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  1. That’s.. odd. Apologies, I must’ve mixed up something.
  2. Could be due to restock disabling autoBoost in many (all?) parts with suspensions as part of its CFG changes? As far as I can tell: Autoboost is what makes them ‘boost up’ sometimes. Y’know. That annoying thing that flips Rovers. It’s also responsible for adjusting strength when loads change/get high enough though . [/as far as I can tell]
  3. That's also a lot of KRnD errors/exceptions?
  4. As far as I could tell the rover Antennas (antennae?) have price & efficiency of transmission as their distinguishing factor.
  5. It doesn’t work because of step 1: It’s trying to find all parts that match ALL of the criteria. Which are 0 parts. Your next thought would be to replace the comma with a pipe, but you cannot filter with pipes in a HAS block. You’ll need to chop it up into 1 patch per category, or find a different property to filter by. Also, @ is used to target an existing key/node. Since no specifier is given your @MODULE would modify the first module in the part. Since you want to add a new module, ditch the @.
  6. I'm not 100% on this, but I read about miniAVC causing problems at the moment? Try the mod ZeroMiniAVC and see if that helps.
  7. When DMagic's generic science module is installed ReStock switches to that instead of the regular stock science module. Extra visuals for example. There's recently been some activity around DMagic's ScienceGeneric module and science collection mods, I'm guessing ReStock is affected by some of those changes. I'd recommend bringing this up in the ASS/Xscience thread, or wait/hope for them to support DMagic's module. In the meantime, uninstalling DMScienceAnimateGeneric should fix the stock experiments. Orbital Science experiments will still have problems with some science collection mods as they always have though. Edit: Running the experiments via their own PAW should still work. Also, ScienceAlert ReAlerted properly supports the module so works.
  8. Cheers. Guess I could've/should've checked the netkan myself. Apologies.
  9. Only if CKAN was supposed to be aware. Though I'm assuming TriggerAU is also managing the netkan file, which may not be the case.
  10. Much appreciated. Was CKAN supposed to be aware of 1.8.1 compatibility or was this just an oversight? Wondering because this is the third time recently that CKAN was unaware of a compatible update.
  11. Not critical, but you can leave out the NEEDS in that patch. AFTER is both timing & conditional in one.
  12. Are you using a mod to run those science parts? If so, it's expected behavior. Try manually running and resetting them.
  13. CKAN says v3.13 isn't 1.8.1 compatible. Intentional or is it (probably?) safe to use? (I'm on 1.8.1 due to Kopernicus)
  14. I feel you. I had a similar reaction when I found out about ReStock modifying Oscar tank balance. After the first outrage settled I ended up 100% agreeing and wondered why I never realized how imbalanced it was to start with. I do appreciate such things being mentioned on the tin as well though.
  15. It's usually a good idea to scan the last/second to last page of a thread in case a question was recently asked/answered. You'll find your answer on the previous page.