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  1. Uhh, I didn't try it as is, I only have a recompiled version where I try to make paragliding work, so I encourage you to try latest released version and if it doesn't work, I'll quickly put a recompile (probably without paragliding at this moment)
  2. Thanks. I still hope to make some upgrades to it and proper 1.4.x release.
  3. Log and save file could help me find out the reason. FUR works just fine for me in 1.3.1.
  4. That's a really funny side effect Stabilizing is indeed a little magical flight and following landing. So far I can think only about disabling WST in career mode until those achievements get unlocked...
  5. @SwissSpace93, this link is enough, I'll take a look at it.
  6. You can ignore the AVC, but still please post the log file.
  7. I guess 1.3.1 version should work in 1.3.0 as well. If it doesn't - just let me know, I will rebuild it for 1.3.0 specifically.
  8. @Mark Kerbin, thanks, I'm quite aware of Stage Recovery and FMRS, even made a patch for it. I'm just not sure what is the best strategy here - auto-recovering of parachuted kerbals, auto-landing of them, or just putting the aircraft into circling pattern above parachuting kerbals. Problem is - the mod is not particularly popular, so getting a significant feedback of what is better is complicated. Right now I'm struggling with automatic parachute deployment, for some reason it doesn't work as I expected. I hope to fix it someway, make intermediate release and wait for any feedback...
  9. Replaced FixedJoint with ConfigurableJoint. FixedJoint often gave broken lock connection to parent part, I have no idea why, maybe because ConfigurableJoint is not rigid. Still sometimes lock breaks off of the part it is connected to. However, managed to make the craft two posts above able to survive scene load with locks engaged. Also, made this (lock survives towing back and forth): On GitHub --> 0.0.3
  10. Too fast. Locks break off of craft body when I switch to it, parked in front of SPH. It happened before, when I was using Active Struts for that purpose and I attributed it to tension in struts and/or IR actuators due to absence of internal colliders so the upper fairing could not simply rest on something. Now there should be something else, need to investigate and fix.
  11. Works good so far. However, still need to iron out failure modes, such as when the lock is broken and similar
  12. @Warezcrawler, in my opinion 1.4.0 was good enough, however other players reported there were some bugs that WorldStabilizer fixed. As of 1.4.3 - I have no idea, didn't try it yet - going to wait for reports to come.
  13. Put some lines of code after a while. Also, I started using this in my career game, so chances are I'll get it polished sooner. Got some models for rails and bumpers from Idel, kudos to him. Parts need some polishing, I didn't include them into this another alpha-pre-release, but at least I've got Action Groups working and fixed a bug when lock becomes inoperable after unlocking. On GitHub --> 0.0.2
  14. @RokkyRaccoon, this happened to me once with Procedural Wings. Too small wings resulted in negative mass and this made FAR mad. It was fixed since then, but you may hit some similar problem.
  15. Hmm, can't reproduce this, seems like the docking alone is not enough... Anyway, I'll put some safeguarding into that place. Also, of you have the complete log, I'd like to look at it. Ok, found it. Fix to follow.