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  1. it will move all statics in that group, but why you just don't copy the KSC-Builtin statics to a new group? Much faster then messing up the original install.
  2. How about the normal game settings? Press escape...
  3. For now you have to buy workers in nearby apartments. Then you can assign them to the factories. This might change in the future.
  4. Then they should not select the "focus last launchsite" option in the KK settings. also there are buttons on the button left of the screens that should be working. If they don't show up, then your planet pack doesn't define the home planet correctly.
  5. That's not (yet) possible. I was digging into this, but it's not that easy to implement. The current implementation of microbiomes are hard coded into ksp, nothing you can easily change or extend, because it's a limitation of unity that you cannot create new game object tags during runtime. ( You can only assign existing ones)
  6. There is a altitude parameter and a reference section ( so either altitude above sea level or altitude above ground) what else you might need?
  7. A small update to make @damonvv happy: this release fixes the LaunchPad smoke.
  8. You should be able to alter the shader with a cfg patch and my advanced textures mod. With that mod you can replace the shader on existing models without any need to edit them. I don't have time in the moment to look into that, but it should be easy.
  9. OK I've broken the latest release, so here is a update: Only change is: Custom LaunchSites work again... I must have messed up some dev-code in the latest build...
  10. one bonuspoint for a complete log. Here is a update that should fix your issue:
  11. can you please test this release of KK? This should fix the issue.
  12. Yes, make a proper bug report and then post your logfile. only by the symptoms I cannot say what's going on.
  13. there are some challenges, like: 1. The Buildings which are places by the editor are persistent between savegames. This is only a tool for modders. 2. Balancing: I am really bad at this. What is a building worth? I don't know. When a Rocket costs 20k, then a airbase cannot cost much more... I don't know what is considered "fun". I would rather use resources than plain money. 3. there is a API for savegame only buildings, but only one modder picked it up (Pathfinder) My current ToDo: Rework the current featureset of the editor into a less resource hungry UI system and less screen clutter fix some GamePlay elements UI, because the option "you can only open bases when you are near" is hard to play new feature: Upgradeable Buildings new feature: Multiple SpawnPoints for one LaunchSite Rework: Hangars, Research & Office mechanics Fix/Rework the AirRace. Currently you cannot create new ones and maybe the current ones could be broken. Rework: Navigation and landing aid systems. better integration into the MH expansion features. And this is just the current list of things that I consider I that could and should be done. I do work at a full time job, so my time modding each day is limited, and many of this needs new UI, so its going to be very slow progress.
  14. Not really, I would be happy so throw away all no longer needed code and I would have more time to play the game than spending all nights modding.
  15. So as noone complained about the latest Test-build, I'm now officially release it. Changes rework the spawn and despawn logic once more: now all buildings are only spawned when they are within the visiblility range. they are despawned when going out of range and not only disabled. This should reduce the memory consumpion of setups with many statics. Anomalies will no longer show up with _PQS on the SCANSat scanners ###mostly for modders groups are saved by thier coodinates and not some magic vector. group use in thier config now a "heading from north" for thier rotations and no longer a internal rotation value. editor: you can enter some of the values of the groupeditor directly editor: Selecting the same group two times in a row will no longer lose the focus of the camera. editor the exports are now written in directories with the timestamp.