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  1. Okay... Having the same vibes I was getting when Elon Musk announced BFR. it looks too good to be true. So I have a few questions... 1. Will it look as stunning as it does in the trailer? I'm guessing no as some cinematic trailers for the first game looked pretty nice too compared to the actual game. 2. Multiplayer will be in the full release, right? Or does that come later? 3. In the trailer, the surface looked really detailed. Will we get topography like that one place on Duna? Other than that, I'm really hyped for the release. Also... My thoughts exactly. Fi
  2. Is this a bug? (K nevermind I fixed it by uninstalling a few old mods...)
  3. @bewing Using the structural tubes as cargo bays isn't clipping though. They have nodes for placement inside. I think they could be great cargo holders if they were aerodynamically sound. There really isn't enough diversity with cargo bays in the stock game. But this thread is turning into more of a suggestion thread than a q&a thread. Thanks for answering my question though. Fire
  4. Ahh that's a bummer. Think of the giant cargo planes you could builld if they had good aerodynamics. Fire
  5. Can someone confirm that these things create a lot of drag?
  6. I said "no" because I think it shows a lot of creativity when people make their own. But a part that can make anything rotate? That's an idea. Fire
  7. Haven't been on the forums for awhile so lets see how I do. Your name is familiar but I don't know you that well. 3/10
  8. Good luck Badie. Hope you enjoy yourself wherever you go. Badie Kerman should be a new default Kerbal. Make it happen Squad. Fire
  9. Alrighty. I like the 2.5 revamp. The 1.25 revamp looks nice. I'm fine with this stuff. But I agree that PorkJet and @Nertea did a much better job. It would be nice if Squad Staff responded to the comments and maybe listened to the players. I'm sure they could make the parts look a heck of a lot better than they do now. Why don't they do it? It isn't impossible. So @SQUAD, please take these posts as constructive criticism, rather than hate comments and please listen to them a little more. Fire
  10. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do a good job. Fire
  11. Welp invite me, I'm Firemetal#8872 Fire
  12. Well if someone has experience in discord servers, yes, but I'm not sure if I know enough about it to make it. I also don't really want the responsibility of running it as I have many things to do. But I'm sure there is someone here in this forum who could. Maybe you could post a thread about it in the appropriate subforum. (Also just to clear stuff up, I know a bit of french, am learning it in school at the moment, but I am not french, so if that is who you were referring to as a French member, I'm not. I'm sure there are some here though and if that is what you meant then this is pointl
  13. Bonjour! Welcome aboard. Come to think of it, a KSP discord server would be nice. I'm not currently active in KSP, although I would love to join the discord if someone makes. Anyway, nice to meet you, enjoy the forum. Fire
  14. Kerbal joint reinforcement. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50911-13-kerbal-joint-reinforcement-v333-72417/ ^Also currently outdated. Not sure if it still works, but it's worth a shot. Fire
  15. No don’t think so. Haven’t played in a while either, but as far as I know, no.
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