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  1. The few heating problems I encountered (mostly with the 1.875m pod) were ‘fixed’ by setting SAS to Surface mode instead of Orbit mode after selecting retrograde. 2000k is already ridiculously hot, so I doubt that that is the culprit.
  2. I second this. Not sure why nothing changes when that button is pressed.
  3. Cool, thanks. I'll give that a try until a proper fix has been done. Let's be honest here.. it's not the game that can't do it.
  4. What do you mean? Just mouse over the icon, mouse over the bars (all?), and it’ll work again when no longer mousing over?
  5. I think we can expect them to unkerbal the things they kerballed in those free updates. We’re not talking about niche use cases here. Every freaking time I fuel transfer I have to do a dance with quicksaves and quickloads. That gets old real quick when you’re using reusable landers and stations.
  6. If you do things very well for long enough you start to realize that you have to draw a line and say “Not doing that.” Because people will keep trying to get you to do more work for less money. Especially when modding in your free time. At some point “It should be an opportunity to do better!” starts sounding like “We’ll pay you in exposure!” It’s in the FAQ for a reason.
  7. The orbit line changing during warp and jumping back to where it should be after warp is normal afaik. I'm talking about the orbit being different permanently.
  8. That’s normal. It’s just zeroavc’s way of letting you know it’s doing its thing.
  9. Hold ALT while pressing the < or > key if you want to use physics warp instead of on-rails/spaceWarp.
  10. Lost my first Eve mission because I used "Warp to Maneuver" to warp to my 105km Pe burn to circularize and found myself to be a hot flaming mess inside the atmosphere. I've now installed a mod to auto-quicksave every minute. This game's bugs are ridiculous. *looks at non-discounted price & rolls eyes*
  11. Anecdotal: I noticed last year when I was troubleshooting another problem by removing mods from GameData that the ‘all models show at once’ problem was gone after removing one half of my GameData. (Keeping dependencies present best I could) I never found out what caused my other problem and quit playing for a while, so unfortunately I never dug further with regards to the model thing, but maybe this can help those currently affected.
  12. You’re better off creating a patch for that config or creating a pullrequest to make changes to the file in the actual mod distribution. Just in case: If you do make a separate patch, use NEEDS instead of FOR.
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