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  1. Fixing wheel behaviour should have been something really high on the To Do List for the KSP devs, honestly... I mean it's cool sometimes when Jeb does a power slide on the runway, but not every time.
  2. EDIT: Also, with using the stock planetary system, expect the timings given in the manual to be substantially different than what you end up with. If I am heading to a 350km orbit with this in stock MECO is usually around 2 minutes or so instead of 4 minutes as mentioned in the manual
  3. @x170doom Yes, I've had the same result. Avoid using the "Primer Vector Guidance" if using Stock and no RSS or 2.5x Kerbin System. If using the "Standard Gravity Turn" (I think that is the correct name) you should only be able to set your Apoapsis and not your Periapsis. Makes jettisoning the ET at the right moment a bit more of a challenge, but you can do it.
  4. Just when you think your mod list is complete for your current playthrough.... Jeb, Bill and Gene discover that KSC needs to hire "just one more mod that I NEED!!!!!! contractor" "Handrails. We forgot to pack handrails." "Hey great! We also can get these other cool doodads too if we hire Phoenix Industries to build and supply the handrails we need." "Ok... uh are we actually going to use them? Bob is getting mad at all the spare parts cluttering up the R and D department." "Who cares?!! We can sell them to Roskosmos if we have to."
  5. I didn't know I needed this. Now I know. This is the way
  6. Also happens with MechJeb windows. But this has happened with MJ since like KSP 0.x. Disconcerting when you don't know it happens, but you can plan for it. I am only just starting to use Atmospheric Autopilot, but I believe there is a setting that will allow you to hold course and altitute. Like I mentioned, I'm new to AtmoAuto. You can set MJ to hold your altitude and attitude also. Either one of those mods will allow you to gather your science without needing to constantly use the joystick.
  7. @MashAndBangers I tried to look at your log file, but apparently you need to enable access to it.
  8. Test launches with the ReDirect stack went well (other than my own piloting errors). Now I just need to learn how to use the actual arm, but that is a PEBKAC, and nothing to do witht the mod itself. @benjee10Thanks again for this mod.
  9. Another update regarding the KerboArm: Thanks to the snooping of the related threads (here, Servo Controller and Buffalo mods), and some advice from @Angel-125I have solved at least part of the issues with my wandering KerboArm. Again, in KSP 1.10.1 using the mods I listed a few posts ago, but with KJR-Next now added. It seems like KJR-Next is what solved a few issues. The "Payload Bay Longeron Attachment Point" (the thing I called the Shoulder Mount) no longer bounces all over the place when radially attached to the side of the Payload Bay (for instance, when using the Shuttle
  10. ooookkkkaaaayyyyy... @Angel-125 I am having the damndest time figuring out this Breaking Ground robotics stuff. Using KSP 1.10.1 Have the SOCK KerboArm in the SOCK shuttle (all dependancies). Also have Servo Controller. Installed the Kal-1000 onto the forward bulkhead of cargo bay. Axial and Pitch servos are locked via the RClick menu in the SPH. "Think" I got the parts locked in the Kal-1000 via the action group menu. Either in the SPH nor on the runway, I don't get any menus like what your show in your OP (first pick). While on the runway, I can individually se
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