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  1. Not an immediate fix available. File an issue at the KK Github, so I don't forget about that when I'm reworking that part of code in the future.
  2. Thats sadly a Limitation of KSP, that you can only recover a vessel on the homeworld… Maybe I can add a recover vessel function in the KK sidebotton, but I make no promises.
  3. I don't think you can press the recovery button while bering offworld. Anf if you can, it will probably crash KK. What is excatly the Problem you see?
  4. Galileo just implemented to bases to be all open, when he created then. Is for historical reasons, when he used ksc switcher before for other launch locations
  5. Yes bases get unloaded when you are a bit away, so you save performance. The habe would be unplayable when i don't do that.
  6. No, because it would be more tideous.
  7. Ger_space

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Creating buildings would have created the folder. But I'll put it on the to do list
  8. Ger_space

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Can you create the folder manually? And try again. I don't know if I ported the fix for that to the 1.2 branch.
  9. Ger_space

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    I only use the unity game object scaling. I think the source of the problem is that the tm runway doesn't use a single big runway collider ( Which it should do) Then you would only see the gaps in the paintings, but you drive magically above it. Please contact the creator of the asset, either he can create a single collider or move the vertexes closer together
  10. It's in the facility editor. When you make a building a tracking station, you can enter it's range.
  11. maybe you have set the tracking range to 0? Then the tracking station is filtered out.
  12. The error itself is harmless. It's a destructible building that's complaining that's there is no SpaceCenter object above it. This should be fixed in my side kind ago, so which versions do you use?
  13. There are ways to do that, but it's not allowed under the license he (Alpha Ash) used. Art assets are often under AAR ( all rights reserved) license, because it's too easy to use them elsewhere. My skills in 3d modeling are pretty basic only and I don't have the patience for it to create good looking assets.
  14. The problem is: I never made these bases, I only got the permission to distribute them when I took over kerbal konstructs. I don't have the original 3d assets and now some statics need to be repaired, what I cannot do.
  15. Use Kerbin-side remastered for quality launchsites This mod will only provide the tools ( for compatibility and license reasons) There is no technical limit that restricts this mod to Kerbin, but until recently there was no way to build something on other planets in a non cheating way. Even then the launch should a rocket built on duna cost the same like one build on Kerbin?