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  1. Well there are still issues, things that need to be resolved, however it is a far cry better than it was before the Science release. We are still deep in early access. I am pleased at the progress.
  2. In KSP 1 I was able to place 4 vertical couplers at once, and then in the staging be able to separate them into different stages ( for asparagus staging for example ). I seem to be missing something in KSP 2, I cant seem to separate the couplers, If I move one, all 4 move. Is there something I am missing?
  3. in KSP 1 I often used what I would call drop tanks, and it was quite easy to see how much fuel was left in a single external tank so you knew when to separate it. I seem to struggle in KSP2 to know if there is fuel left in a coupled tank
  4. Unless I am missing something, I cannot check on the tracked missions while in the VAB, that would be nice to have.
  5. I feel like I went from a buggy mess that was not enjoyable to play.... to a playable game that I am enjoying tremendously.
  6. I was extremely disappointed quite a long time ago when Career mode was not going to be in KSP 2, just completed the first couple of missions, and my disappointment has disappeared. Exploration mode is an excellent replacement. I know you guys don't always hear much positive feedback, so I thought I would let you know this is as good or better than my old favorite way to play Kerbal
  7. Best of luck, looking forward to tomorrow
  8. Now that KSP 2 is becoming playable, we really need native support for ultra-wide monitors, 5120x1440 please
  9. There is an understatement. Looking forward to working with KSP post patch later tonight
  10. Yeah, the only KSP I am interested in anymore is KSP 2 Not for what it is at the moment, but for what it is becoming. It really comes down to why you are playing, if it is only for personal enjoyment, then by all means Play KSP1, in fact an Early Access is probably not right for you in any case. Some of us want to be on the ride from here, to what we see KSP 2 becoming.
  11. That would make me the oldest person I have ever even heard of! No not that, how about .... old as you pretend you are that would make me a LOT younger
  12. I look at the 2 mods list I install EVERY SINGLE TIME in KSP 1 and that says quite a lot. #1 Chatterer ( already taken care of in KSP 2 ) #2 Scan Sat ( increases my enjoyment of KSP 1, to have satellites that actually have a useful function ) I agree with probes before Kerbals as well
  13. Yeah and you could not even get into orbit when it first came out
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