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  1. I'd like to see a bit more realism: ullage, limited relights depending on tech, maximum burn times, lagrange points, saturating reaction wheels, more realistic reentry heating, improved science and better aerodynamics And some easier bits: An ingame way of building encounters so we can figure out slingshot courses etc without external tools, programmable autopilot for autonomous landings and booster recoveries, built in alarm clock and an ingame delta-v map
  2. Just a note that CKAN is offering the 1.3 update for my 1.2.2 RSS/RO/RP0 install resulting in a crash on startup. I'm not sure if CKAN supports rolling back a version, but manually removing the installed version and installing the files from git seems to be working.
  3. Don't know what to tell you. I start with a fresh 1.2.2 install and I CKAN RSS and install everything except RO (or CKAN craps out). Then I install RO and install all the recommended mods (including SSRW) but I leave the suggested mods out. This results in a crash on start up. KSP.log output_log.txt If I then remove SSRW and install the previous version v1.12 manually, I get a clean startup. It took me a while to narrow it down, and I do have other problems somewhere in the suggested mods which I will report when I can pinpoint it for you.
  4. Installing from CKAN it seems that Semi Saturable Reaction Wheels is installing the 1.3 version. Installing SSRW v1.12 manually bypasses this issue and it seems that I can then install all the RO recommended and suggested mods from CKAN without issue.