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  1. Firemetal

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    Alrighty. I like the 2.5 revamp. The 1.25 revamp looks nice. I'm fine with this stuff. But I agree that PorkJet and @Nertea did a much better job. It would be nice if Squad Staff responded to the comments and maybe listened to the players. I'm sure they could make the parts look a heck of a lot better than they do now. Why don't they do it? It isn't impossible. So @SQUAD, please take these posts as constructive criticism, rather than hate comments and please listen to them a little more. Fire
  2. Firemetal

    I'm joining the Squad Team!!!

    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do a good job. Fire
  3. Firemetal

    A discord Server for KSP Players

    Welp invite me, I'm Firemetal#8872 Fire
  4. Firemetal

    Nymon's presentation

    Well if someone has experience in discord servers, yes, but I'm not sure if I know enough about it to make it. I also don't really want the responsibility of running it as I have many things to do. But I'm sure there is someone here in this forum who could. Maybe you could post a thread about it in the appropriate subforum. (Also just to clear stuff up, I know a bit of french, am learning it in school at the moment, but I am not french, so if that is who you were referring to as a French member, I'm not. I'm sure there are some here though and if that is what you meant then this is pointless isn't it.) Fire
  5. Firemetal

    Nymon's presentation

    Bonjour! Welcome aboard. Come to think of it, a KSP discord server would be nice. I'm not currently active in KSP, although I would love to join the discord if someone makes. Anyway, nice to meet you, enjoy the forum. Fire
  6. Firemetal

    6 hours of creating an space station

    Kerbal joint reinforcement. ^Also currently outdated. Not sure if it still works, but it's worth a shot. Fire
  7. Firemetal

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    No don’t think so. Haven’t played in a while either, but as far as I know, no.
  8. Firemetal

    How do you pronounce “Mun?”

    Myuhn like Scott Manley does it.
  9. Firemetal

    6 Million Dollar Kerbal

    Jeb Kerman... Astronaut... A Kerbal barely alive... We can rebuild him... We have the technology to build the world's first bionic kerbal. Jeb Kerman will be that Kerbal. Better than he was before; better, stronger faster. @bigcalm beat me to it. Oops.
  10. So.. When can we expect the IVA and EVA for the new pod? Is there another way to get them out other than clicking on their portrait? Thanks. Fire
  11. Holy cow. This is the biggest update since 1.2... (No offense, 1.3) Aw heck yeah. Now I'm excited. Fire
  12. My RO learning experience continues... Current things I've done. Landed a probe on the Moon. (Lost a solar array because I didn't know how to get a signal to Earth and I couldn't extend landing gear.) Brought a Kerbal into LEO and back to the surface. (This was harder than anticipated because some of the heat shields I used didn't protect the spacecraft enough.) Got a Lunar Station Core into orbit around the Moon. (And finally found out how to target the Earth with an antenna.) You can find some pictures here. So I decided to try docking two spacecraft in LEO. This will allow me to continue building my Lunar Station so I can bring Kerbals over there for Lunar Operations. So I've built a Rocket Family for launching medium to large payloads into LEO. I call it "Dume". I launched a nearly 10 ton payload to LEO but unfortunately, the J2 engine just shut off for no reason and I couldn't restart it even with the two extra ignitions it had. The fairing also glitched a little, and I might want to add some smaller SRBs to the 6MUSO configuration. Here are some screenshots from the first flight. I'll try to perfect the Dume Family and give you an update on it next time I post. Fire
  13. Firemetal

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    So anyone else having a problem where the fairings look black in the low atmosphere? For those wondering, I am playing in 1.2 RO. I believe trying to download RSSVE may have caused this problem. Anyone know how to fix it? Fire
  14. Sorry wrong thread. (Delete this please mods)