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  1. Don't use mods that to mess with texture compression. This turns small icons black. There is nothing I can do.
  2. You should not edit configuration like this. You are missing the section for the facility. Set the entry to none and edit the statics with the kk editor. KK crashed on startup, because the configuration ims in a state that normally should have never existed
  3. RecoveryBase is a facitlity Type, its independant of a LaunchSite.
  4. Ger_space

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    KK extracts the gameObject (3d model) that is defined as the model for a lv1 runway at each startup. Even there are changes to the model, there will be a reference to it with the same name.
  5. KK soon has a toy to play around with: Its the level 3 tracking station dish, now available seperatly. (fully animated) . The dishes at the lv2 tracking station are now also animated.
  6. Hmm Are you sure the node you add contains the data you want? What is in the SaveGames after you launched a vessel?
  7. In OnSave you have to save your vaiables and in Onload you have to load them. KSP will not do this for you (I think in Partmodules this can be automated). Here you have to do all the dirty work by yourself. The base.OnSave() will not do anything usefull.
  8. Ger_space

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    I found it: [EXC 15:22:19.359] UnityException: Texture 'KerbalKonstructs/MapDecalMaps/AllBlack' is not readable, the texture memory can not be accessed from scripts. You can make the texture readable in the Texture Import Settings. UnityEngine.Texture2D.GetPixels32 () MapSO.CreateGreyscaleFromRGB (UnityEngine.Texture2D tex) MapSO.CreateMap (MapDepth depth, UnityEngine.Texture2D tex) KerbalKonstructs.Core.ConfigParser.LoadAllMapDecalMaps () KerbalKonstructs.KerbalKonstructs.Awake () UnityEngine.GameObject:AddComponent(Type) AddonLoader:StartAddon(LoadedAssembly, Type, KSPAddon, Startup) AddonLoader:StartAddons(Startup) AddonLoader:OnLevelLoaded(Int32) AddonLoader:OnSceneLoaded(Scene, LoadSceneMode) UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SceneManager:Internal_SceneLoaded(Scene, LoadSceneMode) this error comes from a too slow computer... (or too many mods) I cannot reprodice it, but I hope I can fix it: Explaination: Unity forbids access to image bytecode to all images in the GameDatabase after a few minutes runtime. When KK is not loaded by then, it crashes. I now read the images from disk by bytestream and then KK can access them. (Backport of a fix for KSP1.4)
  9. Ohh, they have the same problem? I never checked it, I was busy on other things... I will check the LV2 ones and extract the model of the LV3 for separate placement (as they are truely uniqe).
  10. Here is a new release for KSP 1.4.5 New Features You can visualize all recovery bases in the mapvew, so its easier to aim for one. (even the new recovery-only facilities) The both dishes for of the lv1 tracking station are now animated BugFixes Put the sound cube collider into a different layer, so it doesn't interfere with KSP 1.4.X anymore. For Modders New Feature: static objects can be savegame persistent. (only in the game they are spawned, and saved in the persistance .sfs New Feature: a "reduced feature set" statics editor, which can be called through a API call. New Feature: Some API Calls for adding and removing Statics, which a saved in the persistance sfs New Feature: StaticModels can be hidden from the normal editor with isHidden = true in the model .cfg New Feature: New Facility type: RecoveryBase: Make a static a base for vessel recovery. No launchSite needed (think of a SpaceX Barge, you land there, you get 100% return) @damonvv you might like this BugFix: AdracedTexture: Material replacement now works correctly on multiple transforms. Added two water-surface statics. one round, one square. (FBX included) internal All statics have now a unique ID, that is used when saving and loading persistance information. This speeds up level KK related scene loading times by 50% Basically its the + the animated tracking dishes, two ready to use water surfaces and a proper icon for recovery bases.
  11. Oh Sorry, As soon I have a nice Icon for indicating Vessel-Recovery-Facilities I will release 1.4.5. Thats all what is holding me back. I guess I will have that release by tomorrow.
  12. Here we go: A small maintainance Release for KSP 1.3.1 Changes: Advanced Textures: Fixed the Material Replacer Added some Watersurface Assets Animate the Lv1 tracking station dishes
  13. Consider it done. Some small refinements on the angles, then they are moving as every other dish out there. That I actually could back port to 1.3.1, is only a few lines of code.
  14. How about animating the existing lv1 dishes? That i managed to Implement right now.
  15. You know that there is a pinned thread in this subforum: how to get support? Also the had been several people with the same problem ( wrong ksp version)