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  1. @linuxgurugamer i found a minor typo in StationAgent.cfg, quote: "// Description of your agency description = Dune One are committed to...etc" It says DUNE One, it should be DUNA, I'm guessing? o7
  2. Will do, though TBH, the install I'm working on already has 80+ mods and I'm not done yet, so it may be a while before I can make suitable tests. In the more immediate term, maybe we'd be better pinging @betony1 and @altrue for their input, as they have more experience of the issue. That said, I'll apply the suggested changes, and as and when I get my install up and running I will report back. Thanks for all your hard work on this mod, and all the others o7
  3. From the original quote which suggested a fix:- "The problem seems to come from the value "maxSimultaneous" not being set in the "CONTRACT_TYPE" of StationCore.cfg" It's found at "KSP\GameData\ContractPacks\KerbinSpaceStation\StationMissions\StationCore.cfg". I point this out because, from my observations thusfar, in the other popular contract packs the "maxSimultaneous" value is always found under the "CONTRACT_TYPE" section. Am I correct in guessing that you're in fact looking at "KSP\GameData\ContractPacks\KerbinSpaceStation\BasesandStations.cfg"? Would you not be better placing the "maxSimultaneous" value in StationCore.cfg, as originally suggested? That's what I'm gonna try. As for what the actual number should be, I've not looked all that closely at this pack nor the others, yet. Is 3 a reasonable number, maybe? o7
  4. Is the patch a generic MM .cfg which can go anywhere in GameData? Or is it a more specific edit of a particular file? TIA o7
  5. Indeed, consistent is a more accurate way of expressing things. It's interesting, what you say about Near Future Solar..... I'd assume the same logic applies to the other "missing" Nertea and USI mods. I guess the best bet is to just go ahead and try things out. If any inconsistencies do rear their head, I'll let you know! Thanks once again for a great mod o7
  6. Awesome work on this mod guys, it's gonna be a key part of my next playthrough. I have a question though: as some of Nertea's mods, and some of the USI mods, are explicitly mentioned as being compatible with UKS and CTT, both in the OP of this thread and the OP of the CTT thread, can I assume that ALL Nertea and USI mods are integrated? Seeing as CTT is made by Nertea, his mods are fully supported in CTT, but does that filter through into UKS? How about the other USI mods that aren't specifically mentioned? TIA o7
  7. Conclusion TL;DR: all the mods work great together, including BPT and PF in combination o7
  8. @Tyko, and anyone else who may be interested, following on from a discussion I started in the Restock thread, here: Restock, Decoupler Shroud, Basic Procedural Textures, and Procedural Fairings interactions I've followed through on trying the mods listed above in combination. I've also used the FIRST method given, above, by @UnanimousCoward to make BPT work with PF. The result is that all 4 mods, with the additional patch, all work great together. The additional textures all look great, and certainly do not look out of place. Having an increased choice of eyecandy is always good, IMO at least, so I recommend trying them all. Thanks Tyko for a great mod, and thanks UnanimousCoward for the patch o7
  9. It's funny you should say that. Procedural Fairings is another mod I'm planning to use in my next play-through, and in the BPT thread there is some good discussion related to the issue you describe. BPT doesn't include out-of-the-box compatibility with PF, but a forum user has, very helpfully, given an MM config for applying BPT textures to PF's parts. So I'm going to go ahead and check them all out. Thanks again o7
  10. Thanks for the honest feedback, there seems to be a strong argument for using them all. Thanks once again! o7
  11. I'm slightly off topic, but this thread seems to be the most relevant place, seeing as the above quotes are from further up the page. I've never encountered Decoupler Shroud before. It looks neat. That said, how well does it integrate with Restock, both functionally and aesthetically? For me, Restock is the must-have, so I'd like it all to "fit", if that makes sense. In the OP of Decoupler Shroud, Basic Procedural Textures is mentioned as a suitable source of textures. How does BPT "fit" into the Restock mix? TIA o7
  12. Thanks @Galileo for this and your other mods. You're work is very much appreciated. That said, I subscribe to the theory that Kerbals are a subterranean species. So, how would I go about removing city lights? Everything else about SVE is great, I just want to make this one little tweak, if possible. Would it be as simple as removing the following files: StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Configs\SVE_CityLights.cfg StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\detaildark.dds StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\detaillight.dds StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\main.dds Or would I have to remove CityLights.dll from EVE, in addition? Or just one or the other? Like I said, SVE is awesome, I just want to remove city lights. As long as doing so doesn't break anything else. TIA o7