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  1. Thanks! I'll give it a whirl
  2. @Capt. Hunt or @CommanderSmith, do you know of a good "easy" way to turn *.tga into *.dds? The texture threads in these forums are a bit too far over my head
  3. smotheredrun

    [1.3/1.4.3] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.4 [19 MAY 2018]

    Well since there is already a Canadian invasion on this thread, I'll add myself into it too. Also, what? This has been in existence since November??? So ashamed I missed this! Going to try this out (not 'oot'. I am one of those Kanadians that doesn't say oot and aboot)
  4. smotheredrun

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    Oh boy! Wow thanks @shaw nad @RangeMachine!!!
  5. smotheredrun

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    There are instructions somewhere way back in this thread (I had asked about moving Valentine back so that OPM would function) to move the star. Do a thread search for "mov Valentine" (yes, missing e is on purpose) and it should search for move or moving Valentine... I think.....
  6. smotheredrun

    [1.3.1] Cetera's Suits for TextureReplacerReplaced

    @Cetera, nevermind.... Forgot to read my own post one page back.... Just call me newb for the day
  7. That explains it. 1.4.x changed all kinds of stuff with smoke/plume effects. They won't work for now. If you're going to use them in 1.4.x you'll need to head over to the smokescreen thread and see what's new over there. There are a couple of us working on it, but speaking for myself, my time is very limited right now. So to be clear, there is no official or unofficial support for the shuttles in 1.4..... yet.....
  8. And what game version?
  9. The one on the right looks kinda familiar Also, SAS has been terrible since 1.2.x, and only seems to have become worse in 1.3 and 1.4 It's too bad Squad didn't leave well enough alone
  10. Ah, Ok. What I'm thinking is that I'll load the comm patches into 1.4.x and try them out this weekend. To keep everything organized, I'll make a new archive of patches (copy paste) for 1.4. The RCS fixes can go right into the new archive, and I think I know which file, but I'll need to test it. Can you also send me what you have for your patches? I want to take a look again at whatever your most recent changes are.
  11. This all sounds good, especially if it will drop the number of parts showing up. Regarding the SpaceX towers, have you seen this mod?
  12. hmmmm... Still working up the courage to update to 1.4.x. Going to wait until 1.4.3 comes out to be honest. Buuuuttt.... I'll have some time (maybe) this weekend to do an update for a test save. If I can, I'll look at it. Never really flew with either Autopilot though. I've used Mechjeb just for the readouts. That said, let's start with Mechjeb: When setting up an ascent profile, how does MJ deal with the throttles? Does (or can) it throttle down at a certain point? I ask as I typically have to drop the throttles to about 1/3 shortly after booster separation, just to keep the crazy reaction wheels from flinging the shuttle around like a rag doll That fix, which config are you dropping it into?
  13. smotheredrun

    [1.4] Hyperspace - Load KSP faster on HDD (or not)

    Well I'm down to 809.xxxx seconds, so YAY!!!! Now I can crash Jeb faster!!!