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  1. Is there a mod for ksp 1.4.x that gives you planetary stats? Things like gravity ASL, surface temperature ASL, atmospheric pressure ASL, etc, etc.
  2. Is this backwards compatible with 1.4.2 or am i going to have to update? Edit: i'll try it out.
  3. Dear @linuxgurugamer. I would like to apologize for being a Dunce. I was about to register a compliant when I noticed that the error was not between the mod and the game, but between the chair and the keyboard. (Forgot to download the dependencies. *Hangs head in shame*). You are doing a fantastic job, i just thought you should know that.
  4. Just a through. Could you make this work for debris in orbit too? Or would that be to difficult?
  5. Am i doing something wrong? None of the downloads (.zip is all I've tried so far.) contain .exe files. Just .file .sln .sh and .csproj files plz help. I need something like this.
  6. This + 20% default Ablator patch. Ohh, this ain't going to be good. (Downloading)
  7. Sorry for practicing necromancy but does this still work with 1.4.2?
  8. Any way i could hotfix (or juryrig) it to work with 1.4.2? Its a several mile walk from here to the nearest wifi and my cellular provider doesn't allow for wifi hotspots or tethering so I can't update ksp just yet.
  9. Thank you, Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, The Kraken and all the other Gods of ksp. This actually works, Dragon Aerospace is a space program again. (As well as my other save files)
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