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  1. I can strongly relate to this. This comic and Kuzzter's comics inspired me to start writing my stuff, it's a shame that both projects have stagnated... Although to be fair, both of my main projects have also stagnated.
  2. There's a lot of speculation that this award is because the SpaceX option was the only one they could afford, and even then they had to talk SpaceX down in price a bit. There is further speculation that, because Congress probably won't be happy with this choice, that this also serves as a play to say "We'll have two landers, we'll give you what you want, if you properly fund us."
  3. Excellent drone shots on this one!
  4. So we are looking at 15-20k tiles for the whole starship? That's a lot of tiles.
  5. If the third party's options are lower cost than the in house options, it makes perfect sense.
  6. March 31, 2021 - Launch of Reacher 1 Picture taken a few minutes after the save was created. Reacher 1 launched at around 10:15 AM CST on March 31 2021 and touched down a few minutes later. The rocket carried Jebediah Kerman, and managed to recover 23 science points! I even managed to land it on the VAB roof! We have now recovered it, and we may refuel it and relaunch it from the runway to get even more science. We must wait roughly 18 hours to research the first 2 tech nodes, so we must wait at least that long before building Reacher 2, which aims to
  7. S.P.I.R.I.T. - Space Program In Real Ish Time You read that right, I will be attempting to play through lightly modded KSP career mode in real (ish) time, with the end goal being a mission to Duna, assuming I manage to become Duna-capable before the transfer window. This means no time warp. Note, depending on how my laptop reacts to running KSP for long periods of time, I might change to waiting the necessary amount of time in real life and then time warping to that point in game when I get there. If the fan noise prevents me from sleeping, this will be the likely route. Th
  8. I am not asking for a delay, but if it does get delayed to Monday and goes off without a hitch that would be an amazing birthday present!
  9. I got no such email, so it looks like I didn't get through, unless they aren't sending them out all at once. I'd imagine the video would be about introducing yourself and explaining why you would be a good candidate for the mission, but they definitely should have elaborated on that.
  10. Assuming I'll have time, I'll probably participate. No idea what I'll add yet though.
  11. Has a two-cycle rocket engine been done before?
  12. I've seen this a few other times (not sure if it's been posted here or not) but the LOX tank is at the base right? People are guessing that the hard landing ruptured the methane downcomer leading to methane and LOX contacting in the bottom tank.
  13. Today, I flew the Ascender Mk8 for the first time, and it flew! The line I have between "successful flight" and "unsuccessful flight" is very blurred, but this is indisputably my first successful, no asterisks, hot air balloon flight! It rose about 2-3 feet from its starting position and hovered for roughly 30 seconds. Also I got an A on my physics exam!
  14. On the Nerdle cam you can see the landing legs flopping about and not locking into place, and you also get a good perspective on the bounce.
  15. I do look decent in a spacesuit, if I do say so myself... Probably could have zoomed in on my face a bit more though. I've probably already gotten my time's worth out of this just seeing me in the suit lol.
  16. Of course the odds of acceptance are essentially zero, but I'm decent artistic at least in the music department so I'll give it a shot, there's not much to lose here.
  17. "At Rocket Lab, if we say we're going to do something, we're going to do it." "At Rocket Lab, if we say we're never going to do something, we're still going to do it anyway."
  18. Does "Event Starship Update" mean that there's gonna be a starship update soon or is that just a fan render thing
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