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  1. Oh well. I made a thing And did a Mun orbit with another one But they're such lightweights! Suffice to say, in a world of 2.5 planets and 3.2 distances instead of a whole Vulcan they fit comfortably on top of a single Zenit.
  2. Also, some day, perhaps... (walks away to try it with the Pirs parts)
  3. Wonderful! P.S. In Russian it's called "cable and fuel mast" or, most times, just "cable mast" for short. And yeah, it's for the spacecraft and the upper stage (block E, the one below the fairing, if anyone's curious). P.P.S. Will there be the smaller arm, too? The one that hides in the gap in the taller one's base, reaching to just the top of the rocket's second stage - the "bulb" tank, like on this photo:
  4. No problem Here's a couple photos from the module's assembly and integration:
  5. I actually kind of doubt it, because the difference is quite obvious in pictures like this:
  6. The Speccy, of course Most iconic 8-bit computer in (post-)USSR ever.
  7. While I'm waiting for my bunch of everything to load, a few nice shots from a recent expedition to the Mun. Coming in for landing Kerbinrise and kerbolrise as seen from onboard LOK Meeting again Back to Kerbin
  8. Hmm, but doesn't the upper half of the ladder just go up with the ascent stage?
  9. Speaking of. Scale plus IVA and more pics, this time from the museum in Orevo (
  10. Hm, I just found a ton of excellent quatity LK photos (the one in them is a testing stand put into a museum). Couple pics here and a whole lot more down the link below: Hope these will be of some use! P.S. So the "hat" did have roll control thrusters ;-) P.P.S. This ship doesn't seem to have the upper half of the ladder, though. Apparently it went to another unit:
  11. It does fit the 1.5 m variant perfectly. Honestly, the only reason 1.5m is not the main variant of the Soyuz rocket is that it doesn't divide cleanly by Squad's 1.25m.
  12. Well... Maybe make the standalone part with the elevator then? It would be pretty sad (at least for me and, I believe, some other soviet-style players) to have authentic crew elevators for Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, but not Soyuz.
  13. Beautiful! One request, though: can the big service arms still double as crew elevators, too? This schematic shows that it goes througt their square part:
  14. This one now quietly hopes for an NK-33. Maybe even unshrouded.