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  1. If the mod no longer supports watercraft, this sentence should probably be changed :P
  2. I gotta say, my jaw dropped when I saw the screenshots. I thought I was looking at Elite Dangerous or something. Keep it up, I think you're setting a new bar.
  3. This mod isn't working with the newer versions of Kopernicus but the fix is pretty simple. In the config files for each body, find any instance of SharpnessNoise. Beneath it change "Noise" to "Noise:RidgedMultifractal". Within that, change "octavecount" to "octaves." It'll end up something like this: SharpnessNoise { seed = 268919961 deformity = 0.0100000004749745 octaves = 4 persistance = 0.5 frequency = 0.5 Noise:RidgedMultifractal { frequency = 0.5 lacunarity = 0.5 quality = High octaves = 4 seed = 39691 } This works with the latest Kopernicus (1.3.1-7), but I've only tested it on the tracking station.
  4. I'll try to be more clear, what I'm proposing is not an actual physical space elevator in game. All that would exist would be the "stations" along the length of the elevator. These would be the same as structures attached to the surface of a planet, they'd just be offset from the surface by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. They'd basically just float there, and would be no bigger than, say, the VAB. It would look a little janky to look at since we can't render the cable, but in my opinion the functionality is worth it. Heck, maybe we could fake the cable with a ribbon particle, since particles can extend beyond physics range. You bet it does, that's the whole point! Space Elevators are a futuristic technology and should only be available way down at the end of the vanilla tech tree, and would only be fun to use if you're using a modded build where you're doing some serious high-tech interplanetary expansion. Let's say you're using Interstellar Extended and you're trying to build a glorious space empire with fusion rockets and antimatter. A civilization like that will have found way better ways to get stuff into space. That's a really good point, I hadn't considered that. Perhaps there could be a debris-zapper volume around the station, where any vessel tagged as debris is purged before physics kicks in. Might be risky, but we might pass it off as the automated debris-defense laser showing no mercy and put a big warning label on the side of the station.
  5. [First time I've made a thread so please let me know if I need to do anything differently or post somewhere else ] So here's a suggestion - functional simulated Space Elevators and Skyhooks not as vessels but as KSC pseudo-Structures that can be upgraded like any other. I don't know if I'll ever get around to making this myself so I want to put the concept out there for feedback and for anyone with more modding experience than me. I'll start with Space Elevators since they're simpler to use and implement. Using one would go something like clicking on the structure in the KSC, seeing the same menu you get when you click on the Launchpad and Runway, selecting a vessel to "launch", and then loading to a floating "structure" in geostationary orbit above the KSC. We basically render the station at the top of the space elevator, not the elevator itself, so it just floats there acting as a launchpad. There could be multiple such structures at different altitudes up the length of the elevator, from LKO up to GEO, although you'd only find yourself in a circular orbit if you set off from the GEO point since you wouldn't be starting with enough orbital velocity. From your chosen launch point you detach and off you go. You can use this method to put entire spaceships (subject to mass limits determined by structure upgrade level) into orbit, or put individual modules of a ship or station into orbit one at a time and then dock them. You could even bring canisters of material kits or rocket parts up if you're using Extraplanetary Launchpads, up to a waiting shipyard, enabling you to construct HUGE ships very easily for some seriously cool late-game stuff. This is my reason for wanting this mod, I'm tired of launching from the KSC or from EL bases on the moon and I want ways to streamline the process while remaining grounded in realistic futurism. For balance we can use the stock building upgrade system to incrementally increase how much mass the elevator can accommodate in one "launch" - you'd start with a few tons, and work your way up to tens or maybe hundreds. I don't think it should ever be unlimited as with the fully upgraded Launchpad and Runway. That would be too easy, you may as well just use Hyperedit at that point. For optimal functionality with EL, we'd need some way to have at least one vessel "docked" to the orbital launch point, otherwise we'd have to manually ferry cargo to a