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  1. No I don't think so. This issue is more complicated. This has something to do with the underwater fog and that I didn't touch.
  2. Not really. happens this without scatterer, because the reflective shader normally doesn't affect the terrain.
  3. Restarting KSP :-) Sorry but new Launchsites Need a hard restart of the Game, because the initialization is pretty complicated and removing and reading them will crash the game, which is more worse than just needing a restart.
  4. For a specular map you need a custom shader which supports them and make TRR support this. Currently the shader of TRR has reflectivity on its diffuse (Color) map Alpha channel and transparancy on the emissive map Alpha channel. so the two Basic maps are used up. (normal map Alpha cannot be used, because of unity packing format) You could request the Addition of a third map to TRR or a different shader, which uses the Alpha channel of the emissive map for the specular Information (but will be never transparent)
  5. I think there was once such a feature, but it I broke it so I removed it. So you have to manually copy all cfg files by hand (newly placed configs are in the NewInstances Folder), if you edited already placed models, you have to copy them by hand.
  6. Sorry, but it looks like you hand an plugin called LoadingScreenManager which throws some errors, because it doesn't find its configs. perhaps there is the problem. Kerbal Konstructs 1.1.0 doesn't have any logic that was able to disable the loading buttons (this changed with the latest beta as I produced a bug like that during the development), but the log is clear. (except some complaining about the default configs not finding kerbin, but this es expected, as you use GPP.
  7. C Uf you want to use the stock ground stations, then disable the CommNet support in the Kerbal konstructs settings.
  8. You can edit the.cfg by hand and add the LaunchSite definition by manually. The error is bad and I have no idea why you get this. Looks like something is missing in the LaunchSite definition... Like the name or something like that.
  9. To get a nice chrome effect, simply texture the craft in a grey color and set the Alpha channel to 1 (fully transparent) The shader is not 100% physically correct (chrome should be black with a pbr shader) but you should be pretty close. You will need some nice normal maps on the model, so you don't have hard edges.
  10. you cannot launch from the other places without using a spawn marker to setup the launchsite. Placing the objects un a resized planed will work, but resizing the planet after placement is a no-go.
  11. can you please test the latest beta of kerbal-konstructs? I tested a new persistence model and I hope it should fix it. The only "problem" is, that the the current state of all bases gets resetten again, because I did't found a way to make both variants work with each other. you can use alt+f12 to give you the lost money back. This should really be the last time the savegame format changes and I now use a different strategy to save the state (and I don't reset the state on a scene switch anymore, only on loading a savegame) I'll have a look at it, when I'm back at my notebook. The CommNet implementation could be a bit funky. Adding an removing groundstations sometimes killed CommNet for me, but I never could saw a pattern. I hope, that with the next release of KK the problems are less prominent. But I'm pretty much stuck, until there is a new version of RemoteTech, which uses the CommNet infratructure as a base. (so I can have a look how implement this)
  12. Looks like the emissive map contains some alpha value. The shader will then make this areas transparent. It is not the main texture but the emissive texture map which must me adjusted.
  13. Hi, I made a quick prerelease for those who are brave enought to test this: Changes since the last beta: A new addon for supporting NavUtils: All runways can now be flaged to generate the proper config, so they show up in navutils. Thanks to @whale_2 for writing this. Bugfix: Squad anomalies (like CommNet dishes) should now show up more than once, after KSP got restarted. BugFix: placed Squad KSC models create less errors are KSP restarted I rewrote the persistence handling once again. All launchsites are now closed again, but should stay open for all players. please test this, as I couldn't reproduce the errors. some stuff I'm working on but what is totally untested. (shader and texture replacement for staticmodels) Bugreports are welcome.
  14. .There is no real need for creating new buildings, except if you want something special. Kerbal Konstrukts can place new instances of the stock KSP buidings (Tier 1, 2, ) KSP2, and KSP island runway. This should give you enougth to create some new bases. I'm also in the progress of slowly recreating all of AlphaAshs assets unter a Free License so they can be redistributed freely, but my time is limited so progress is slow.
  15. OK The truth is I'm surprised, that the dished showed up anyway :-) I think I fixed the CommNet dishes and some other anomalies.