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  1. that's the only thing that matters The time when machines build machines that then build machines:)
  2. @Gameslinxwould your magic work on stock asteroids too? edit:found that SQUAD do a visual overhault in 1.11 quote:Asteroids have new textures and shader.
  3. one of them edit:btw insane poll ah sorry, in crane poll
  4. Battery remodelling (put away the stripes and make the light a indicator of actual capacity) and some other stuff like some Restock consistence with colors and tanks,science stuff and of course 10/10
  5. alcor command pod would be very cool, if the had the colliders.for ASET avionics,rpm i dont think its possible to turn a switch when out of a seat,but AFAIK when u inside a seat, buttoms &switches should work normal.please correct me if iam wrong. has a very nice interior,same as ReStock&SSPX one of the best mods for IVA fans
  6. looks great. found some nertea IVAs that have a new hatchdoor mods:ReStock&NFProps
  7. ?? ksp 1.11.2 is going to be the last free update, squad told sry MAS is gettig to replace RPM over time,but my expirence is both toghether works best for some old mod (alexustas)
  8. @Snarkthanks for the detailed answer ,so been optimistic for a future of this ingenious mod.
  9. hello pizzaoverhead before i crossposting tru the whole forum

    i thought it would be nice to ask you before what u want for this ingenious mod

    in the future.(without your download the recompiled dll from johnny is useless AFAIK) and big thanks for so fast updating the license.luck on all your ways 

    stay healthy


    edited:sorry overlooked that a old version is on curseforge

  10. Hey thanks for recompiling this mod ,hope pizzaoverhead did help with this license problem.

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