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  1. It looks like support for procedural parts has been removed... it would be helpful if the mod description at the top of the thread as well as on github were updated to reflect this. Might save people some time trying to figure out why it isn't working.
  2. Are the parameters/values inside the renamed modules the same so that all is necessary to convert a renamed module is to change the name? (and add the three additional part modules)
  3. Is there a post or some documentation anywhere that shows what conversions have to be done to existing patches to change them over to the new modules?
  4. Be sure to check any other part mods as well. If this release is the same as the most recent constellation release then it may break many existing USI-LS compatibility patches.
  5. Perhaps something like this: // Add bulkheadProfiles to parts that don't have it @PART[*]:HAS[~bulkheadProfiles[]]:Final { bulkheadProfiles = srf }
  6. I think I understand. So in that version it wasn't used to give the user a choice of which toolbar to use for a particular mod?
  7. I'm running this on 1.3.1 version as installed by CKAN and not getting an icon for the toolbar controller on either toolbar. No log errors so far. Is this known to work ok in 1.3.1?
  8. Will playing without remote tech break everything? I've fallen in love with the CommnetConstellation mod and it only works for stock commnet. Just curious if I could work around the RT requirement.
  9. I have an enhancement request. Not sure how difficult it would be, but I think it would be nice to have a tick box on the constellation list to enable/disable connection lines for that constellation. As an example use case: I have a bunch of satellites in orbit as a result of CleverSat contracts. I have them on a separate frequency from other probes and relays. They need to stay connected as I get contracts to move them and whatnot but I could care less about their connection status most of the time and it is just cluttering up my map. The ability to shut down connection lines for that network when I'm not placing or moving one of those sats would be really nice.
  10. I was just here to try and add another data point. If it remains a mystery then that's just how it goes sometimes.
  11. Well I did, obviously. I just thought it might be interesting that the dll was hung up like that in relation to these freezes. Removing science relay got rid of my freezes, btw.
  12. If I had to bet it would be on some interaction between science relay and CommNetConstellation. Probably something related to checking connectivity between vessels that would normally be connected in stock but aren't because they are on different networks in constellation.
  13. I had already acknowledged the crash. I checked both windows task manager and process lasso's task manager for ksp processes and none were shown in either.
  14. Not sure if you ever solved the issue with the game freezing when collecting science but I may have another piece of the puzzle. My install is modded all to heck and back and includes CommNetConstellation. I've not had any problems until after I launched my first science lab. (It's the bigby orbital workshop from MOLE mod.) The next ship to go up was a probe to do a lot of experiments in orbit and take them to the lab. This probe is the first time I experience the freeze and it happen consistently. It leaves absolutely nothing in the logs. You've seen all of this before. What might be new is this: I went to uninstall science relay to confirm it was (obviously in combination with other mods) the source of my problem. Even though KSP had crashed and was no longer running I could not delete the science relay dll, windows reported that it was still in use. I'm not sure if it will be but I hope that bit of info may be helpful in some way. (Love your mods, btw. Really good stuff.)
  15. I don't have any screenshots specifically of the issue but I can try to show you an example from my screenshot archive. This is a snip of a full screenshot which for me is 5760x1200. You can see the effect a little. The following is a snip from a screenshot (same resolution) from my 1.3 install that I was playing last year. It's a different flag but they are both 256x160. Maybe I'll fool around with getting some better comparison screenshots in the next couple days. This career save I'm committed to spending at least as much time playing as I do fooling around with mods. I also don't want to get too far down the road with looking at this until a 1.4 release is out. This all may be fixed by that for all I know.