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  1. @RandomKerbal holy necro! if you are looking for cool aircraft parts i recommend the excellent mod Airplane Plus
  2. the mod you are looking for is The Kaptain's Log additionally i can also recommend Project Manager, which will simply and automatically number your launches
  3. it's too close to call! all he modders are amazing!! for me, at least, @Ven wins out for sheer old-school coolness, but @DMagic delivers awesome must-have improvements. meanwhile, @linuxgurugamer is carrying the world on his shoulders, and@Nertea is the kind of perfectionist i love!
  4. calling 000 because i dropped my pencil, and i have no idea where it has rolled to
  5. a lot of people are having the same issue, you can work around it by resetting your FlightUI scales (navball, etc..) back to 100%
  6. thank you @The Aziz! i just went to "settings > general > show unity analytics dialog on next startup only > rebooted kerbal > clicked web link > opted out" and now i feel about 20% less paranoid! remember: just because you think the world is out to get you, doesn't mean it isn't!
  7. i learned something new today because of this challenge! apparently you cannot name a new game "training"
  8. story mode? "kerstronomers have discovered an asteroid on a collision course! you have xx years to intercept it and save kermanity!" ai competitors in career mode? factorio meets ksp? "so you wanna launch a rocket eh?, better start by making some iron plates..." kerbdew valley? the ultimate marshmallow farming simulator ON MINMUS! ... actually i'd just be happy if the aero model got updated a little so that tubes worked and attachment-point-fu was no longer required for aerodynamically shaped craft
  9. it would be cool if there were badges for this, perhaps implement a star grading system (easy challenge = 1 star, diabolical = 5 stars) and then create a badge for reaching 10 stars, 50 stars, 500 stars, etc..
  10. "Whats do youse hears?" "Nothings but the rains!" my guess for next poster (without pinging!) will be WinkAllKerb"
  11. it happened!! "* Add capability for text entry on float fields in the Part Action Window" thank you @SQUAD
  12. i love that the forum avatar of @nestor is perfect for answering the questions above!!
  13. The theme music from Super Mario Bros 2 has been stuck in my head all week, I've not played that game in over 20 years but now it's on continuous loop inside my brain... send help!! Here it is, but consider youself warned!! It is an insidious ear worm.
  14. if we get a night time VAB it would be amazing to see the kerbal workers running about in their pyjamas, perhaps with a few pillow fights going on! the trucks could be replaced with jet-powered bunk-beds!
  15. I am really enjoying playing in a scaled up Kerbin system (loving the challenge of 6.4x with stock balanced parts!), but does anyone have any tips to firm up the ground so that my kerbs aren't sinking into or floating above surfaces?
  16. @Kozzy there is a mod called "adjustable mod panel" which might help clean up your screen, but resisting cheating is entirely up to you!
  17. I would pay a lot of money to see my first craft files again (for nostalgia reasons), and then pay a whole bunch more money to hide those craft forever (for noobish-shame reasons!) I do recall playing the free demo-game though, and furiously scribbling altitude results on a notepad after each launch as I attempted to "science the potatoes" out of this game and improve my rockets!
  18. I think I may have found a small bug! The thrust of the LV909 Terrier engine is slightly offset from centre (all variants). This can be demonstrated in the VAB by placing the engine and rotating it along the long axis to see the thrust indicator wobble about. Reproducible with restock 0.1.2, module manager 4.0.2, and KSP 1.6.1
  19. hi @ActicFoxy and welcome to the forums! CKAN is a tool that is very useful for streamlining the modding process, it's kinda like mechjeb in real life, but for mods (not rated for flying spacecraft!) Grab a copy of it here and then place the .exe file in your kerbal directory on your PC (looks like "...\steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program") and then let CKAN take care of everything automatically! Once you get the hang of how mods work from watching where CKAN installs them (hint: it's the GameData folder!), then switch to manual installs, and then custom modding
  20. When adjusting slider values in the VAB or SPH (e.g. thrust limiter, gimbal limit, etc..) it is infuriating to not be able "slide" to the precise value I want. It would be extremely pleasing to be able to manually input these values with the keyboard after, say, shift-clicking or crtl-clicking the slider bar. (ps. if there is a mod for this functionality please direct me to it!)
  21. After being dried and ground to a fine consistency, the Rhino engine bell can be used as an aphrodisiac to boost struggling rockets...
  22. to answer your question: oh, and welcome to the forums @Sanny!
  23. I'm not very excited for this launch pad... it looks very similar to other launch sites, plus starting on the mun just feels like cheating to me. Will this rob people of the satisfaction of safely making it to the mun by their own efforts? However, I would be excited to see a 10hr video of Jeb tumbling helplessly across the Munar surface! (ahh! glorious memories of tumbling...)
  24. my understanding of this saying goes: "you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!"