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  1. TBH, I didn't test it in this situation, but it is unlikely. The mod works only few seconds after the scene is loaded - i.e. when you click "launch" or load a save. After that it does nothing - so if you are more than few seconds into the flight - this must be something else.
  2. Cool, thanks. I'll review the changes soon-ish. Sorry, with current stuff happening around me can't promise more
  3. Let's say, it filters the data more aggressively. More elaborate explanation will dive into how Unity works.
  4. WorldStabilizer is indeed recommended band-aid for OPT. OPT has some parts with apparently wrong colliders that make the game think that vessel is about 1km height hence spawning it 1 km up in the air. This mod determines vessel dimensions differently and places the vessel according to its own calculations.
  5. No idea, sorry. I didn't touch this mod for quite a while - it seems it didn't get any significant interest. However, it has a chance to work even in 1.10 - just try it. No, should be fine without TweakScale too.
  6. This mod is truly fantastic. Kudos for it. Is there a way to make upper and lower width different (sort of trapezoid form)? Can't I just find a proper gizmo or is it not implemented?
  7. Ok, 0.5.2 is out. Now to unlock skydiving contracts you must BUZZ THE TOWER first! Those contracts still could be disabled via config file. I feel too lazy to make a GUI for it, sorry. Mod now is normally disabled on non-career mode, but if you really need it - you can forcefully enable it in config. (See changelog) Also other celestial bodies are available for skydiving.
  8. Thanks, I can fix it, no problem. TBH, I never tested it in sandbox - this mod doesn't make sense in sandbox at all, I'll probably just disable it. @HansAcker - I'll see what I can do with skydiving.
  9. RO is an exception. It has configs that modify stock wheels when KSPWheel is present.
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