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  1. Landing on the Laythe's new terrain AND with that Jools revamp view. Georgeous.
  2. Oohh I knew it, came here to comment but was already too laythe.
  3. "How many moar boosters will you place?" "Yes"
  4. Happens in Hight settings too or just with the new Ultra shader? I'm considering upgrading to windows 10 this year. Thanks for testing.
  5. I just see this, sorry if someone already posted.
  6. We are really asking about Kopernicus 1.8 update even after the release? Lets go play.
  7. Hummm, managing the comunity in a comunity manager appliance thread, I see what you did here.
  8. I understood that just the advanced tweakable users will be able to do this.
  9. Thanks developers. KSP is one of the few products I have that is being updated for so long. The other ones are Windows 7, a SmartTV and a Smartphone, but they don't cost me only 15 bucks.
  10. ...aaaand they are back! What a good way to start the 2020 Revamp Season.
  11. No, KSP1 will not be updated to KSP2, the two games will coexist. Also not for free, two different games, two different companies.
  12. Ok, they say 2020, I am in 2020, now where is the game?