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  1. This mod is truly fantastic. Kudos for it. Is there a way to make upper and lower width different (sort of trapezoid form)? Can't I just find a proper gizmo or is it not implemented?
  2. Ok, 0.5.2 is out. Now to unlock skydiving contracts you must BUZZ THE TOWER first! Those contracts still could be disabled via config file. I feel too lazy to make a GUI for it, sorry. Mod now is normally disabled on non-career mode, but if you really need it - you can forcefully enable it in config. (See changelog) Also other celestial bodies are available for skydiving.
  3. Thanks, I can fix it, no problem. TBH, I never tested it in sandbox - this mod doesn't make sense in sandbox at all, I'll probably just disable it. @HansAcker - I'll see what I can do with skydiving.
  4. RO is an exception. It has configs that modify stock wheels when KSPWheel is present.
  5. I do it the following way - remap controls, so you can control steerable wheel separately from the rudder. (Ideally have rudder controlled by a joystick). Use wheel control when the speed is low, use rudder when going fast. This way you are less likely to oversteer.
  6. So, finally, updated to recent KSP versions. Also added SkyDiving contracts - started when 1.4 got released, but was distracted by lots of other stuff. Now you can pack your aircraft with some kerbals and throw them out from the sky - they will let the hold themselves and parachute will be automatically opened in 5 sec. Skydiving kerbals are taught to keep horizontal speed around 10 m/s which is quite survivable for them, however, don't leave them alone, circle around in your aircraft or hang around in your helicopter - if you fly away too far, the game will decide that they don't deserve a safe landing, so try to keep them within 10-12 km. I seriously suggest getting AtmosphereAutopilot - it makes switching between the aircraft and paragliders possible without suddenly plummeting into the ground. Some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ts88Dyz Grab the latest version here: Release on GitHub
  7. Updating for 1.8 was a no-brainer. I even managed to safely paraglide dozen of tourists. I just need to make tourists who booked paragliding contracts able to EVA while in the air. Fairly easy, but not done yet.
  8. FAR should account for this. Stock game - seems like not.
  9. It could happen if the part just in front of the Raptors has incorrect drag cubes. I have few space planes with Raptors that could re-enter without any serious problem and once I had that engine overheat issue, but the reason was as I said before - incorrectly set part drag cubes.