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  1. Is there any way to fix the jittery camera while eva walking around on Tarsiss? Every step my Kerbal takes is super clunky for me
  2. Dude. Awesome. You rock for taking up the reins here. that being said, the toolbar button isn't showing up., same deal as kerbnub Any chance you know of a mod that adds, for lack of a better term, a fuel spigot near the runway? I'm imagining some sort of docking port that would allow you to refuel planes(from an inexhaustible fuel supply) and would cost funds to pull from in a career save. I guess my idea would be that you could land your spaceplane, refuel, recrew(with this mod) and take off again all without recovering or launching anything new.
  3. found a minor issue while exploring Nero's moons: agrippa's config has a typo naming the localization definition for its subpolarregion biome. as it stands, it is missing a # on line 60 GameData/GPP/GPP_Planets/Agrippina.cfg
  4. is there any way to park a barge in the oceans of kerbin with a drill or something and pump up large amounts of water?
  5. @Astraph using tweakscale in kspie is not just not cheating, it's completely intended and almost required in some cases. btw the molten salt reactor is bae.
  6. @Astraph yes USI reactors are their own thing. And also, working with low tier tech is against you in every way. You don't have any good reactors, the reactors you do have don't make much power, the radiators suck, and (most significantly) your thermal electric generator is crazy inefficient and makes oodles of waste heat. I'm sorry to say it but if you're looking for big power with your tech levels, the only good solution is to add more radiators and reactors. Eventually you'll get to the technological level such that you don't need a Christmas tree of radiators, but you aren't there yet. Al
  7. You may have some tech nodes which need to be unlocked, have you tried it in sandbox mode? Alternatively I think your propellant options may be limited by the reactor type upon which the thermal turbojet is attached, but I'm not 100% sure. If you allowed it, I would volunteer to spend some time bringing the wiki up to date. I'm kindof swamped in coursework right at the moment, but once this week is over and especially once the semester is over I'll have more time for writing/testing/browsing through the code and forum.
  8. well assuming your craft isn't changing mass, either by staging, fuel consumption, or docking, or changing warp power by adding warp rings, the power required to warp has to do with the warp throttle. The closer you are to a gravity well, the lower your max warp speed will be. At warp speed c=1, it requires the least amount of energy per time, so any speed above or below that requires more and more energy the slower less than 1c or faster higher than 1c. So if you're trying to activate warp right next to Jool, it will take a lot more than if you were in the middle of nowhere because your max
  9. Would you be down for adding mercury/moho-like planetary resource configs for regolith on Icarus and Taranis, the first planets in Galileo's Planet Pack and the Grannus Expansion Packs respectively?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to understand how this mod works, what is the reason behind the limited number of different resource channels and why must they be input in the cfg accompanied by a power of 2 up to 32?
  11. If using wordpad, make a .txt file and paste that comment's hidden contents into it. Save the file as drillfix.txt somewhere within your game data folder. Rename file to be .cfg instead of .txt. Resume playing ksp
  12. Hi, I'm playing on the most recent release for 1.4.5 and kerbnet seems to be misbehaving and I think KSPIE may be responsible, is anyone else having weird behavior with the narrow band scanner and its resource kerbnet access? Edit: I'm dumb
  13. I have a few questions, and would be appreciative of any help. For the record I'm playing 0.55.0 for ksp 1.4.5, but idk if that really matters. 1. How do bays decide which specialist they get? For example if you have an industrial refinery and 3 engineers of different ranks onboard(elsewhere in the base), which one will buff which process? 2. Is the part efficiency reciever bonus on a per-part or per-bay basis? For example, if I have 1 MPU(3.75m) with all three bays set to smelter, and 1 Tundra industrial refinery with 3 bays active, is the bonus for all TIR bays (1+(3*3.767/4.48))
  14. After the semester ends and I have some time to play around with my desktop (which can run my modded KSP instance), I'll think about the performance specifics of using Karborundum in KSPIE. I will indeed look at the performance of torch drives and do the math on how much more energy it provides to the propellant (I think It's water?) given the input EC. It might also be a good idea to get a nod from @RoverDude, but I'm not an expert in the niceties and politics of modding cross compatibility. However, the main thing I wanted to hit on was that while it is an expensive resource, Karbor
  15. I've got a suggestion idk if it's been asked before but how would you feel about this: some sort of unobtanium fuel that can only be used in sandbox and have it check all the right boxes: crazy high ISP, low mass, High thrust, de-sooting, removes wasteheat, usable in fusion reactor for stupid amounts of energy with barely any wasteheat etc etc. all the good things. I'm thinking about how in Karbonite, the Karborundum fuel is supposed to be prohibitively expensive and also crazy powerful. this would be taking that concept to a whole different level. as it stands, KSPIE is IMO the
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