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  1. Burning Kan

    [1.4.1] ShowFPS

    1.5.1-worked confirmed
  2. Hello Electrocuter

    have a question,maybe u can give me a tip/help.

    want to make a mirror part,very small a quater of the ox stat panels (max. reflective/min performance impact) on ONE side,would love to use the stock shader but dont know if this is possible?(now or in near future)

    Q:shoud i make a own material.cfg for is it ?

    Q:what i should make with the texture(the texture part the should be shiny/half transparent and Alpha channel?think it called)

    maybe u can give me an addvice what should i do next(for your timesaving most probably answers below):           =)

    1)wait a bit, it will be work with stockshader then i help u

    2)need TU for it, i will help u when time

    3)sry have no time for it

    i see you and shadowmage have some to do with the new update(which i really prefer)but when u have a moment or two

    would be very nice

    thx for your cool work

    shaderd clouds/skybox would be the hammer much luck with these

    greetings BK



  3. Burning Kan

    New Kerbal class: Medics

    @BT Industries this link A Kerbal Medic and Injuries Mod is coming!!! Its cruel but could be fun is wrong i think! or social network thing? collision damage that sounds so sick cool sounds like a bundled power of kerbal krash system & kerbal health cant even imagine right now a health bar would be very cool may u can use the G-Force meter like displaybar in the portrait left very cool mod btw
  4. Burning Kan

    [KSP 1.5.0] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.74 "Warpspeed"]

    Thats a huge different, first D.I.R.T isnt 1.5x ready now as the number shows, 2) have u tried with AVP only(+Depencies) and that work? its just for the skybox replacement -so lightweight. u can also change the suit but then all have the same.so no multi texture change just one,same for parts AFAIK dont think its possible to change the ground textures with dirt/nor that DIRT have something to do with your bug ,hey but show me iam wrong next step if its not already happend 2) when it comes out its from DIRT i would wait till 1.5.x support then look again,if its still exist,in DIRT thread a log post here look self, dont got much time right now sryhttps://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/172055-143-drop-in-replacement-textures-v1430/&page=4 and if iam right TR or/andTRR is uptodate for 1.5.1 edited:i was right!
  5. short Q: is it possible to blacklist the ;settings,flightrecorder,utilities and aircraftautopilot or hide the icon for one of them have tried dozent variations,but no luck
  6. Burning Kan

    Antennas on kerbal suits

    sry for delay(felt in sleep yesterday)but: NOW everything work like expected AFAIK* (*exept Val's bug/femals strike these days-stay cool till KIS updateto 1.5)have fun! for anyone who wants to try an EVAantenna(needs KIS) pre-release dont use in a important career save till release! It's maybe not completely bug free(MJ), but it's been fairly stable ,but maybe some comes up https://sabercathost.com/hSpV/EVAmechjeb.zip for future status updates use this OP forum link, just in case: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174462-emblemevamagnetic-boots-light-eva-mechjeb-evastuffpre-release/ Do u know where the source of the KSC signal is? (spoiler is not in the tracking station) for those the wanna self find out DONT look at the spoiler! Have Fun!BK
  7. Burning Kan

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    u see this: and think did the change the kerbals in 1.5? looks so different dont like teir new eva suits,too yellowish! is KAS 1.0 released,nice kerbal actuators crane well done angel125 and oh man these new TU shaders are great, from shadomages/electrocutor fantastic work or Wazs EVE clouds(maybe the bundle the power and doin shadered clouds -yeah!),looks so realistic you can almost not differentiate from real! ksp in gettin better and better 1.5 proves it, thx squad and community
  8. Who was this? WHO PUSHED THE YES BUTTON? WELL DONE! -I admit it was me Should KSP have a Delta-V readout? yes in the engineer report window like @severedsolo in his mod did exactly how he did in the last line so when u finished(or think so)with your Rocketbuilding you can look in the bottomline if u have enough dV for your mission.
  9. Burning Kan

    Life support system

    Oh man thanks ,was one of the first i wrote but seems to disapperet tru editing kraken.fixed
  10. Burning Kan

    Life support system

    @Tyko will be very helpful to have variations of patches for individual needs & its good to collect them here so i know where i should look,when i need it.thanks
  11. work in 1.4.5 (no kerbalism support for RTG versio right now!) dont need a plugin anymore , must run first tests with 1.5 but will work as expected,and just need kis if u wanna attach/ detach(but u can also play without it,have build a solar and RTG version(no kerbalism support for RTG versio right now!) so need to attach a batterie or solarpanel with KIS edit:BTW nice mod
  12. Burning Kan

    [1.4.5] Aset´s Deployable Light Globe(KIS EVA Part)

    first test seems to work fine in 1.5 but waiting on ksp 1.5.2 and compiled KIS/KAS to make an update (just few small changes) like the connector model isnt right but work
  13. Thanks for the warning ,test it when i start my kerbalismcareer(few weeks),i dont want to use MKS that why i need to deploy with EC AFAIK in ksp all is calculated in metric tons so 1kg is 0.001 and nice ,will try it with engineer depency when the time come ,Cheers
  14. Burning Kan

    Life support system

    Thanks a lot , @Tonka Crash very oftenedited: the idea came up to make a list of all life support mods (and life support tools ,specials,the make ksp more challenging),but i think i have seen something like that will link it if i find² --------------------------UNDER COSTRU list of mods made,help to deside which one fits best for individual play style: (in no particular order) addressed so far:USI life support,Snacks!,TAC life support,Kerbalism,Kerbal Health,Interstellar Flight Inc. Life Support,Closed Loop Life Support,Ioncross Crew Support,Soylent - Life Support through Algae,DeepFreeze,Univeral Storage I & II,Modular Kolonization System&(MKSlight/MKS Explainer),KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems Some CONTRAs could also be PROs, just in case.Iam open for suggestions ,try to write this from a PRO-Positive View but some like "complexity" need to be on the CONTRA side,but definitely agree this is if u can handle a HUGE PRO like the effort the all put inside did i miss one? found it: ² https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/97470-life-support-discussion-and-comparison-updated-8142017/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/158450-opinions-about-life-support-mods/ lastEDIT:21/10/18 the three big problems with stock life support (in my view)would be :