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  1. No. 1. You cannot legally distribute KSP2 assets, 2. Even if you had the original assets, chances are high, that they use Adobe Substance for texturing (as they use for the parts) and that you cannot use in KSP1
  2. What should KK do, to make it right? I only set a flag for a basic map decal and KSP removes the scatters there. Most modders just used a simple black mapDecal for making a flat area, which makes somewhat sense.
  3. This are basic KSP code, as I don't add them directly. people wanted destructable buildings and this is what happens when you get it. The performance impact should be neglectable and only visible on a scene switch.
  4. I'll have a check when I'm back home in an week from now. I'm still alive and kicking, only RL is taking all modding time. Right now I'm far away from any ksp capable computer in sight. Jetlag will be horrible, so I I guess in 7-8 days from now I should have something working. At least when squad didn't kill this mod with an update.
  5. Not in an easy way. Editing the configs manually and replace the grassColor values is probably faster than going through the editor ingame. So the worklflow is like... Pick a color code ingame, write that down, then close ksp and edits the configs.
  6. surface colors and textures are a bit complicated. it is stored in the shader of the surface PQS quad. Also the coloring is done by a triplanar shader with height information. I didn't found a way to get the exact height color from a position, except using a cam that takes a picture of the surface below. Also note: normal surface shaders combine textures and colors differently than what some the KSP surface shaders do, even when you get the textures and right color values, the result could be much to dark.
  7. @theJesuit If I remember correctly it's addon:eva:move("up") (or "down") on a ladder.
  8. greyscale maps work within KK, you can place them as PQSMapDecals some documentation how this works Then use the KK editor in PQS mode to place them. Axial Tilt: Tilt'em This was done by placing greyscale (and color) maps onto kerbin...
  9. these textures are only useful for people who wish to create their own static 3d-models and then use the original KSP textures. within KK there is no way you can replace them, as this is not my concern. (KK loads new objects and gives them stock KSP textures, if this is in their config. Omega and Damon use that in their assets, to give them the KSC look and feel and reduce memory load (no custom textures needed)
  10. I really love, that yo picked up the mods and a big sorry for the code quality of the addons. These where my first steps in c# and mod development after all.
  11. I'm sorry, but for now there is not much going on on regards of mod development. RL is keeping me busy and my gaming notebook is covered with dust. Integration with Krash is not planned anytime soon, at least from my side. I think that should be something done by Krash itself, not KK. I have all the functions available, so a mod could check the launchsites, but thanks to the Making History paywall, there is never a easy way for mods to support multiple launchsites without requiring the DLC.
  12. c# code. then you scan for the objects and then you can remove the tag... You need to write a mod for that and some knowledge what unity tags are.
  13. The mod could be theoretically be used without KK, thats why its not in the KK folder.
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