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  1. Interesting. Have you done this yet?
  2. A bunch of his stuff is listed as "Private". According to the Googlemachine, it means that they can only be viewed by those with a YouTube login name and only then after receiving an invitation from the YouTuber. EDIT: One of the videos that is still visible states that there is a copyright claim against it. That is not good....
  3. That moment when you realize you forgot to record ALL of your Kerbin escape and transfer to Jool.... Good thing I saved before leaving orbit!
  4. @Raptor22 lol yeah, it seems like the KSP developers (or someone) keeps changing things with RCS....
  5. I believe .dds is much smaller than .tga
  6. I had quite the surprise today when seeing that. Thought it was gone several versions of Module Manager ago. Oh well, just when you think it's gone forever.... Going to go play KSP right meow
  7. The Super 25 flies well-ish in 1.3.1, but I haven't flown the Dauntless since about 1.2 or something. That one liked to do space gymnastics on the launch pad.
  8. I think you need to set them as "allow embed" or something when you upload and publish your video on YouTube. IIRC it may be under the Advanced Options or something
  9. @MOARdV Not sure if this is possible, but in regards to an IVA you may like... or not... The KSO Super 25* (the Ascension/ 2.5m shuttle) has an IVA that already mostly uses RPM. At the moment it is well beyond my current abilities (but right now I'm unemployed so I may have time to learn?), would there be a way to convert it from RPM to MAS? *No... that mod isn't dead yet... EDIT: Re read the 1st page... the better question is whom would be willing to help me learn how to do the conversion?