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  1. (WIP) [Kopernicus] Outer Reaches v 0.3

    Will this work in 1.2.2? I am sticking with that install until I'm finished some forum challenges
  2. [WiP] [1.2] STS - AVALON

    I would like to say that I keep multiple backups of my important data, but nope... I do not. just like everyone else
  3. [1.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey 1.3 Collector's Edition

    Did Chaka supply the orange foam for all of the tanks? The colour-match us uncanny!
  4. Is the user asking for a space toilet? That's pretty much all I can get out of that....
  5. It "works" as is... mostly. Still working on some balance issues (cost, mass, output, etc) and some small bugs. Station parts work -- just need some balancing (working on it). Another user and I are patching (them) and testing (us) the shuttles. Reaction wheels are bloody crazy.
  6. [1.3] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    Angel needs to beg the Evil Empi... uh I mean merciful Disney for special permission to have (slightly Kerbalized) Lando yell that every time something breaks.
  7. @ xyphos, I routinely launch sections of larger space noodles totalling when assembled an average of 200 parts, including landers, satellites, and kickers. So far I haven't seen any serious slowdown due to autostrutting - the only things that seem to slow my mid level laptop are the log spams from the WBI, FF and I believe OMS mods I have installed.... Most of those issues seem to be fixed in 1.3, and I'm just slow at updating - still in 1.2.2. In fact, autostrutting seems to be the only thing that keeps my nervas attached to my ships!
  8. Oooohhhh please don't texture that! Looks like it just needs lasers to be complete! Just kidding.... sort of.... looks fantastic!
  9. @Angel-125 While waiting for silicone to dry, I started poking around GitHub because I have run into the docking port issue Grumby referenced back in May. So...... If I understand GitHub and pull requests correctly, would I be able to take Grumby's DR 375 dock o tron fix and slap it into my (sorry) 1.2.2 save? As in can I copy the Green text field into a new config file to overwrite/patch the DR 375 config in the DSEV 2.0 version I'm running? Or something to that effect? Sorry, not at my laptop, so i can't actually open anything, but it sort of makes sense in my head..... I forgot about the "not able to dock issue" until earlier today.... If that's not going to work I have a couple very Kerbal ideas for fixing my ship; using only a little bit of KIS/KAS explosives.
  10. [1.3] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    Haha. Yeah I did a google search after taking a look through Angel's wiki. Seems legit. Don't forget the carpenter whom takes the safety key and a hostage enginerd down range so the carpenter can wedge the 2x4 with the igniter into the engine bell - before something goes wrong.
  11. I've been horsing around with a Buffalo "Mun Explorer" using Buffalo Drill, ISRU, and 1 or 2 chassis pieces set as Ore tanks. This setup works well in KSP 1.2.2 for me with no issues, well not quite: the first version exploded beacause I overheated everything... So here are my notes and fixes: 1- Buffalo ISRU processes ore (at low surface concentrations) way faster than a single Buffalo drill can extract it. Added more drills in Mun Explorer Mk iii. 2- Heat is an issue! have scads of radiators! Like Stock Mediums or several Hotplates from DSEV or grab a bunch from CX Aerospace. Like 2 per device seems to work. I prefer the Hotplates due to their size and they had a look I liked. 3- Bring a S.A.F.E.R reactor (all of Angel's mods have it included). 4- Are you running BARIS? I yes, maybe disable it and check to see if your setup works. BARIS thread has and awesome wiki linked to it. Let me know what happens
  12. [1.3] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    @Angel-125 Thanks for reopening. Also, thank you for updating your OP with the nice big friendly link to the manual. Looks like I have some reading to do as there are now Tigers? - guessing that they aren't what I'm thinking of.... Upon reading a couple lines in the wiki and OP... Yeah not the tigers I was thinking of... I finally have a nice clean 1.3 up and running. Going to drop this in with MOLE and DSEV..... ah I probably won't have it very clean after all, my essentials list is like 60 mods.
  13. @The-Doctor This looks very promising. I'm excited to see where it goes and that you've thought of the "search other mods for tech tree location and change to make sense with this tech tree" program. Also, is this tech tree bigger on the inside too?