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  1. I really love the look of this mod compared to some of the other atmos mods, but my game struggles to run even with the 2k textures. Beautiful work, tho.
  2. once, I tried to have multiple launches doing scans. They found each other and hit into one another. Meanwhile, I can't pull of a rescue without constantly "rubberbanding" all over the place.
  3. WAT? I can barely handle the stress of a single orbital rescue mission, let alone wondering how some other launch to Mun might be turning out at the same time. Holy smokes that's amazing.
  4. Id like to see them explore the career mode and make it more of a sim experience. Maybe have rival space programs you compete with to obtain contracts, governments that would award them for hitting milestones, having to hire, train, and retain your crew, more in-depth financial management where you not only have to fund launches, but have to make R&D choices where the outcomes are not automatic. Right now, you just learn new tech and make those new parts. Something like Xcom 2 did where you can invest time and resources to make things better, create more improvements - like getting a bit m
  5. The URL for this mod in CKAN doesn't link to this thread - it links to a broken page on this domain.
  6. lol OP already died. Scatterer has a 1.4 version that works.
  7. Just removed and did a fresh install, installed only this mod using CKAN. BoulderCo folder is not there, and CKAN does not alert to any need for additional downloads. I manually installed (first time! YAY!!) from your github both of the zip files and it works great. Lets chalk it up to 'that period of time after new updates' where things like this are to be expected. Either way, Im just glad to have those beautiful clouds back.
  8. As this is likely the billionth time you've said this to someone, I must say with shame that no I did not. I installed via CKAN which I know you have ZERO to do with, but that process doesn't suggest one has to do anything more than click the box for EVE and then select 'update.' I'll do as you have suggested. Thank you for your endless patience.
  9. I am having the same problem on fully updated Windows 10. Also when embarking and returning from an EVA, the capsule door (or any of that process) no longer triggers any sounds. Clean 1.4.0 (removed and reinstalled twice) with NO mods.
  10. Fresh install of 1.4 KSP and only installed the latest version of EVE and no clouds. Is there something I need to enable/set in a config?
  11. To all the mod devs, thank you for your time and your effort to make MY game better. I am on YOUR schedule, and you are not on mine.
  12. Just me again with my post of positive support as another update has been issued for KSP. I do not need to know when, and appreciate the effort and time you have given to make MY game more enjoyable. I am on YOUR schedule, and I patiently abide. Thank you for all the efforts you have made.
  13. edit: nevermind. It looks like it was my browser. (Im trying to learn how to install this manually since I've now officially given up on CKAN.)
  14. I say this with almost each major update, but please dont confuse our appreciation and loyalty with impatience. For many of us, KSP is entirely unplayable without your additions to the game and the idea of a new version of SVE or sunflares is like having an extra Christmas. Thank you for your time and your efforts to make MY video game better.
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