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  1. Now that KSP 2 is becoming playable, we really need native support for ultra-wide monitors, 5120x1440 please
  2. There is an understatement. Looking forward to working with KSP post patch later tonight
  3. Yeah, the only KSP I am interested in anymore is KSP 2 Not for what it is at the moment, but for what it is becoming. It really comes down to why you are playing, if it is only for personal enjoyment, then by all means Play KSP1, in fact an Early Access is probably not right for you in any case. Some of us want to be on the ride from here, to what we see KSP 2 becoming.
  4. That would make me the oldest person I have ever even heard of! No not that, how about .... old as you pretend you are that would make me a LOT younger
  5. I look at the 2 mods list I install EVERY SINGLE TIME in KSP 1 and that says quite a lot. #1 Chatterer ( already taken care of in KSP 2 ) #2 Scan Sat ( increases my enjoyment of KSP 1, to have satellites that actually have a useful function ) I agree with probes before Kerbals as well
  6. Yeah and you could not even get into orbit when it first came out
  7. I do not believe it is overpriced for the full game that is coming, including science, progression, colonies, resource management, interstellar and multiplayer. Which is what I purchased. I purchased it with my eyes fully open that these features would not be available for some time, and the early access would be quite buggy and unoptimized. It shocks me how many people did not have their eyes open.
  8. The answer to that is obviously yes, if you have been around the gaming industry a while
  9. Personally I am having a blast with KSP 2. I would not recommend it to a non-KSP-enthusiast gamer yet, but for me it has been great!
  10. Yeah LOL that was my first clue, took me a while to look more closely and see it was identified as landed. Hence, no trajectory, interesting to note that it is still moving and in orbit over time regardless.
  11. Oh yeah... I am not upset, but a non-KSP enthusiast might be.
  12. Bug Report Launched a large ship with a payload bay into high orbit, released a smaller ship from that bay and planned to take that ship to dune. However the smaller ship is identified as "landed" when it clearly is not. Screenshot attached. ( also submited to private Division )
  13. Well right now KSP 2 is for what I would call KSP enthusiasts, to help test, report, experiment and basically assist while the game is updated to a more playable state. I am not recommending it to my non KSP enthusiast friends... yet. but I expect I will be recommending it over time. I am more than happy to be on this journey, but this journey is not for everyone.... yet
  14. This is a minor thing. But everything else, launch, landing, opening solar panels, parachutes are all very satisfying, the sound the graphics etc. Decoupling is not, firing a decoupler you might want to add a slightly more dramatic sound, and perhaps a flash or something. Just an idea
  15. Thank you for that, the whining here was starting to get to me and I wanted to be able to give feedback without all that.
  16. Let me start of by saying things look really good, none of these issues stopped me from enjoying the game. Love being in Early access and looking forward to the journey with you to this game becoming what we all hope it will be. If I listed the things I enjoyed rather than suggestions it would be 10 times as long as the list below. It would be nice if my screen resolution was supported, not a show stopper but it would be nice. Mine is 5120 x 1440 Samsung Odyssey G9 When trying to put struts on in the VAB if you dont put them on one at a time there are lots of issues, I would select 4 and it would try to put on 8 nearly all going in the wrong direction. if you build a ship that has 4 seats, but you only seat 3 Kerbals, if you save it and load it a Kerbal will sneak into that 4th seat, We need to lock spare Kerbalnaughts in their rooms so they don't sneak on board. The orientation of the ship changes from E/W to N/S when going from the VAB to the Launch pad, I got around it but it was often confusing in the VAB knowing how it will be sitting on the pad. It is far too easy to delete a spacecraft in flight accidently when trying to delete a node. ( however I did finally find that little trash can and started using that ) I could not find a way to see how much fuel was in an attached tank, the parts manager would not display the amount of fuel left in a tank. Many of my spacecraft use drop tanks and I was having to guess when they were empty After recovering a craft, any Kerbal on board would not be available for the next mission We need a way to pin certain information in the maneuver line in map mode, specifically AP & PE ( I know you folks are aware of this one, with Scott Manley, Tim Dodd, Matt Lowne and everyone else saying the same thing, but I wanted to reinforce that desire ) I am sure there will be more, I did a Mun Landing and return on my first day in KSP 2 and am overall quite pleased. It is beautiful. Keep up the good work
  17. Ok coming back from Mun landing and there is something we need. There need to be an easy way to see how full an attached tank is. It may just be my own misunderstanding but it would help if in the parts manager when you have a tank selected you could see how much fuel is currently in it. That way it would be easier to know when we can drop that tank. Thanks in advance
  18. We are not talking about other games that do early access in a different way, we are talking about Kerbal Space Program 2 where we were fully informed as to what it would be at launch of early access. We knew, because we were told it was still in beta and would be for quite some time.
  19. I would like to inform you that the developers said this game would still be in beta with bug and optimization still being worked on. We knew this going into Early Access. Not everyone likes working a beta with developers, why did you choose to?
  20. Ok Having a blast, so far performance has been better than expected. 10900k CPU, GTX 3800 GPU, 32 Gig Ram I do not have FPS numbers up as I think that distracts from how it feels running, its just a number, the game feels fine and without a lot of stuttering. Launched my first asparagus staged vehicle and found a few minor issues. Issues I cant seem to find how to separate 4 couplers into different stage points, I had to put the 4 couplers on 2 at a time to do it. The struts often get confused, I try to put on 4 and they go nuts trying to put them all over the place and not symmetrical, ended up having to add struts one at a time. Kerbals sneak into seats when you are not looking. You can save a craft with 4 seats and only want 3 kerbals, load it up from a save and an extra one will have snuck into that 4th seat, you cant trust the little green bastages. All minor issues, just an annoyance at this stage, but does need fixing at some point. Looking good, really loving the game!
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