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  1. [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Wow, that's sounds really exciting! IR is fantastic, but there's really much space for improvement. Can you please elaborate? The fact the joints behave like rubber also bugs me - they should not do so and I tried to tweak joint parameters to no avail. That's something I'm already doing, however I want to warn that enabling collisions en masse could be CPU-costly and not very convenient. I thought it would be more convenient if there would be a special part like placeholder for internal collisions.
  2. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Well, after looking into what's going on inside Pathfinder, it seems to me like overstretching if I'll try to address all possible cases in WS. If demand for this feature is worth addressing, maybe @Angel-125 could do something? WS sends out a pair of custom events, before starting keeping things from exploding and after everything has been done. Subscribing to this events can help re-activate drills.
  3. [1.3.1] Kerbal Konstructs - 1.3.1 - 10.02.2018

    Hmm, more like internal, but still of little help. As far as I remember, it was my PR where StaticObjectUpdate() was added. It might make sense to add StaticObjectSave() method that would be sent to statics when user has finished editing. I think if you make a PR for this, @Ger_space can add it to the KK core. Meanwhile maybe set up a coroutine for delayed update? Sort of overkill, but should work. Is the code you need to restart really that heavy?
  4. [1.3.1] Kerbal Konstructs - 1.3.1 - 10.02.2018

    Hey @Li0n, such module would be very nice to have in KK, don't let that stop you. All editor windows in KK inherit from KKWindow class and that class has method IsOpen(). So if you're interested only in the Instance Editor, you can check StaticsEditorGUI.instance.IsOpen(). Looking deeper into it, it seems that you should know what editor window you are interested in. There's a List<Action> openWindows in WindowManager class, but it's private.
  5. @Benjamin Kerman, sure, here you are: https://github.com/whale2/InnerLock
  6. Yes, they are two different PartModules, but locking without internal collisions is much less convenient. If your lock halves can pass through each other, proper alignment is much harder. But nevertheless it is technically possible to use them independently, maybe inter-vessel lock is a valid case. You're right, rails and bumpers are more like placeholders for intra-collisions, instead of having a toggle for each part. I'm not sure it worth attaching this module to every part, it clutters save file, RAM and part context menu, besides that intra-collision are somewhat CPU-costly. Additionally, I think as game physics changes here, visual identification of places where it behaves differently makes sense.
  7. Ok, so use-cases for proposed parts. First one is pretty straightforward. I once tried to find out why my IR-enabled machines often got wrecked after several pack-unpack cycles. The reason is - when the vessel is packed (for timewarp, leaving the scene, saving), first, joint position and rotation is recorded, then physics engine releases any strain applied to the joint. After that you exit timewarp or load the scene again, rotation restored to previously saved value and strain re-applied resulting in joint moving away from that recorded position. Here is the crane. Here I just entered and exited timewarp 5 times: Placing lock halves on the cabin and boom fixes this. And important note - this can't be fixed in any reasonable way in IR code. Current Unity does not expose forces and torques applied to the joint. Upcoming release will do that, but it probably will also break all the mods. Second use-case - I have this spaceplane with very spacious cargo bay, made out of Procedural Fairing halves. Upper half can be raised and lowered by IR-hinges, but when it is closed, it dangles like a jelly. I use Active Struts to hold it steady, but still halves can't be aligned nicely. Placing four locks there could fix it. Third - I have a sub-orbital hopper on the Mün that is being kept in the Hangar. To get to and out of hangar it uses some sort of detachable chassis. It was working as in the video below until latest KAS update. Of course, it can be redesigned for using a simple pair of docking ports, but if I put that rails on the chassis and bumpers on the hopper, no docking needed and the whole thing will be quite simple to operate. (Not blaming KAS, IgorZ made the right thing) And finally, enabling all internal collisions for particular part. While normally it would look like this:
  8. @kcs123, sorry, I was not clear enough - it requires patch to the C# code and recompile to my best knowledge, or "mod for the mod" - another C# code that would manipulate data within IR internals - not the best solution, actually. I'm not aware of any way to make it via MM-patch.
  9. Yes, lock halves must be aligned to connect, it's being checked in the code. Allowing internal collisions could be useful even standalone, like not letting stuff protrude out of cargo bay, but to have moving parts you really need to use IR. There is another potential use - docking without really merging ships together, pretty much the same that KAS magnets do, but in more reliable and controllable fashion. I've added the code for this, but not really tested it yet This looks like a good fit for the amazing parts from your PDF. I have several contraptions that could really benefit from those parts, and one of them needs rails and bumpers, I'll post later, when I get my hands on PC.
  10. Exposing those would require a patch for IR.
  11. Speaking of limiting angle of rotation, I expect to have a solution soon, though not directly through IR. I just need a little cooperation from modellers gang
  12. Just right-click on a tourist, there would be a button in the context menu.
  13. Just checked with my own base on Gilly. No violence and explosions, but harpoons sometimes not getting reattached. I suggest you to increase checkLandedTimeout in config file, seems like 10 second is not enough for Gilly. I'll add something like g-force modifier in future releases.
  14. Oh, that's nice! Not only I don't mind, but very much welcome that. Think I need these suits for my own game, I have about 12 tourists waiting their adventure, they would love taking selfies in shiny new suits Added the link to the main post as well.
  15. My guess it is because of mass tourism business model