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  1. So this is an RO issue? What would need to be changed about the RO patches to correct the issue? I'll happily implement the fix if I can understand how to clear the issue for any one part.
  2. On KSP 1.7.3, running the latest versions of RO/RSS/RP-1, along with latest versions of B9PartSwitch and BDB, I get this set of serious warnings on BDB engines: Any thoughts on what's broken here and how to fix it?
  3. I'm seeing some strange behavior out of my city lights. Namely, the "dark" texture that actually has the lights is rendering during the day when in flight. Any thoughts? I'm running KSP 1.7.3 with RO, RP-1, and RSSVE. All of those have been heavily customized to implement detailed environments across a number of different star systems. I can provide cfg copies if needed.
  4. This is correct. I can add an AvGas tank to the parts, but the KCT fill tanks option doesn't fill them. Possibly because the original parts don't have any fuel capacity? It worked in the previous version of KCT, but that was the only version that it ever worked in. For now, I've worked around the issue by upping my realism by implementing fuel tanks in the wings and ballast in the tail.
  5. Indeed. RO_SXT_Bonanza.cfg changes the parts to have fuel capacity. Maybe it's the late addition that's the issue? Here's the current ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  6. Oh, It's labeled in the SXT files as "Bonny", specifically "625mBonny" as the internal name. I think RO relabels it as a Beechcraft Bonanza since that's what it is.
  7. I'm running into a strange problem with the newest version for 1.7.3: The fill tanks function isn't working for the Bonanza Cabin and Bonanza Tail in RP-1. It works jut fine for procedural parts though. Any thoughts on how to fix?
  8. I'm getting strange behavior from kOS on a simple sounding rocket script for use in RO/RP-1: LOCK THROTTLE TO 1.0. STAGE. WAIT 1.0. STAGE. WAIT 0.7. STAGE. What's weird is that the throttle appears to unlock and drop back to zero every time the rocket stages. So, the rocket stops flying after the first stage. If I comment out the lock and set the throttle manually, everything works out just fine. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to fix it? Could it be a bug?
  9. I think I've narrowed my matching issues down to how RealFuels implements multiple tank configurations. So, I want to block ModuleFuelTanks from being stored but still let the part be stored. SY_FORBIDDEN_TEMPLATE blocks the module, but also the entire part. Is there a way to define a module template that shouldn't be stored without preventing the entire part from being stored?
  10. Well, that would be lovely. Thanks! I'm actually more than happy to modify configs if that's all that it takes and there is sufficient documentation. Is it just a matter of adding the offending module names to ModuleTemplates.cfg? Or does it take more than that? I'm perplexed as to what, if any, specially processing could possibly be needed for cockpit parts.
  11. Is this something that can customized in a cfg or does it need to be done in the plugin code that is KSP version specific? RO is only recently up to 1.3.1, so updates that are only available in 1.4.x aren't terribly useful for RO players right now.
  12. Bingo! That did the trick. You sir, are a steely eyed mod man (or woman... or gender neutral...)
  13. Actually, my intent was to ask for documentation of sunflare config values so I can understand them. I am having an issue, but I can't be certain that its a bug or just my config. However, in the interest of answering your questions: Yes, these are scatterer sunflares. They don't appear to centered on anything, just floating off in space next to the associated stellar body. I'm working off of @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures RSS Constellations / CVO configs, but at this point I've modified the rest of the universe so heavily it wouldn't be accurate to say that this is actually RSSC/CVO. Call it a personal fork. At any rate, using the original sunflare configs, the at least some of the sunflares don't center on their star. I assume that their must be a config setting to adjust placement, because how else could it be wrong? So, that brings me back to my original question of what each sunflare config setting actually does and what the input ranges are. I guess I'm looking for a fishing lesson, not just a fish.