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  1. I'm sorry, but for now there is not much going on on regards of mod development. RL is keeping me busy and my gaming notebook is covered with dust. Integration with Krash is not planned anytime soon, at least from my side. I think that should be something done by Krash itself, not KK. I have all the functions available, so a mod could check the launchsites, but thanks to the Making History paywall, there is never a easy way for mods to support multiple launchsites without requiring the DLC.
  2. you are right, it is the diameter, not the radius
  3. c# code. then you scan for the objects and then you can remove the tag... You need to write a mod for that and some knowledge what unity tags are.
  4. The mod could be theoretically be used without KK, thats why its not in the KK folder.
  5. Hi everyone, just on a short heads-up: I have quite some challenges (only good ones, but still time consuming and mentally exhausting) so I am going not to be that active in the next week/month to come. If someone wants to step up and take over this mod, I'll not be offended by it, but my time coding is quite limited.
  6. yeah, its one of the corner cases, where I cannot get some internal resources, because Kerbin got changed. When a mod uses these, then there is some unforseen error.
  7. now I can dump fuel on some schools before landing my overweight planes... can we get some schools? Nice to have this, but really bad timing for an announcement.
  8. this mod is for parts and not for statics of KK. Kerbal Konstructs has its own mechanism to load internal textures (which actually came first and then the mod for parts)
  9. you have to add a facility (type: recovery site) to it.
  10. Kerbal Konstructs is nothing for low-end Systems. To test, just delete the mod folders out of the GameData Folder When you create a launchSite, then you have to restart KSP to use it. There is a nice KK-button in the SPH and VAB to select the site you created.
  11. I don't know, but the latest version released is no longer supported for KSP 1.7.X and I can't support it anytime soon again. If this problem persists when Kopernicus 1.8.X is released, then open a report on github, so it doesn't get lost. there have been some changes between 1.7 and 1.8, that could affect this.
  12. A new release ahead of the things that might come in the future: Changes new Hangar module you can store vessels and the crew is recovered automatically you can assign crew to stored vessels and launch them from the KSC menu. Other statics should be less bumpy after a scene switch SpaceCenters are no longer focused when they are not on the Homeword. This feature will come back when it is properbly implemented The KSC FuelTank is now visible again. The LaunchSites are now sorted: 1. Group 2. Name Changes for modders support for custom launchpad smoke emitters (either Unity ParticleSystem or KSPParticleEmitter) GrasColor: Normal Maps are precalculated and cached unter PluginData GrassColor2: Multicolor Blendmasks allow blending of up to four textures (including alpha channel and mix) ( for example: grass + concrete + (worn) white stripes + dirt roads) This is like a light version of substance painter. The GrassColor2 editor supports these changes GrassColor2 : Normal Maps for each Texture are precalculated and cached unter PluginData. Only NearGrass receives those from the FarGrass (which looks better that way) GrassEditor: You can convert any texture to grayscale, so some are more usefull now. AnimateOnSunrise: Rewrote it to be less error prone. AdvancedTextures: you can define the color of a mesh with the _Color parameter Variant switching: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle PadSmoke: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle AdvancedTextures: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle PadSmoke: You can select your smoke type exports are now written as ,zip files and no longer as .tar
  13. a little bit. some runways are toxic and your planes will explode on contact. Not much I can do about it.
  14. I guess not, because I compiled it against ksp 1.8 I'll make a universal release of it in the next few days.
  15. I made a new release for it: Now it should display the vessels correctly