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  1. Just a quick heads up, I'm going to be more or less offline for the next three weeks. This means no Bugfixes or feature requests in that time. Second week of march i can pick up modding again.
  2. Ger_space

    Is it possible to remove KSC biomes?

    Yes, you have to remove the unity game object tags from the buildings.
  3. After some checking: The custom recovery code is only active in career games. As this is the only game mode, that is relevant when it comes to money. If you have problems there, then I need your KSP.log when its having problems.
  4. Have you tried to restart ksp? I think it's only initialized correctly after a full restart.
  5. Fist: kk by itself doesn't contain any bases, so this bug report should go to the thread that the base is from. Round range can be Kerbin Side or Kerbin-side remastered. I added a toughness modifier to the configs, so buildings can be made more resistant, it only needs some more time until the mods catches up.
  6. Before I go on vacation, here is a small update to KK: or Big Changes: You can export your bases "sorted by group (including PQSMapdecals) as .tar files. (.zip was not possible, because of the ancient .net version KSP uses) Water surface textures now poper scale the animated water texture when rescaled. you can now make big water areas without having gigantic waves. Changes for Players fixed AnimateOnSunrise static module. (switches day/night cycle) for Modders Added new community textures by Damon added texture tileing option in the Advanced Texture StaticModule made impact resistence configurable ind model config fix a spelling error in the model variant config added a button in the editor that exports all bases (sorted by group) as .tar files into the KerbalKonstructs\ExportedInstances folder (use winrar or 7-zip) this makes sharing of your own creations a lot easier.
  7. I think I was too fast with a commit, this are versions for private testing. They contain bugs and are not for puplic (yet) I don't want to bring back the coordinates in the editor, as that it already overloaded. maybe I can bring that back in the .cfg files. writing an extension for KoS is on my todo list for too long. But my time is too limited for the next few weeks.
  8. Everywhere, where you place a uniform mapdecal. That is why I implemented it. Read the ist few pages, then you will know how to set them up.
  9. thats either scatterer or EVE.
  10. please update to the latest Version of Kerbal Konstructs, this fixes this problem:
  11. A new release which ends all the anomalies bugs. Changes bugFix for GPP (related to anomalies) added a new tool-bar icon added a universal launchpoint static dynamic static groups for saveGame persistant statics are no longer visible in the statics-editor
  12. All buildings are linked relatively to a group center. If that is too high for a reason, then they come out all too high. Maybe you didn't save the altitude of the group center after you started to place the statics. But you can move all buildings at once, when you move the groupcenter.
  13. If you didn't place your own group, you could have ended up in a career group, which is bad, as they tend to move. I'll need to add a filter to KK, so at least this cannot happen. can you show me the "local" statics list?
  14. looks like the whole GroupCenter got lifted into the air. I'm not sure why that happened. Just to be sure: You don't use any rescale mods? Do you use a builtin or a custom group for placement?
  15. There are many broken bases and I cannot fix them. I don't own this mod and I don't have the original 3d assets. That's why Kerbin-side remastered was born.