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  1. In America yes, but sadly not in the UK. The books are really good, I’d say the best is Excession. Not sure how well Culture ships will adapt to TV though, considering they’re literally perfect black-body completely smooth ovoids, with no engines trails. I haven’t heard of Ringworld before.
  2. Depends on the ship, and on people’s different classifications. I’m running a PC that can handle 1500 parts, but @Earthlinger has made some really nice low part ships that function just as well as my higher part count warships, so it’s not much of a limiting factor.
  3. Great! I just started re-reading the Culture series, I can't wait to see an Orbital on TV! Even better, its on Amazon Prime, the one streaming service I have, so I can actually watch it, and not have to settle for clips and trailers like The Expanse.
  4. Thanks! It looks better when it isn’t being ripped apart by kinetic energy. The mod was the newest version of DCK, though, so not sure what was breaking it. Those ships look really nice, I like the wings on the Bullock Class. I had a bit of time to test the MCS-14 Albion, (previously Materis, but abandoned after finding out that was a paint manufacturer) and thankfully it seems fairly resistant, at least to 0.65m phasing Missiles like the G3. The main issue was the repeated destruction of the 2.5m fuel tank, so I’ll have to try and move it into the fuselage more, or at least single point it so it doesn’t take the other main fuel tank with it. I’ve also developed a missile about half the size of the G3, called the G7, which seems to have roughly the same or slightly less the damage than its older brother, but much lighter, allowing for 8 of them to be stored, using the same method panzer used with the mk2 bays. The main problem with the Albion is it’s weight, at around 30t higher than I’d like. The bulk of that comes from the main fuel tank though, so maybe I should make an ion version. I need to test panzer’s new ship as well.
  5. Well, slightly ironically, I noticed one that made everything half invisible. I pretty much stopped testing after that and went back to my main game.
  6. Are you playing stock? Or are you making a mod?
  7. That ship looks great! What gravity was that tested at?
  8. Delete malfunction. Noting regains excellent hero.
  9. I’ve heard of it, some friends have it and have reccomended it. I don’t really like the block building in games like it and minecraft and to some extent Space Engineers when compared to KSP’s system, though it seems like a fun game. Though it may be a different game better suited to naval combat, I really enjoy pushing KSP’s boundaries. Plus, it costs money and I’m skint. Anyway, I’m trying to construct a smaller, single Abrams, single goliath, patrol boat, so I’ll update when I get it finished.
  10. It might actually be worth double or triple armouring with new beta. Though I’ve heard there are some issues with damage output balancing, I’m looking forward to the new system.
  11. Most of the speed issues can be solved by lowering the spring strength. I’m sure with testing and knowledge of the projectile speed, you could probably work out a formula for offset from the target for distance. I’m going to be doing some more testing soon.
  12. Just realised I have over 1000 posts, just in time before my one year anniversary of joining. That’s 2.8 posts a day!

  13. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with ship mounted railguns. After spending a bit of time getting a prototype working, I fitted one to my latest warship, the MCS-14 Materis, and fired on one of my stations. There were a few problems. Firstly, the recoil forces tore the ship apart. Secondly, the slug exploded shortly after leaving the barrel, for no apparent reason. I suspected this was because the way of the slug had been stacked together and offset into one length, looking fine on the outside but stretching and applying uneven force when fired. I’m not sure if that was the problem, but using a 0.65m heatshield as a base for the gear pushers solved it. With this fix in place, I fired it at my station again. Unexpectedly, the heat shield plate increased the projectile speed by an order of magnitude, from about 720m/s to 8.8km/s. Mutual destruction. In a happy coincidence of tick rate physics, the slug actually registered hitting the station, causing large explosions. The slug itself continued undamaged, travelling along its merry way out the solar system. After this great success, I set about trying to minimise recoil, increase accuracy, and decrease the speed to reasonable levels of phasing avoidance. Setting the dampers and springs to a tenth of their previous strength brought down projectile speed, while also bringing recoil down to non-damaging levels, and I’m currently working to increase accuracy. I think these have a lot of potential, as fairly light, 0.65m weapons with much more power than I-beams, and much easier to use and build than other specialist weapons like MAC cannons. Once I have a single shot variant working perfectly, I’m going to try and build a reloading system.
  14. Turns out I was completely off about the part count of the Castellum. It's actually 254 parts.
  15. Not sure exactly, but probably around 400 parts. I haven’t done extensive testing with it yet, but the older models could take a few to the superstructure. The Arx once tanked 5 direct hits though, before sinking.
  16. Haven’t posted here for a while, so I’ll show what up I’ve been up to recently with ships. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/kerbal-powers/images/c/c1/A3AEE423-50D4-4EFF-8BE0-B1211E4EDC25.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20180212202534 (Uploading link because the embedded image is tiny) The Castellum has gone through 7 major versions at this point, and this is probably one of biggest. To squeeze more range out of it, I replaced the main cargo bay with a fuel tank, and spread the critical components out. This vastly improved the hydrodynamics, allowing me to push about 5m/s more speed, more than doubled the range, and cut costs by 15k. Taking advantage of the new price, I rearmed some sections of it, replacing the HARMs with dual sidewinder turrets, leaving it still 8k less than the previous version, but superior in every way.
  17. I spent literally months pressing “0” three times, and wondering why nothing was happening...
  18. Presses f2 for hud to set to prograde, cancel out that annoying spin
  19. I just turn it off in settings. Also, shouldn’t it be Naval Battle League 2016-2017-2018 now?
  20. KSP was I think my second game. I discovered it from YouTube videos, like Macey Dean’s Spiritwolf series. Prior to getting it, I’d spent all my spare time playing Combat Flight Simulator 3, (think war thunder, but exclusively ww2 and with early 2002s graphics) and though it was a great game, I’d pretty much exhausted it. So then I spent the best £25 of my life, on ksp and promptly ignored space and built VTOLs for 2 years. Nyoom.
  21. THEY DID IT!



    1. Piatzin


      Centre core....?

    2. MiffedStarfish


      Ran out of fuel just before touchdown, debris damaged the barge.

    3. Piatzin
  22. I like the new suits a lot, and personally chose brown as the blue didn’t seem to stand out against the gray as much. But I really like both, and rather than have to choose, I’d much prefer to have an option in settings.
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