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  1. Kerbalism replace EVA monoprop by normal monoprop, taken from your vessel when going out. Your EVA kerbal won't get any if your vessel doesn't have any MP.
  2. @mcwaffles2003 In the vessel UI > "auto" tab > there is a "data transmission" toggle
  3. Radiation and shielding is averaged over the whole vessel, it doesn't matter where the kerbals are. Currently the only way of changing that is by disabling specific habitats, which isn't really practical because that will depressurize them. Gameplay wise, the basic recommendadtion are : - Max out shielding for anything interplanetary, you will need a lot of extra margin, trust me. - Avoid getting inside radiation belts as much as possible - Follow this guide to design a vessel that minimize solar storm induced radiation :
  4. @kubi This is a bug, the geigerCounter experiment definition is missing, not sure if that's recent or not. Thanks for the report.
  5. JPLRepo's Background Resource is the only one alive, BackgroundProcessing by jamespicone is dead since a very long time. Background Resource isn't really released and isn't meant to be hooked into by external mods like BackgroundProcessing was, as far as I know. I gave you the link to the Background Resource repo where you can see a some examples of how it adds supports for the stock modules (even some barebone support for a NFE module). Talk with JPLRepo, maybe he will accept a PR. Is that a direct answer enough ?
  6. Those downloads are here because Background Resource is bundled with TAC-LS and DeepFreeze. As a Kerbalism contributor and someone that followed all those background processing mods since a few years, I was just giving you some insight related to your question. Background Resource is a rewrite of the old background processing mod, you got JPLRepo answer, he didn't really release it and as far as I know there has been very little activity on it, and I don't think it's really mean't to be hooked into at this state. The source is here : In my opinion it's way too far to be complete for widespread use, it doesn't handle solar panel correctly at high timewarp speeds and it only support stock modules. There are a lot of popular mods using custom converters and generators. That's why I suggest going the stock way of post-facto processing on vessel load instead of continuous background processing, unless you really want to face all the very hard to fullfill mod support requests that will come with that decision.
  7. @Silent1_87 AmpYear and Kerbalism have been incompatible since quite some time, probably won't get ever fixed. As for RPM, proper support support would require code on their side, If you want to get into it. You can come on our discord if you have specific questions.
  8. My point is that there is no widely adopted background processing plugin. The only active ones are JPLRepo's backgroundprocessing and Kerbalism, they are incompatible with each other, the first one isn't really distributed and not maintained much, the latter isn't independent from the whole Kerbalism mod. So in the context of ODFC, you can add some code to support/integrate with those if you want (although in the case of kerbalism, ODFC is mostly irrelevant), but you will still need your own fallback.
  9. The reason is that nobody is using those plugins and they never got any attention beside a few modders. Any kind of background processing mod introduce a lot of issues and mean a lot of mod compatibility problems. The core problem is that the various pieces of stock code related to resource processing (on loaded vessels) have deep issues. The only real way to get around them all would be to bypass the whole thing and write a whole new resource framework/API complete with all the required partmodules, then convince everyone to use them or to use that common API instead of the stock system/modules. There has been some efforts here and there but so far nobody has come with something good enough for widespread adoption.
  10. @pp3d We are aware of the issue with some WBI dependant mods (Airships, Buffalo...) due to us using the same "Atmosphere" resource name with a different density. Unfortunately changing that name would break all existing saves, and since we are planning to remove that resource we won't fix it, sorry for that. @lk00david See @tinygrox Feel free to contribute another language if you can, but be aware that the Kerbalism UI code is (very) partially localized.
  11. It's a confirmed bug since 1.8, reported by several people. As far as I know there isn't any fix. You can upvote in hope Squad will do something about it...
  12. Commnet constellation is doing a lot of custom stuff with commnet, I would say it's a likely suspect. If it somehow set a value in commnet to NaN at some point, that will cause kerbalism to have NaN data, causing NaN part masses, causing everything to crash. It's useless to uninstall mods that give exceptions after this is happening, as I said once you are past the point where some NaN is introduced, everything will crash because of that.
  13. Try disabling vessel transmission in the kerbalism automation, and see what happen. Edit : any mod related to commnet / antennas ? But as soon as you have NaN in anything related to science / data in kerbalism, bad things will happen (due to that causing NaN masses)
  14. Kerbalism data with NaN sizes can definitely cause major issues because that will propagate to NaN part masses, causing a large portion of KSP and other mods to freak out. This said, not sure the original NaN is from Kerbalism, could be a NaN in commnet variables introduced by another mod. This is hard to troubleshoot unless we can reproduce in a debugger-enabled environnement.
  15. @tychochallenge That readme is from ROKerbalism, which is a Kerbalism config pack maintained by @Standecco The Kerbalism people / contributors offer no support in any form for RO, although we cooperate with the people behind RO-RP1 and ROKerbalism. I suggest you bring any issue to the RO-RP1-Kerbalism discord channel :