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  1. Not really sure what helped but so far the combo of having AttachNode with PartJoint and additional ConfigurableJoint seems getting the job done. What I still don't is the rigidity of the joint - it still moves under pressure whatever other joint tweaks I try.
  2. Hey @Tidal Stream Thanks for keeping this mod alive. I've submitted an issue to GitHub, in two words - attempting to re-root vessel with new root being a part, surface-attached to procedural tank, hangs the game. https://github.com/Tidal-Stream/ProceduralParts/issues/15 Ping me if you need more details.
  3. This is rather niche mod and can be of interest if you make some complex contraptions with Infernal Robotics (both "Classic" and "Next", and note, "Classic" has an unofficial recompile for 1.6.1) and/or DockRotate or similar stuff with lots of moving parts. Infernal Robotics is infamous for its wobbly parts that also drift apart after time warp or scene change. This mod partly solves this issue by doing following things: - First, it allows internal collisions between certain parts, so if you stow one moving part against some base part, chances are fair that after time warp it will remain in the same place. - Second, it allow to create a joint between "lock halves", and it increases chances even more. - Third, by creating said joint it can enhance the stiffness of your contraption in general while allowing movements when this is necessary. In that this mod is akin to ActiveStruts, but with internal collision feature it also can enforce some fixed predefined position. Super-neat lock model was created by @ZodiusInfuser in his marvelous style of Infernal Robotics Model Rework. Some examples how this could be used: Models and textures licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Code and everything else licensed under MIT License Development Thread Source code Download from GitHub Download from SpaceDock Known issues: - When unlocking, sometimes lock halves go through each other, if you move them apart and back again, they will continue to work as before. - Lock in general is not super-strong, avoid hanging heavy stuff on it Bug reports are welcome as usual. Some more parts are planned for future - like rails and bogies that could slide on them. This could make stuff like telescopic ladders or gantries more stiff and robust. Bonus content: There's a patches.zip file on release page, extract it under GameData if you want internal collisions between stock trusses and most cargo bays, for instance, if you don't want stuff to protrude through cargo bay walls. Examples could be found in development thread.
  4. Confirming doesn't help much. Save file and log file do.
  5. Would you mind sending me a log file please?
  6. In fact, I tried not to create a ConfigurableJoint, but AttachmentNode instead and so far it seems to behave much better.
  7. While nothing's going on here, I took the courage and unofficially recompiled the current state of Infernal Robotics GitHub master branch for 1.6.1. At the first glance it just works. Try it, but no promises. InfernalRobotics.dll Install as usual and replace the .dll
  8. Update - on OS X it crashes the same way. No mods.
  9. So I loaded your save in 1.6.1 + Making History, however, didn't try it on OS X yet. Things are ridiculously weird even without World Stabilizer - when I undock the rover, one part of it starts flying through the rest of the vessel and when I cycle through other vessels back to MOM, that part is where it should be. If I try to undock it second time, game crashes. I'd suggest trying rebuild the vessel as it is now in VAB, hyperedit it to the Mün or spawn it there with Vessel Mover and see what's gonna happen - previous versions had a tendency to break part hierarchy when docking, though that happened rather seldom, may be here's the similar issue. BTW, do you feel you need WST at all? Stock game seems smooth enough.
  10. Too few details for any ideas. Could you please be more specific?
  11. Went briefly through your log file - it does not contain usual debug entries of WorldStabilizer at all - either the log didn't capture the moment of breakage or there's some other problem. I'll try to replicate it myself.
  12. I'll need a .craft file and log file of your game to reproduce and fix it.
  13. Quite a long ago I've starting writing a mod that implements locking between parts Link ZodiusInfuser even made a shiny model for the part. The mod sort of works, it creates ConfigurableJoint between lock parts and its behavior is reasonable, unless I try to load a scene where lock is engaged - the part joint (that one that connects the part to its parent) destroyed despite of having 'Unbreakable Joints' on. The lock joint is recreated when fired 'VesselGoOffRails', and part joint destroyed right after that. I feel like I'm missing something simple, but my experience is limited. Current code is here: https://github.com/whale2/InnerLock/tree/fsm , actual module code is this: https://github.com/whale2/InnerLock/blob/fsm/InnerLock/LockMechanism2.cs Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I use WST and Vessel Mover together - no problem so far.