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  1. Maybe I missed it, but I meant more specifically him and his own team rather than a team that just inherited the project.
  2. I think the one question I would have liked to hear an answer to would have been: "Having the experience of developing KSP 1, and being asked to do so, could you build from scratch a more modern polished copy of the game in a couple years that could be extended with the features KSP 2 promised going forward from that?" In other words, would it have made more sense to have the original developer and at least some of that original team try again with the experience they had rather than having a new team try to replicate over a decade's worth of work?
  3. Did you install the dependency? It won't do anything without it. It also won't work on Restock parts.
  4. Would probably be easier to hide them and make your own.
  5. As would I (I actually said something to that effect in another thread). It's the silence that is causing concerns that there's nothing (or not enough) going on over there. For much of last year, I'd get pretty excited every time a new alpha video was posted to Youtube, but progress seems to have slowed from even that period.
  6. I guess my question would be, assuming they started with maybe a couple dozen, how many of those quit or were let go with no capable replacement? I agree with your point, but I too wonder if they have enough devs at this point to ever finish the project as planned. I don't expect an answer to that question. I do agree that they don't owe anyone a number, but for the cost of EA, they do owe something to reassure those who bought it that they are going to get something worth $50, because what they did get so far ain't it.
  7. I would think that regular updates to KSP1 would always bring people who've stopped playing or played less back to check out new features. I know it did for me multiple times. Now that there are no more updates, that is no longer happening.
  8. The frustration comes from updates taking longer than expected by the players even if they are just how long they really should take. Honestly, I think a quick daily update, even if tiny (just a screenshot or "we did this today") would help a lot. The problem is the players have no idea what is being worked on or how long things take, so even if it is just to show that these things time, it will at least give people an idea of what to expect and when instead of waiting for big news at the end of the week or month or whatever, and then not getting it. At the moment, it feels like there's just a skeleton crew struggling to get anything done. If that's not the case, at least show people working on something.
  9. https://github.com/Kerbalism/KerbalismScienceOnly/issues/4
  10. For the saves list, I mean this... To be honest though, those icons could use some work. The career could be a bit more abstract (doesn't really need the helmet around the chart). The rocket in a box sort of makes sense, but it's one of your few 3D icons. For the three, I'd maybe pick just a chart for career, just a flask for science, and for sandbox, maybe something like a shovel and/or ball with a star on it or something to suggest playing around. In Space Center view (maybe the icon should be brighter to match most toolbar/active buttons)... In VAB, these work pretty well (except maybe the Kerbal still).... As for copyright, these are all generic objects. You should be safe if you redraw them from scratch. But why not remove the thick outline to give yourself a bit more room? You could separate with a space or just a darker line between them. I definitely think the asterisk makes mare sense than the plus, as it's pretty universal for new. Funny enough, one of your screenshots loaded with an X over the corner, and I think this makes the most sense so far for exit.... I do think the bright outlines look out of place in general as you don't have them on most buttons. Especially here... Both of those seem like they'd be easier to read and not so bright with just the symbol on a darker square. For inspiration on icons, maybe take a look at Apple's SF Symbols collection.
  11. Actually, since you're asking for criticism on the theme in general as well, I'd say my only issue with it is there seems to be a bit of inconsistency about whether it's flat or not. Some elements are plain flat while others have drop shadows and raised borders when they don't really need them. For buttons or anything meant to hover over another element, shadows make sense (like the fly/recover buttons), but take for example the icons in the list of saves. There's no need for them to have a border or shadow when they can just be a graphic to the left of the text. Similarly, the buttons on the left of the space center have borders and shadows while the toolbar buttons don't. On a similar note, many of the icons are just a shape on a background, but the filter list in map mode also has a glow around the icon. Otherwise, I do want to stress again that you are doing a fantastic job. I just like giving feedback.
  12. Sorry but I kind of agree, at least in the case of the top VAB/SPH icons. The point of icons is to, at the slightest glance and without thinking, know what they are and what to press, but... The stock new/open/save, even if slightly out of place in a ship builder, are still consistent with what people know from other apps. They are very clear, and require almost no thought to use. Your open and save are essentially the same icon but mirrored and with an arrow flipped so it always takes me a moment to decide. And how many players know what that cylinder is supposed to represent? Honestly, I'd go with some form of document* folder and disk as well, but if not, maybe something that represents the "database" a bit better in this context. A plus for "new" doesn't really make sense when the whole point of the VAB is to add things. If not a document icon, you could use something that represents deleting instead of adding, as that button will delete the current ship. Launch and exit VAB are both right arrows of some sort. I'd at least differentiate that part. Stock launch is clear about what it will do. Stock exit is less so because it suggests exporting or sending, but leaving a box is still less ambiguous than a right arrow which suggests a next step. The ones on the left are more literally difficult to read... The wrench is too realistic in shape and difficult to make out at a small size (I just see a dash at first glance). A more stumpy wrench with larger ends (or just the open end) might be easier to recognize. I'd probably go with a gear and three lines to represent the list of actions. The Kerbal really requires some imagination. I see a really small rocket in front of a planet. The problem here is mainly the smaller size, but maybe if you put a more generic stick figure it might help. Maybe even three of them next to each other to represent a crew. The cargo is very abstract at such a small size. Maybe show multiple cargo items instead? The rocket and plane next to each other doesn't really indicate switching anything. The stock version isn't so much better, but at least it let's you say "I want to make a plane" or "I want to make a rocket" depending on the context. Of course, anyone who's been playing for a while will know what they do, but that doesn't mean they can't be better at representing what that is. As for the rest of the icons and the theme itself, I think you are doing a fantastic job.
  13. I would imagine there are many users like myself who moved KSP 1 out of the steamapps directory a long time ago, and aren't even counted. Not sure if that's the case for KSP 2.
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