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  1. For the record, WorldStabilizer 0.9.5 is out. Vessels just launched from Hangar are not "stabilized" anymore.
  2. I think RSS uses CC due to all the graphic content. I don't see this fix as hard dependency, rather as "recommended" thing - some people just don't care about stock runway either by not touching planes at all or using Kerbal Konstructs for runways , besides, though I don't know for sure, but can imagine if other rescaling mods might have similar issue with the stock runway. MIT license allows redistribution, so everything should be fine here. @Snark, there's no borrowed code in the few lines comprising this mod.
  3. So far vessels coming from Hangar appear to be stable enough, so in 0.9.5 such vessels are left alone.
  4. I'm happy this mod helps bringing the "no planes" era in RSS/RO to the end. I still have some ideas needed to be checked, ideally I want to make wheels touching the runway collider exactly where you would visually expect it - so far this is not the case. I need some time for it as every time I start my RSS/RO save I find myself fixing just another mod or long-standing issue, literally want to complete some launches and landings. Regarding integration - I believe core RO team is aware of this fix, they are just too busy with all other stuff (They're doing great work, but it's just so much of it). Perhaps if more voices are raised in RO thread, this might happen earlier, but anyway I think I should either succeed in bringing wheels where I want them to be or give up on this and advance the mod from WIP to release status. And now - where that mixing of MIT license with Creative Commons license comes from? I'm afraid I don't follow.
  5. Now everything should be set. Thanks again for keeping stuff in order.
  6. Will fix this later tonight, don't have my laptop with me. Don't want to mess with all that red-tape stuff in any way, thanks for pointing out.
  7. Oops, always keep forgetting this. (Hopefully ) fixed.
  8. It was initially compiled against 1.6.1, but it uses very basic API, so should work in most other versions too. Drop me a line if it doesn't for your particular version.
  9. Well, the mod is not incompatible per se, it doesn't use anything that can not be found in stock sized runway. However, for planes flipping upon loading better results might be achieved with this mod: As of wheels not visually touching the runway, or being sank into it - that's another issue, I'm trying to find some workaround for it as well.
  10. Fixed log spam and made proper .zip https://github.com/whale2/RSSRunwayFix/releases/tag/0.0.1
  11. Update 0.1.1 Default config for lock disabled locking between different vessels, now it is enabledLock alignment is honored in a more strict waySome minor in-editor button bugs fixedLocks parts now should be of equal scale to work https://github.com/whale2/InnerLock/releases/tag/0.1.1
  12. @bcqJC I'd appreciate if you send me a save file where you have issues with WorldStabilizer.
  13. WorldStabilizer was tested with Hangar, but that was quite a long ago. Maybe needs an update.
  14. Well, it could be indeed involved. When I wrote WS mod, I actively used Hangar too and it seemed to work for me, however it was in the times of 1.3.1, since then I didn't really touch anything. When the vessel is "launched" from hangar it is being picked up by WS and I can imagine if the space is really tight, things may go wrong. My hangars were usually huge. Also I didn't test for upside down hangar, but some of my hangars were placed on the side. In general, I need to test the whole combo again - recent KSP version vs recent Hangar version. Additionally, there's new KAS/KIS around and probably support for old one is not compatible with the new. TBH, I wish there would be no need for WS at all, but I wish a lot and not all my wishes come true.