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  1. id say some dlc and some new gameplay features would definitively bring more people to ksp and take 2 needs to give ksp some love.
  2. Its been over a year since this thread began, is it dead yet?
  3. just please keep the quality dev up pleeeeeaaasssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. I installed the (insert mod name) files manually which I got from Curse. and I am using the 64-bit launcher. looking at permissions, once I make the changes they get reverted, the creator owner of the file (me) isn't getting full access once I give myself full access and apply changes it immediately gets reverted. The only way I can delete files is in safe mode which still presents me with issues Much thanks for your advice
  5. Recently I installed some mods (SVE, EVE, Scatterer). Once I installed the mods my game started lagging. It wasn't an issue at first but when I tried to delete the mods from the GameData folder, it got ugly. I wasn't able to delete them for various reasons such as insufficient permission (I'm an admin), file still open or in use when Steam and KSP are both off, and sometimes it seems like I managed to delete it, but once I check back at the folder its back. Anybody have any tips? (I used CMD by the way) Still a great game.
  6. Your mod file or folder goes in the GameData folder, not in the squad subfolder, also what version of KSP are you using?
  7. today uncontrollably ragdoll Jeb on the surface of Minmus
  8. today manage to get my craft clipped with the surface of the mun
  9. Somehow sent parts on an escape trajectory out of Kerbol at game breaking velocity.
  10. Thank you for the replies, it gave me a better understanding of it.
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