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  1. @blackheart612 Thanks for the unexpected update! Looks like I get to revamp my KHC-6 Twin Kotter!! And create a possibly usable Sea Kotter!
  2. @AlphaMensae Just logged in and saw all of the notifications from this thread. Thanks!!!
  3. @AlphaMensae Just tried to open up the shuttle pad from the v2 dev in 1.3.1. It shows " *** Incompatible with this version of KSP *** " in the VAB Load craft menu. When trying to load it via the subassemblies menu, I get the following in a pop up: Loading Failed autoLOC_60002428 OK (button) It appears that all (?) of the parts are loading within the part menus, just not the fully assembled unit
  4. smotheredrun

    [1.4.x] Ultimate Shuttle IVA - 1.0!! Woop Woop!

    Since ASET/RPM are required, that should be a thing if memory serves. I didn't have Trajectories installed in one of my earliest saves, but had ASET/RPM and there was something matching your description in the landing tab. pretty sure anyways
  5. Yay! for the testing! The EWBCL (aka Super 25 aka Ascension aka the big one) does "fly" in 1.3.1, at least if you use the community patches (found in the OP). Aerodynamics changed a lot*, but between 1.2.x and 1.3.x the reaction wheels went bonkers. I ended up turning the sensitivity down to about 35% or something for roll control. Pitch and Yaw simply went out to lunch, but they brought back Snacks! and they're somewhat manageable now. * Understatement of the century, like saying the Black Plague was a minor discomfort
  6. Ok cool. Downloading it now. Good thing that it goes in another folder, I could see that causing gremlins if I placed it into the MLP folder. Thanks!
  7. @AlphaMensae I grabbed the dev build off of Git. Which KSP version(s) is it compatible with, and where should I put all of these folders?
  8. @Eskandare Firespitter is needed for some of the more minor things in the IVA like the control sticks. I am not exactly sure how they're integrated with FS, but that was the word from Nazari. I don't even know where to look for solutions, or even where they're tied in with FS, i.e. part of a config, or part of the actual 3d model
  9. @AlphaMensae , do I understand correctly that the Shuttle pad will only be for RSS, or will there be configs to make it work with stock KSP?
  10. Hm, I'll dig through my conversations with Nazari to check exactly which if any were connected with FS. I'll PM you when I'm done
  11. Just saw this.... Really starting to miss KSP.... make these sharks have freakin' lazers, and this will be an absolute hit!!
  12. @Eskandare, glad you're taking this up! As @shdwlrd mentioned, I do have a pack of patches sitting around somewhere; the caveat being that they're for 1.3.1... maybe even 1.2.2 - not sure. It's been so long since I've had time to play KSP, let alone tinker with the Super-25. The Dauntless (aka the Mini or whatever) has been so far on the back burner (never really used it, except for the odd story I never finished writing or video-ing) that I think the patches I have are for 1.2.2. Regarding Firespitter, per some discussion with Nazari1382, many if not all of the functioning switches and knobs in the flight decks/cabins of the different shuttles (maybe the station parts too?) are linked with Firespitter. To remove a Firespitter dependancy sounds like it would require a major re-kerjiggering of the flight decks/command capsules. For now, that type of work is well beyond my capabilities. Regarding the station parts, the only issue I personally had was the Advanced Large Solar Panels sometimes having the panel simply disappear after a while, with no observed damage to them. Sometimes they'd disappear after a few scene changes/vessel switching, or sometimes they'd disappear over time while on Time Warp. FYI, there has been nothing done with the ground vehicles since the Great Wheel Breakage of 1.1.3 or something. Wouldn't be surprised if using the vehicle wheels sends a user out to Jool or explodes the runway. If you want anything that's not already posted as an update by @Nazari1382 in the OP, please let me know. TBH, the biggest reason I haven't had any time for KSP is that what spare time I do have has been consumed with camping with the munchkin, building some equipment cases (and flying around in FSX Steam with my recently purchased 737NGX...) Yeah.. I fell for the buy the upgraded stuff instead of using the free stuff... sigh.... What's that saying? Oh yeah: "A fool and his money are soon parted". Well, at least I enjoy flying the thing
  13. Er... not yet? Not sure, it's been more than a month since I've played KSP. School and gigs really cut into playing time... EDIT: The first episode is, but I want to move it to a different channel... if that's even possible... youtube uploading is so new to me