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  1. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to deploy the science bay to another area, or returning data to kerbin? If the former, you might just have to wait until you have a service bay large enough to stick it in, or fly it with a plane. If the latter, you EVA a kerbal to take the data, or you can use the experiment storage unit that is in the same tech tree node as the Science Junior to bring it home, just right click on it and select "gather experiments" and it will suck in all the data from any instrument on the ship. From there you can decouple it and land it separately or clip it into the command pod and bring it together, though beware this can mess up the aerodynamics on reentry.
  2. I'm having a lot of trouble with the ground stations portion of the mod. No matter what I do the only station anything will connect to is KSC, not any of the mod or default ones. I've tried enabling extra groundstations, disabling extra groundstations, enabling commnet support, disabling commnet support, I've bought every tracking station except Arakebo because it's friggin expensive, I've removed the Ground Control folder, reinstalled it, reinstalled the whole mod, nothing has worked. KSC is the only station that connects to anything, so I have six hour blackouts on interplanetary missions (for some reason I can't understand, even though I have a network that should pick them up and relay to KSC anyway). Is there anything else I can do besides download Kampus and Skyways separately? If I do so, will I lose any of the bases/buildings, or will they all be there besides the tracking stations? EDIT: Wow 15 minutes after I typed this it started working properly. I guess it heard me complaining? There's your solution to anyone having the same problem I would still appreciate an answer to that last question, however. EDIT 2: Reflecting further, it changed after I launched a new vessel. If anyone is having this sort of trouble and changing settings won't work, try launching a new vessel.
  3. Playing with KerbinSide GAP, doing a night flight from KSC to KSC2. I was kind of zoned out because it's a 30 minute flight at 5000m, so I check in and out every couple of minutes. I check on proceedings with 17 minutes to go when suddenly the city lights from EVE disappear. I have about 1 second to go "wait, what?" before smacking face-first into a mountain. Definitely not one of my finest moments.
  4. Based on a quick search it might be Firespitter that's causing the issues. I get a similar crash on 1.3.1, but not 1.3.0. Unfortunately Firespitter isn't updated so we'll just have to wait.
  5. The crew plane reenters fine as included in the mod when I flew it, no issues there, though the reaction wheels make it easy to stall/over G accidentally if you aren't careful. It successfully reentered from 100 km orbit w/25 km Pe without a hitch, I kept SAS on Radial Out for maximum drag. I didn't land from space because I accidentally reentered at night. I tested landings by flying traffic patterns at KSC assuming half fuel and no oxidizer. It handled reasonably well at slow flight and landed safely at around 60-70 m/s, without parachutes, though it has far too much roll authority and as said before, you can accidentally stall if you aren't gentle with pitch. How are you flying the plane on approach and landing? What speeds, pitch, configuration, etc? Some things I noticed and suggestions: The CoM shifts forward a fairly significant amount when fuel is empty. This makes it more stable but harder to change pitch The main gear is too far forward and too narrow, makes it easier to tailstrike and/or tip on an imperfect takeoff or landing. I moved them back and out a bit and it worked well. Nosewheel is fine. 6 RAPIERs is somewhat overkill in orbit, consider disabling some in space for controllability (though this is just a preference thing) I replaced that bizarre reaction wheel setup with a cargo bay containing 2 reaction wheels, a small RCS tank w/ thruster blocks on the front and wingtips, and canards at the front. This keeps it nimble while also giving you some better space maneuvering ability. As a bonus you can keep your batteries safe inside. I also slightly shifted the forward wings back a bit to keep the CoM/CoL balanced. The craft has quite a lot of roll authority. Disabling roll on the inner elevons helped make flying (and landing) easier. Try playing with the control surface authority sliders in the right click menu. You can change them inflight to adapt to your situations. I also added a pair of airbrakes to make it easier to kill excess speed if necessary, though it performed just fine without them. All of these changes led to a safe reentry and landing at about 50-60 m/s on rough terrain (the desert). I can include the craft file if you want to see the changes I made. I'll test the other craft shortly. I didn't try it, but you can experiment with disabling reaction wheel torque before landing to make it a bit more predictable aerodynamically.
  6. I've been thinking for a little while that Life Support and similarly controversial mechanics and features should really be official "mods" or part/feature packs like Asteroid Day is/was, installable via patcher or Steam. This gives an easy route for adding them for those who want the feature without penalizing those who don't with asset loading and performance impacts. I don't know how flexible the patcher is, but if steam allows free DLC it's easy to activate or deactivate it at a whim.
  7. I have a bunch of interplanetary ships in Kerbin orbit that I never bothered getting rid of. There wasn't any real easy way to recover them and their crews safely, and I'm not a big fan of dropping NERVAS back onto Kerbin, so I just parked them in whatever orbit they ended at after aerocapture and let them sit there after retrieving their crew with a shuttle. They do have autonomous control and some fuel left, so I could theoretically refuel them and use them again which was my original intention, but I never really bothered as hauling enough fuel up there would be roughly the same effort and cost as launching a new one, to which I could also apply any tweaks or upgrades I added.
  8. I do have another question: Would you stick with meters for altitudes, or do would use feet like most of the real world for more precise altitude controls?
  9. I suggest also leaving the sepratron in for short field JATO applications, if possible.
  10. I'd be interested in something like that, particularly with ATC and radio comms. I've always been toying with the idea of throwing together some sectional/IFR charts for Kerbin, particularly with Kerbinside, but I have neither the resources nor the knowhow on how to do so.
  11. I would LOVE it if you are able to add the BMW from Need for Speed in there.
  12. I'm entering my senior year of high school, and have my private pilot certificate. Still haven't chosen a college, but the license certainly gives me a few options. I've been looking at nuclear engineering for a long time, but some aviation/aerospace stuff has caught my eye.
  13. I love the issue that one user had.
  14. Do you really have to pitch that far up at 20km? I've found just maintaining a 15-25 degree climb even on rockets to be the most effective way to get to orbit, without much thermal stress. I'll even start pitching back to level at 30km or so. Especially so your nukes won't have to fight gravity as much.