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  1. Probably there from pre-1.7 kopernicus. 1.7 kopernicus recieved a major refactor which (among other things) unified everything in the one .dll so it’s possible these weren’t removed when the folder was overwritten.
  2. For anyone else that noticed the performance impact: I’ve traced it back to EVE nuking my Physics Time Ratio, which meant even a tiny bit extra would cause simulation time to be exceeded. So if you’re noticing SCANsat lagging your game hard, it’s probably a symptom of another mod misbehaving.
  3. Ah yes. If the copy was done before ReStock initialized it’s parts, it’ll fail because the copy contains the old info. What I mainly meant is that an end-user shouldn’t need to worry about whitelisting stuff for another mod, because if the mod needs it, the author will (probably?) do the whitelisting As always, anything I say will have terms and conditions attached that may or may not be stated in the post itself
  4. Squad used to be an advertising company afaik, so it’s not so much modern as it is a concequence of ‘learning as you go’.
  5. Uhm, did you test in a clean install? I could swear bon voyage works fine in my JNSQ (and thus Kopernicus/MFI) game. I’ll double check later.
  6. What module(s) do you look for? ModuleEngineFX?
  7. Most mods will whitelist something if they need it. ‘Stock assets’ are things like models. Lets say a mod copied the Terrier engine, that copy will now look like the ReStock model unless you whitelist the old model and point your copy there.
  8. With regards to NREs, I see them quite often with stock robotics too, so that could be a KSP thing.
  9. It appears that the log-in to bitbucket is being blocked by my iPhones safari contentblocking, so i’ll Report 2 bugs here before I forget: 1. Minor - The 2.5m core generates a slight thrust torque when every side is occupied by the same part. (Place all LF wedges, still torque) it’s only 0.01Kn, but it bugged me. 2. Major - when Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules is enabled, parts below a US core cannot Crossfeed back up IF the bottom node of the core was populated in an earlier session. Build a craft from a probecore -> tank -> US core -> tank. Launch it, Crossfeed works fine. Revert to assembly, launch it, Crossfeed does not work. I checked the craft files and noticed that the bottom node loses its assignment, so whatever is below it is seemingly attached to nothing. Edit: both issues tested in a clean up to date install with just US2 and KER (for the torque readout) Remembered to properly do this once I got home this time. Bugs have been added to the tracker.
  10. Considering Kerbalism replaces all the functional modules from those parts with their own, they are perfectly welcome to support DBS But thats just my view on it
  11. That doesn’t really do much. What decides when a patch is run is set by the timing in the patch (FIRST/FOR/BEFORE/AFTER/LAST/FINAL) You should probably use those wisely. You can technically run them all at FINAL, but you should avoid that where possible. If you’re changing another mod’s changes, use AFTER[thatMod]. It’ll also NOT run if thatMod isn’t present. If you want to make your own changes to stock parts, you should do so in FOR[myFolder]. If you want to do something to parts before another mod touches it, you can use BEFORE[thatMod], or if many mods may touch it, you could use FIRST.
  12. ROCs are the new Breaking Ground surface features. To disable them you have to manually edit your save file, so do not do this before making s backup of your save. In your persistent.sfs save file, change the ROCseed = [string of numbers] to ROCseed = -1 Turning ROCs back on is a matter of replacing the -1 with what was there before. JNSQ comes with its own EVE configuration files. So it’s incompatible with other EVE mods (since technically it IS one).
  13. I know the feeling my first use of github was a few weeks back maybe, and there’s a lot I don’t understand, but the PR thing is quite nice. (I did a grand total of three of them ) I understand how daunting it is though, so it’s fine either way. But if you’d ever like to do some git poking, I’m willing to share what little I know.
  14. Wait... so I can build a big ship, give it engines, plonk my crafts on it (coupled/docked), and tell it to sail to the other side of kerbin/eve/laythe? This changes EVERYTHING. Edit: one trillion thanks to you!
  15. Uhm, isn’t JNSQ 1.7+? ps. It might be a good idea to turn those mod lists into links. I’ve never used Career Evolution Contract Pack and thought I’d check, which I shall now do the usual way