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  1. I guess not, because I compiled it against ksp 1.8 I'll make a universal release of it in the next few days.
  2. I made a new release for it: Now it should display the vessels correctly
  3. I'm working on it, but it requires a bit more code than I was able to create.
  4. KSCVessels This small Mod just displays the Ships that are around the KSC on when you are at KSC Screen. Download: It's totally not needed, but it looks nicer than before. But don't look too closely. License: MIT
  5. while you are hacking the shaders, it would be very cool if you could add random tiling to the terrain-HQ shader, so the textures don't look that repeated. for ideas how to implemt that: Or at least have the terrain shader included into the parttools or have at least the parameters described, so the modding community can create a replacement version for those who want random repeated textures.
  6. the colors had to be adjusted to be consistent with the KSC. I tried my best to match the old colors, but it was not always possible. to edit the grass color you select the static and then press the following button: which module are you using? the legacy GrasColor or the new GrassColor2? the later one is a bit experimental, at least in the last official release. You might want to download the shader-bundles from github, to get the latest version.
  7. I don't know that. I took over by accident when KSP 1.2 was released. But in the beginning it was called Kerbin-City.
  8. if you look at the editor on the right side: there is a variant switching button: default Variant: without planes: So yes, it's possible, But I need some time to patch the Code, so I don't break other mods, that use the feature.
  9. KSC-switch is compatible with KK, but it moves the whole KSC to a new location, while KK places new buildings and doesn't touch the KSC. So both let you launch from everywhere, but KK might look better, when you setup everything in the correct way. Basic use of KK: 1. fly (hyperedit) a vessel to the location where you want a base. 2. open the editor (ctrl + k) 3. optional step: alter the terrain with a PQSMapDecal 3. start placing a object called groupCenter 4. place buildings the way you want. 5. make a building a launchSite Back to the topic: I found a small problem between the variant switching and the Wenchang object. I need to patch Kerbal Konstructs to make it work. (there are whiteSpace chars in the Plane names, that makes it hard for me to filter them out. But at least one I got out.
  10. I'll make a new .cfg for it in the next few days. I havn't looked at the asset for quite some time, but Kerbal Konstructs now has the ability to alter assets (variant switching) If you want to remove it by yourself: and you need the debug Stuff mod to identify the gameObjects for the J-20. Ohh, looks like I can edit the grass aswell and make the grass color switchable
  11. A warning to everyone: If you hav stored some vessels stored in a Hangar, then it's time to get them out. The next release of Kerbal-Konstructs will rework the hangars and old vessels might show up above each other, as they are no longer stored.
  12. Thanks for the report: I will fix that. There are sometimes test releases I distribute to friends, that don't make a public release, because they contain unfinished or barely tested code. The build process updated the .version file and then, by accident, I publish that to github. Then AVC sees it and complains about a update. Releasing the last update makes no sense for everyone, because the changes are currently only interesting to a few modders, who want to update some bases. But before they are finished, there will be a new release of KK, so everything plays nicely together.
  13. These errors are normal and by design, because the 3d models don't distribute any textures, but reuse existing ones from the KSC. (legal any memory reasons). the floating wind turbine is nothing I can comment, because this mod does not touch anything there. I guess it might be your graphic settings being not at max, so the terrain gets a bit funky. This is all stock KSP.
  14. It's only that other mods need the assemblies (.dll files) to be loaded without errors and will fail to work correctly if something will go wrong. But then we have the situation that modders get flooded with false bugreports. "Your mod failed", yes it did but only because another mod is not released for 1.8 yet and people still use it. This can be very frustrating and annoying for the mod owner and I can totally agree with Sarbians approach in handling the situation. Pro-Tip: If you want to use this mod: Compile it for KSP 1.8. Visual studio is free. If something needs changed. Change it and submit a bugreport to ShadowMage and send a pull request or a .diff file just explain what you changed to make it work. My guess: It only needs a recompile against the now split unity references. then also the dust will work again. Bonus points for posting a link here in this thread to your compiled binary if its working without issues. There is no need to blame the people that work several hours a week for free to create mods. If I had time to play KSP I would have posted an update already, but I'm busy enough coding on my other projects.
  15. The rotation is set to internally 0. That translates depending on the location to a heading of 15 degree. Mapdecals need a minimum size. Before that they are not doing anything. That is something I cannot change, this is how ksp works.