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  1. Let's see. Its a comeback after years of failure. The rocket has asymmetrical solid booster. The rocket has 3 different diameters. The service module has RCS spammed everywhere. The capsule is literally a Mk 1-3 command pod. 4 thrusters failed along the way but it is still there. Yup, Jeb is definitely doing the flying. (stolen joke)
  2. Right, yeah, I owe y'all a postmortem, I'll get to that.
  3. I mean it's straight from the official Twitter. As slow as they have been I don't think that they would lie to our face like that, so I believe it.
  4. This is a sequel to Project Odyssey: It isn't necessary to read Odyssey before Starman, but if you want to, by all means, go ahead! Prologue Chapter 1 - Project Starman I will make a note here. Somehow, my entire life, I have misread "Tekto" as "Tetko" and referred to it as such throughout the entirity of Nightmares: A Jool Sarnus 10 Story. For this I sincerely apologize, as it was a really dumb mistake... But nobody noticed, so that makes me feel a bit better! The ultimate goal of this is to map out and possibly name a number of geographic features on Tekto, kinda similar to Brotoro's old Long Term on Laythe series. Whether I'll actually get that far remains to be seen... Half of the stuff I do spirals into year long epics and the other half fizzles out after one chapter.
  5. GUYS LOOK <--- ITS OVER 9000! @cubinator?
  6. You don't even need the timescales of an outer solar system mission to get this same effect! I was really disappointed when I had to face the reality that space stuff takes a long, long time. In elementary school I read a book talking about NASA's plans for a moon base by the year 2020. Back when I was first starting to get into space, I remeber back in high school I read about the SLS EM-1 launching in 2018 or something and I was so excited but bummed out because it was still a long time away! Same with Falcon Heavy, although it is up and running now. Even much later when I knew a decent amount of space but was still optimistic and naive, I may have actually believed those early Starship dates for a minute or two. And now here I am, halfway through an engineering degree, and assuming I make it through and can get a job in the space industry, I could be working on one of those things I was so excited for in high school, still frustrated that it's taking so long.
  7. And if you can utilize aerobraking, it's even more in the favor of Moon -> LEO.
  8. Of course, that is highly subject to Elon time. I personally doubt we will see that production rate achieved for some time.
  9. For the radiation problem, getting tons of radiation in a short amount of time - That could be somewhat counteracted by only building extravagant vehicles at your destinations. All the volume/mass on your interplanetary transport ship that would normally be used for long term life support, living space, etc. would be able to be put towards a small, extremely shielded crew compartment where you'd sit, sardines in a can, for a few hours/days/whatever over the real time several month travel time. It wouldn't block everything but it would definitely be a massive decrease in total dose compared to a normal Mars mission. Kinda like why Soyuz is so small. Modern Soyuzes can get away with it as they take only a few hours to get to the station - if this is consistent, the orbital module's living space might not even be necessary any more. The ship's computers might have to be shielded too, taking X amount of radiation over 9 months vs the same amount over a few hours isn't trivial. Clock speeds would also slow to a crawl with respect to reality, so the ship might be slow to react to things in the real world?
  10. That would be a nice date, 6 year anniversary of first ASDS landing. The day I got big time into space, first launch I watched live in a long time I think (might be misremembering).
  11. That's a good idea, I'll try it when I get back to the game next. Part 10 - The Grand Canyon
  12. Hats off to you, this is probably one of the top 10 most impressive things done in KSP up to this point. Could you post the craft files by chance? I'd like to see the secret sauce on that Venus lander, and maybe apply it to my Eve stuff going forward. I know I expressed thoughts like this in the YouTube comments earlier, but I'm still very surprised that you got away without significant heat shielding. How does the RSS heat model work? It can't be the stock model, as stuff burns up at 3km/s or so. It can't be the RO model because everything except heat shields melt. Is it just a scaled up stock heat model?
  13. Oh, okay, looks like I misread it. I'm still gonna send Bob everywhere, though, he doesn't get out much.
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