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  1. The best compliment I can give to the team, or to any game really, is that it actually feels like Kerbal. You could've made a soulless rocket sim and stuck a KSP badge on it, but this is an actual sequel to a great game. Well done. I'm excited for where this is going.
  2. When you attach an XS engine to an S fuel tank and then add and S decoupler under it, the fairing becomes a cone. It would make more sense to size the fairing to the S fuel tank so the shape of the rocket is consistent and decouplers become regular interstages. At the moment, you have to add an extra payload fairing underneath the decoupler to acheive the same effect. I can think of no advantge to having the decoupler size to the engine you are attaching it to and not the surrounding fuel tank sizes. Maybe even an option in the parts menu to choose a fairing size. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  3. Do you have the dependencies installed? I think it needs: UITK for KSP2 BepInEx SpaceWarp Node Manager It's easiest to use ckan, force version 1.1.1 to install then replace the contents of Node Manager with munix's fork given above.
  4. It's been two days, is anyone in tier 4 yet? I'm about halfway through tier 2 and am planning my Duna and large payload to Minmus mission. Surely someone's completed the tech tree by now.
  5. Tier 1 is tutorial mode, experienced players will be blasting through it relatively easily. Tier 2 requires some experience and a bit of grinding, missions to Duna system and Gilly with some probes to outer planets. Tiers 3 and 4 will require some mastery. You can no longer just unlock everything with the Mun and Minmus which is what most people who played KPS1 ended up doing with the occasional Duna shot, and once the tech tree was complete then the career mode was basically over. The number of people who completed a grand tour contract in career mode is probably quite small.
  6. It's fun and is what should have been the first release. I think there are some mission issues, my first mun mission was to orbit mun but the briefing was describing an unmanned flyby. I also passed the Going Green mission without even having a Science Jr on board. Regardless, it seems playable as a game now which can only be good news.
  7. I have two weeks off work and I can stream it to my new ROG Ally. I am so in.
  8. The more playable the game becomes, the bugs the community will find. This is because it becomes more tolerable to go further and do more. As long as bugs are continuing to be fixed then we are incrementally moving towards perfection.
  9. It looks good. Add official modding and we'll be cooking on gas.
  10. That's just obtuse. The player puts the fuel tanks on the rockets and we give it enough to go where we want it to go, same for batteries, just like real rockets do. For a player to solve the wobble we have to ruin our design with stupid struts all over the place just like real rockets don't.
  11. This is such a non issue to be wasting time on. The player designs the rockets, the "engineers" builds them to hold together. The deign is player driven, the "engineering" is from the underlying software. If they fly is down to the design and never down to the engineers putting them together. Get the software out of the way of the game and concentrate on the things which matter. If the wobbliness is that important to you, come back to it after you've completed the milestones but no one is going to miss it in the meantime.
  12. The sand box doesn't work yet. Docking is janky, orbits are unpredictable and going EVA gives an impulse to your craft. In my opinion, once the sandbox works as it should and there is some kind of official modding API then the communithy will pick up the slack and the game could be a replacement for KSP1
  13. The morale of the community is pretty low right now and it doesn't look set to change any time soon. Hopefully things will change.
  14. I suppose struts are necessary because you can only have one point of attachment in the kerbal building system. Struts are an exception which create reinforcing joints between otherwise unattached parts. It'd be nice if we could have them as more than just peices of wire, like fairing peices which are shapeable and have aerodynamic properties. That would be an evolution of the previous game. Of course, procedural fuel tanks would solve a lot of these issues right from the beginning. I like RP1's inmplementation of procedural tanks where you had to science unlock and tool different diameters and materials.
  15. All of the effort they go to in developing sensible wobble will just be totally undercut by someone who will mod in an autostrut band-aid, which is what the community really want anyway. There are better things to be spending dev resources on.
  16. Yes, it isn't playable for me without trajectories. I don't want to be building massively over engineered rockets just to deal with transfer inefficiencies, which increase exponentialy down the stack. I'd be bored of the game before it even starts.
  17. Was not expecting a manzai reference in this AMA. Love gaki and Downtown (bring back the new years batsu special). Some nice peeks under the game's hood too.
  18. Have you seen the new Tube parts in the structural tab? Could be the new interstage meta, but I haven't really played enough with them to know.
  19. The cool thing is that you can still see the flag from the KSC view
  20. The docking port did not unclamp, so I had to land the whole stack
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