nearby station every time we brought it up, largely negating the whole point of the mod. I'm not sure how achievable this is in KSP. If it can be done, I'd like any vessel docked to the elevator to be able to receive unlimited resources from the surface, for a price of Resource Amount * Resource Cost * Operating Cost per Unit of Mass. If we can't dock with the structure in any traditional way, perhaps we can treat the shipyard as being in an unlaunched state on one of several staging points. Ideally that would mean there's a main "Launchpad" from which vessels brought up by the elevator are deployed, surrounded by one or more dummy launchpads where vessels can be placed, used and recovered but are unable to launch. This could get buggy though. Still trying to think of an ideal solution. Finally, if we wanted to make this REALLY awesome, it would be pretty great to place such pseudo-structures on any body in the Kerbin System and beyond. This could be used with out EL but it would be much more useful if you were using it as part of some serious extraplanetary shipbuilding or resource-moving infrastructure. This would entail a special part which, in the case of the Space Elevator, acts as a sort of "setup kit" which can be deployed on, say, the Mun to create a Space Elevator endpoint. It would need to be placed at the equator of a body to work and would take time and resources to complete setup. Upgrades to the new elevator would be managed through the right click part menu, but I think the best solution would be a dedicated menu at the KSC and Tracking Station where we can manage all our launch structures throughout the system in one list, without having to load in and visit them. We could also create skyhooks in the same way. The idea with skyhooks is they're cheaper to operate and in many ways simpler to build than space elevators. These would require you to fly a spaceplane to a specific speed and altitude eastwards over the equator. A toolbar menu would then enable you to "attach" to the skyhook, which would teleport the craft to a specific orbit depending on the skyhook.It would be fun to make even more narrow criteria and try and intercept the skyhook at exactly the right time and place, but it wouldn't be much use if you wanted to use the thing regularly. It would be nice to attach only the cargo somehow, but I don't know how realistic that is or how we'd achieve that in the mod since KSP only sees one craft irrespective of what's considered "cargo". Conceivably this would work offworld as well. Alright, that's it. I think what I've outlined here would be quite achievable, if I or anyone else gets around to making such a thing, and it would be tremendously useful and immersive for builds like mine where I'm spending most of my time in the late game playing with mods like Interstellar Extended and USI Colonization. I'd love to hear what the rest of you guys think
  6. With all this talk lately of the upcoming laser powered solar sails, it would be amazing if there was a custom asteroids config placing large asteroids in interstellar space. You could place powerful fusion powered lasers on them to keep pushing the sail all the way there and eventually slow it down, and mine the asteroids for fusion fuel to make the lasers self sufficient and automated. Isaac Arthur describes such a system in his video "Interstellar Highways".
  7. So I just flew out to Tekto with a ship designed to refuel from atmospheric nitrogen, but to my surprise Tekto's atmosphere is only 5% nitrogen and 80% methane. Considering it is a Titan analog I'd expected it to be more like 98% nitrogen and 1.4% methane. Is this intentional?
  8. The problems I'm having seem to be biome/situation specific. Landed in the highlands and midlands I collected science fine, but in the lowlands it froze again. Unfortunately the same problem popped up when landed on Minmus. At times Kerbal Engineer reported that the game thought I was landed when I was on a ballistic trajectory. I hope these issues don't persist on small bodies in Outer Reaches, I installed it yesterday and it's just what my Interstellar Extended campaign needed!
  9. Collecting science in orbit of Gilly is causing an unrecoverable freeze. Also at Gilly, the resource survey scanner seems convinced I'm in the wrong orbit no matter what. Does KSP not like such small bodies? Other than that I'm loving this mod, you really nailed the sweet spot I think
  10. The site is also down for me with my Canadian IP. Not sure if that info's useful but there you go. The mods I get off Spacedock are like crack for me so maybe this is a good thing for now
  11. You can try AmpYear. It's not quite the same as Fusebox but it definitely helps manage power in flight, and displays production and consumption.
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