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  1. Thanks. Also, when I insert links the forum doesn't seem to embed the pictures. I have posted pictures in the past and this method worked, but for some reason I can't get it to work now. I will edit the post once I do get it to work.
  2. Hello everyone, and welcome to my first mission report, which happens to be of my first interplanetary mission. This mission is a manned Eve flyby, under the title Odysseus. It was named after the legendary Kreek Hero of this title. The crew: https://imgur.com/TbtUuHI The crew stands before their launch vehicle in a PR photo shoot, just days before their departure. Mission scientist Madler Kerman (level 2). She has completed a mun orbital mission and a minmus landing. Mission commander and scientist Bill Kerman (level 2). He is a veteran of several mun landings and a minmus orbiter mission. Mission pilot Jenzon Kerman (level 2). He has gone on both mun and minmus orbiter missions. He also completed a tour aboard Prosperity Space Station, in LKO. Part 1: Crew Launch, docking, and departure https://imgur.com/a/7JmR9
  3. What mods do you use to get that launch site?
  4. That's probably a good idea considering how jumbled up everything's been recently. But in any case, great work with everything guys! Keep it up.
  5. My favorite is definitely the F-16, but I also like the Su-34 because of its awesome cockpit. My second favorite aircraft (tied with the F-16) is the Cobra. I know its a helicopter but .
  6. I'm currently still in school, but I want to be either a fighter pilot or in the special forces in my home country, and I want to get my BA, MA, and PhD in aerospace engineering. I want to continue working as a fighter pilot during and after college because I want to gain more flight experience. My dream is to be an astronaut, so I will apply after university. However, let's face it, the odds of me being an astronaut are so slim that I'll probably end up being an aerospace engineer, which is fine too, but I can try.
  7. Is it ok to submit replica craft for the show? I want to submit my F-16i Replica
  8. Something I'm working on for this series, I'll provide a craft file soon.
  9. My mission ideas: Moho: First mission: Pilot: Moho orbit, deploy satellite, return home Commander: Moho orbit, deploy manned space station module, return home and land at ksc Second mission: Pilot: Moho landing, deploy a base module, return home Commander: Moho landing, deploy a base module next to the mohole, deploy a science probe to the bottom of the mohole, return home and land at ksc Scott Manley Mode: Everything in commander mode except land your shuttle in the mohole Dres: Mission: Pilot: Dres landing, deploy science probe, return home Commander: Dres landing, deploy manned base module in the dres canyon, return home and land at ksc Tylo: Mission: Pilot: Tylo landing, deploy science probe, return home Commander: Tylo landing, deploy manned base module, return home and land at ksc
  10. This is my entry for STS-1A. It is a small craft called the CRVX-3 (I know, great name). Having completed the mission at commander level, I claim the commander STS-1 badge.
  11. What type of fighter jets are you looking for? Dogfighters, or heavy bombers, etc. Second, should we just submit craft, or add a description of the company that produces them and their history? I'd love to make some fighter jets for this series, but I just want these two questions clarified before I begin development.
  12. First Post! Anyways, today I completed my first mun landing (not first mun mission, but first mun landing). I also took a couple screenshots along the war.
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