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    [1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x] MechJeb and Engineer And kOS forAll

    Ha, I was just going to write my own "kOS for all" script tonight when I remembered to check up on this mod first to see if it made sense to contribute it here instead... :-) Only to find it already implemented ;-) TNX. linuxgurugamer for maintaining all those mods... very much appreciated!
  2. Awesome! I was looking to re-create the Soviet side of the moon race and this mod is great for that. Such great looking models! I only had to tweak the configs a bit since I'm running a quarter size real solar system and this mod seems to be configured/tweaked for a stock size system?... hence an R7 with only sputnik 1 could not achieve orbit in my setup :-) Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU.
  3. Sure, will do! And yes, using git daily at work :-) although using gitlab io. github internally as a collaboration platform. No hurry as I'm also out for a few weeks (holiday)
  4. davidjacobs

    [KSP 1.3.1] Stock Size Real Solar System []

    Tyko, you're the best! I recently found my quarterscale RSS game was completely broken by not having any textures on any planet but earth and moon. no matter what I tried, could not fix it. So decided to try and scale SSRSS like you did since I'm not willing to go back to stock size... but indeed having the same issues you encountered. Luckily I checked this thread again and found your posts... this will save me hours of messing around :-) Thanks!
  5. Was playing this with a historical campaign until I went out to other planets beyond earth and moon and found out they had no textures... removed all my mods and did a fresh install of only quartersizeRSS and the issue still persists... on top of that I have no stars and pitch black sky until I escape the atmosphere... Strange... running KSP 1.3, and kopernicus 1.3.0-4
  6. Yes, I have both DMagic orbital science and DMagic Science Animate installed. but I don't think that is the issue as the stand-alone geiger experiment works fine as does the build-in geiger of the explorer probe for example...
  7. First of all, Thank you very much for creating this mod! I enjoy the realistic rockets much more than stock. Just started a new historical career in a 2.5x real solar system and having a blast. I just noticed one problem though with the pioneer1 probe... In the VAB it lists a geiger counter science experiment, but I can't seem to be able to run it during flight? the option is not there in the right click menu. nor from the [X] science mod Had a quick look at the configs, but could not find anything wrong with it... I'm running the current latest release V1.3 Second, I found the able(Alpha) engine to be quite overpowered at sea level although the description mentions it being optimized for vacuum. In fact, the Able performs massively better than the ableStar. :-) I found the ISP setting at sea level to be way to high (240 where the ablestar is only 85) For this I can issue a Github pull request if you like ;-) EDIT: just did.
  8. Hi, Just found this mod and really like it! Made some tweaks like the ones above and it's perfect now. There is just one thing that I can't seem to fix which is bothering me... and that is the re-entry. I'm noting 2 things: - no entry effects... the parachute part just starts glowing a little bit and that's it... - very fast de-accelleration upon hitting the atmosphere (at 69.999m it starts slowing down really fast to the point it's only a few 100ms at 62k from a mun return trajectory with a 62k periapsis) any clue on how to change the atmospheric drag on re-entry. As a side note: I also had no control over the craft in career or science mode (sandbox was fine) and the craft was labeled as "debris" on the launchpad. adding "vesselType = Probe" like mentioned above fixed this.
  9. I never tried it before, but last night I could not get it into orbit in 1.2.2 It just wanted to tip over as soon as it left the launch pad, no amount of reaction control of any kind could keep it upright. Like you I could barely hit 20k before flying the wrong way (down :-) )
  10. davidjacobs

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    That's the issue, they don't show up in the tech tree. I just unlocked the stayputnick core which should also give me the DP-10 according to the documentation but nope... not there very strange as the mod is recognized by KSP-AVC and showing green, there is the splash screen on starting the game and the RT icon in the corner. parts show up in sandbox, but are nowhere to be seen in career. The upgraded probe core however is in the tech tree, but that one is not part of the "parts" directory IIRC
  11. davidjacobs

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Hi, picking up KSP since I took a brake after 0.9 and installing remotetech for a new career. I find I don't have any of the RT antennas? only the 3 stock ones. EDIT: The antennas are available in sandbox mode, but not career mode... Any ideas? apparently reading the last posts I'm not the only one with this issue Tried both 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 I do get the splashscreen in 1.1.0 Anything I might be missing upon installing the mod? Cheers, David