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  1. I think I found the issue, it's kk crashing during startup, that leaves done halve initialized artifacts behind.
  2. ok I'm finally home and with a clean install I see the problems now. Strange that I did't have the problems while testing. I will try to fix the issied asap
  3. Then ckan f... It up. The package is stand alone. Could you please delete the directories from your install and install the mods manually? I just want to know if the problem persists, or if something else is happening
  4. How did you install the mods? Manually or with ckan? I'm confused, why I don't have the problems. You should not install Kerbin side core together with Kerbin-side side complete.
  5. Then try to delete distant object enhancements
  6. Then you should deactivate the. "Make other things than parts visible " option. This messes up kerbal konstructs. You also should delete the old installs and reinstall the mods.
  7. You use the distant object enhancements mod? Because I cannot reproduce the issues Basically it's objects that a spawned at the zero position ( what they never should do anyway) But some mod apparently sets everything actually active and visible, and that is really strange.
  8. Please use the latest version of Kerbin side. Then the strange behavior should be gone.
  9. Can you please delete and reinstall the mod? I can not reproduce the the issue.
  10. it should be compatible, But I have not tested it lately, I never saw any errors coming up.
  11. I updates Kerbin-Side complete: Changes: * updated the carrier static to a new model by @SpannerMonkey(smce) * Fixed the carrier launchSites
  12. I uploaded the Kerbin-Side release.
  13. ohhh that where it went but not exactly the surprise I had in mind. I'll make a new release if Kerbin-Side and bring the carries back where they belong.
  14. Ger_space

    [1.3.x] Kerbin Side GAP

    This is a bug within Kerbin-Side itself. Nothing I can fix, because I don't have the original meshes. I cannot fix it with Kerbal-Konstructs with any c# black magic. On the good side: Kerbin-Side Remastered + the extra airports package are activly developed and I hope they will continue to work with this mod.
  15. Not really. The building upgrades are not exactly easy to implement. and messing KSC buildings is really messy.