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  1. Vexillar

    2mm hole in ISS

    I think the Russians improvised pretty well. Ideally there would have been tools tested for the job and some means of containing the debris (what do you mean, vacuum cleaners don't work in a vacuum?) In space you have to make do with what you have. Even if it is Iron Age tech. So far: Theory 1 was a micrometeorite strike - retracted fairly quickly by NASA because of the drill marks, among other things. Theory 2, from the Russians, was that the hole had been drilled from the inside, allegedly by American Astronaut(s), to force an evacuation so that one of the Americans could be treated for illness. Theory 3 was that the hole was made on the ground and covered up (in more than one sense). The reason for the spacewalk to examine the outside and retrieve samples is to confirm or deny that the hole was sealed up from the outside - in which case the hole cannot have been made in orbit. Post the spacewalk, we can be sure that no damage was evident on the outside thermal blankets or micrometeorite shield - further discounting natural causes. From the TV pics, it did appear that there was a significant glob of sealant pressed onto the pressure hull - far larger than the 2mm hole itself - which would be impossible to put in place from the inside. Theory 3 therefore seems overwhelmingly likely, so yes, that would be highly embarrassing to the manufacturer (and, let's say, career-limiting to the individuals responsible). It would be comforting to have that confirmed, even if the detail of the report was classified (along with the ground-based investigation as to who and how and why, that will inevitably follow). But with the current state of International relations and sabre-rattling, it's perhaps not too surprising that the embarrassment goes to the top. Happily, this incident (and the coincidental booster detachment failure) has not resulted in prolonged grounding of Russian manned launches. There's no alternative at the moment, and being forced to leave the ISS unmanned for a lengthy period might have resulted in malfunctions or damage that were difficult or impossible to rectify.
  2. Hi @Scorpio102 What OS are you running on? If Windows, then you install the same way I do - which works fine for me (not that that's any comfort, but at least you know it's not a universal problem). Do you have the latest MH download too, to match with 1.5.1?
  3. The Terrier is dead... Long Live the Terrier!! The old one was one of my favourites, and I too will miss its shiny foil cone... but the new variants are a great. The Lander IVA is plenty interesting, though I'm still wanting to see how the the downward view is from pilot's PoV...
  4. Vexillar

    Inclination help

    (ninja'd)! Yup - what @Snark said... If you're having trouble figuring how to match inclination with the station, then use those burns at the Ascending and Descending nodes (choose the station as target and you'll see AN and DN in the map view). Or if you just want to get the station into a Munar equatorial orbit to save you aligning each visiting craft, use the cheat Alt-F12 menu.
  5. If only I had some holidays coming up to play the new 1.6 in.... oh, wait... Yay!!
  6. Vexillar

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YES! YES!! YES!!! >Does incompetent and embarrassing little dance< -Ahem- Thanks @SQUAD!
  7. There is a mod by @Antipodes that goes some way toward this - it allows Kerbals to be sent outside (most) doors at the KSC complex. But getting multiple Kerbals on to a vehicle would take a bit more manual interaction. Also looks like it's on for an update to 1.5.1.
  8. Vexillar

    So Long, Farewell, I Hate To Say Goodbye.

    Happy Holidays... and best wishes for your endeavours outside of the Kerbosphere. Look forward to seeing you around again before too long.
  9. Vexillar

    whats UP with kerbal??

    Hi and welcome... though I don't understand what you're saying...
  10. Yes! Thanks @SQUAD. That's a great re-work of a very useful, but hitherto sadly ugly engine. Do we need variants? I see why not: this is definitely a vacuum optimised engine, so any aero treatment is a bit futile - IRL it would be useless additional mass. The twin bells, I guess, are to make it realistic but still conform to the old form factor. Ninja'd by @RoverDude!
  11. Vexillar

    2001: A Space Odyssey rocket launch

    Another fictional example from the 1960s was Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5: I guess that as in that series they simply ignored the lack of gravity in space, they could also hand-wave the enormous vertical acceleration on that short ramp. (Not to mention the shadow of the exhaust on the sky...). Simpler times.
  12. Vexillar

    New Dan Kerman

    Welcome @Dan Kerman! Rendezvous and docking were the hardest for me, too, at first. Landing took a bit of trial and error to get the fuel loads right, but like you I was a kid during the Apollo programme, so some of that childhood fascination for spacecraft seems to help in eyeballing a workable design. Oh - and that I grew up with Lunar Lander as one of the few computer games of its time.
  13. Vexillar

    Suits of Non-Kerbonaut characters

    That would be tricky... the suit packs for Texture Replacer (etc.) can only replace the textures (erm... figures...), not the body mesh for the kerbals. Hence everyone would still have the shape of the standard or vintage space suit (and helmet in EVA). So we would need something to change the mesh as well. That must be possible - as the Space Ponies mod replaces the heads with differently shaped ones - but the bodies have lots of animation (even more now!) so all of that would have to be replicated too. Sounds like a big job.
  14. Vexillar

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    When I came in to land a relief crew for my Minmus mining and fuel production base, and the base spontaneously disassembled and threw the surviving parts into orbit.
  15. Hi @Turk_WLF. Welcome back. 1) Yes, the good thing is that many of the stock parts have been (and are being) re-textured to give us more options and better resolution. One of the trade-offs is that the old familiar part icons are not so instantly recognisable. Maybe that will be addressed in a future version (coloured backgrounds have been suggested on the fourms) but in the mean time, you can filter by part size. 2) Build your launch platform first - with its own probe core. Add a structure to hold the satellites (fairings with truss enabled are often good for that) and build your first one "backwards" from the decoupler upwards. The either drag the complete satellite and decoupler to the subassemblies area on the left to create a re-usable satellite for this and other lanchers, or simply Alt-Drag to copy it as many times as needed. You might want to create a little platform out of panels and/or octagonal struts between the fairing truss mounting point and the decoupler to angle you satellite and get its COM more in line with the rest of the launch vehicle. In that case, drag/copy the platform too.