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  1. My first fly-by on the Mun with the new terrain shader. What a beautiful job they did!
  2. Spring 2020 starts on Friday, March 20, 2020 and ends on Saturday, June 20th 2020.
  3. I still don't know if he is a guy or a bunch of guys, or an alien or an artificial inteligence. Probably a bunch of artificial alien inteligences orbiting our planet... a Moddership.
  4. You are a genius! Thanks for the update, the previous version was working in 1.8 with some very rare crashes, I'll do a proper bug report if that happens again.
  5. If KSP2 will have localization they need to include all kind of measurements as well but if I have to choose just one I would stick to the units used in science.
  6. Just a small patch correcting the bottom node of Stayputnik. Before: After:
  7. The way that SpeedUnitAnex mod work would be perfect.
  8. Maybe in 1983 NASA was in the 0.90 "Beta Than Ever" version (waiting for mods to upgrade) while the Soviets already have Valentina 20 years before.
  9. You can set CKAN to show mods compatible with previous versions of KSP.
  10. Awesome arts to see while I wait for the 9,453,278 MM patches to be applied. Congrats to the winners and to everyone who submit, thanks for all the fish wallpapers. PS: One step closer to 1.8
  11. Was watching some live footage of Earth from space on Youtube and that one video came across my recomendations: "Flags and footprints on Venus in RSS".
  12. While we hold for the 1.8 big update i'm playing whit this mod and it's just WOW, a full new gameplay to me, one of the mods i'll install forever. Congrats man! Anyway, I see you asked for feedbacks some posts above so, when you got your time back, how about the possibility of made motor propelled aircrafts before doing turbine jet aircrafts?
  13. My Steam friends do not play KSP too but guys! We are here, lets make a clan and conquer planets like Saiyans. And then sell it for science!
  14. Wow, after forum maintenance I will come back here just to *like* this one.