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  1. You don't like the spacegulls? I think Galileo placed the seagulls to close to the SpaceCenter and the map view suddenly teleports the camera near to it. ( But I have no idea) ksp is sometimes wired. I could to a workaround, so the sound is paused when the map is open. About the volume adjust. I only use unity functions, if they don't work, I'm out of ideas. I'll not start and write my own.
  2. I don't change the warp to next morning button in the tracking station. only the one in the SpaceCenter... Maybe thats why I was always seeing the sun, and thought it was ok. I would need to test this further, but I get some unknows science reading. (I don't think splashed down at the KSC is something that was considered possible)
  3. can you please test this build, if the kerbals can now sleep a bit longer? This is what im currently working on... (from an early build) now the water looks like this and its animated like real water. This is real KSP water, all normal water physics apply. Maybe someone has some use for it. Also the facilities in the Spacecenter view will not open when a window is open and Additional KSC Buildings now turn off thier lights during day.
  4. You see that within KK? Cool :-) the Problem is, that I don't have the new LaunchPads setup propably. I need to search for them and add the SpawnPoint config in Code.
  5. ´choose an other object, that can be made a launchSite. A LaunchSite needs to have a Parameter defined. Not all models have a spawnpoint transform.
  6. I'll try to fix this behavior somehow, I have no idea how, but I guess there is a way to do it. Found it, and in the next release, the click-through will be gone.
  7. I'll make a new build, maybe it will be then better and kerbal can sleep longer again
  8. I think all configurations below the main bases and ground control folders
  9. Why it wasn't an issue on my system... I can try to check that again, because I can't reproduce that issue directly. ( On my install it looked fine) I'll change the calculation I. The other direction. What ksp version are you using?
  10. The last time I tested it it worked without problems : ksp 1.3.1 But I have no idea what you are using, that's makes guessing a bit hard. Maybe I should distribute a backdoor with kk, so I can get the log files on my own. No logs -> I cannot help
  11. on the first few this looks like broken memory in the grafik card
  12. A new BugFix release for KSP1.4.3 and updates to KSP1.3.1 & KSP1.2.2 is released: KSP 1.4.3 Changes: fix wreck spawning on stock buildings less explosing vessels with the PQS editor Set warp to next morning a bit later on Kopernikus planets KSP 1.3.1 KSP1.2.2 These Version no longer contain the old Example bases, so they are compatible with Kerbin Side Remastered @AdmiralTigerclaw , you might want to use this @ThiccRocketScientist KSP wrecks are back @Galileo Kerbals sleep now longer. I'm currently not aware of any game braking bugs, so I'll make a release of Kerbin-Side (classic) , so its better compaitble with rescaled planets.
  13. I know that the stock LaunchSites are missing in the KK launchsite selector. That something I'll add later, when I have some more time. Right now I'm still fixing bugs. hmm intresting, you really want your kerbals sleeping longer for a few minutes. I can try to change that. I'll put that in my todo list, but I have no idea why this is happening if I can fix this.
  14. Ger_space

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    1.2.2 should be fine, the building at the remote site are never upgraded, because they are lv1 on purpose. The only "problem" is that you need to delete the "Statics" folder out of "GameData/KerbalKonstructs/" I'l update 1.2.2 one more time, but I don't know when. the stock KSC buildings are now not havong any rubles? that odd, because that should not happen to them. The new building should not be destructable, if they are I'm surprised. I've not got any bugreports of that issue anywhere. yes, as soon I've got the most annoying bug out of the release.
  15. Hast du mal ganz unten in der Liste nachgeschaut? The stock launchsites are normally hidden below the kk sites. It's a thing how they are setup.