. Either that, or in quickly changing 1 minor design detail, it some how changed the position of the base docking port. But I'm pretty sure it's the rover. Edit: Oh, @michal.don, it stated in the OP that an image from the first Mun STS 2-4 completed gets to replace the placeholder, right? So, seeing as I seem to be the first to complete it, can I ask you to use this image?
  24. Fair enough. 2.4 b does exist....
  25. Edit:comment removed due to 2.4b