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  1. Vexillar

    Looking for working diagrams

    Hi @Oldwannabeastronaut What sort of scale are you contemplating? Assuming a static model of reasonable proportions, I'd guess that (poly)styrene "I" channel would be the basic material. Lots of model makers' suppliers carry it in a variety of sizes. I won't post specific links here, but search things like "Styrene I Beam" or "Model Latice Girders" or "Model Structural Shapes". Don't forget to post pics !
  2. Vexillar

    Hello from Kent, UK

    Hi and welcome @Lazarus42! The booster problem was well answered above, so... Mods - each player will develop their own preferences and style of play. Many use the excellent MechJeb mod to help out with flying their craft, either because they are getting to grips with flying, or else know exactly what to do, but want to skip the hands-on flying bit and get on with other aspects of the game. Others (like me) still like to fly manually. There are also great aids to building your ships. Kerbal Alarm Clock is very useful when you have reached the stage of wanting to run multiple missions at the same time - perhaps in Career mode, clocking up the contracts. It really helps avoid sending your VIP tourists into the wrong orbit 'cos you were too busy tweaking the orbit for that satellite contract. There are loads of great part mods - fuel tanks, engines, command pods, plane parts, rover/vehicle parts, extra science experiments, and so on. Personally, I like to build surface bases and mining operations, but other player's Kerbonaughts rarely set boot on other planets or moons. Some parts mods are just whimsical... why not? If you have a reasonably fast machine, there are visual enhancements that add a little extra realism: clouds, city lights, reflected light from planets, and so on. Stock Kerbals don't need a lot of care and attention while on duty. If that seems a little too easy, then there are mods that make them a little needier - you then have to supply oxygen, food, water, space to move around in, entertainment, etc. Just don't let your little green tamagotchis die of neglect or boredom! The Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) and Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) mods allow your kerbals to move objects (i.e. parts) around and build things out of them. And loads more! Have a browse around CurseForge and SpaceDock to see what is popular (or just takes your fancy) and try them out - you might like to create a separate install to do that, so as not to disturb your saved games (especially if you're playing career). Once you find you're hooked on a mod or two, add it to your main install. Have fun!
  3. Erm... Greetings! Welcome to the world in front of the curtain .
  4. Nope, I don't get it either... could you explain further, please?
  5. Vexillar


    Welcome and enjoy!
  6. Vexillar


    Hi! Nice to see you! Looks like lots of good tips already on building stations.
  7. Vexillar


    Welcome! Get stuck in and explore, and - what @adsii1970 said!
  8. Vexillar


    Yeah, @Xd the great, that's often going to work in these situations, but the orbital anti-radial direction covers more cases and is something you can lock the SAS to (assuming sufficiently experienced Kerbal pilots or advanced probe cores). Just saves eyeballing a bit. (And apologies, the icon for prograde should have been .)
  9. Vexillar


    Hi @FlexT_ape A tip for getting a stable orbit if you find your Ap is way high: don't continue pushing prograde , actually push inward (yes, toward the surface). This will lower your Ap and raise your Pe but retain a good proportion of the excess kinetic energy you've already expend3d.
  10. Vexillar

    The Moon ate my ship.

    A ship relocating into the surface when landed is not something I've come across, but I have had odd instances of ships getting stuck in the surface when Jeb's had an off day flying: Giant Darts, anyone? As for a fix, you could edit your save to raise the altitude a metre or so, enough to clear the surface (always keep a backup - editing saves is dangerous even if you know what you're up to) or if you've plenty of fuel, use the cheat menu (Alt-F12) to put the ship into orbit and re-land. P.S. Forgot the obvious and easier way - use the cheat menu to turn off crash damage and take off as you did before. This time, no boom.
  11. Vexillar

    Hello there

    What, you mean have your flagship shot up and chased by droids? That wouldn't have been friendly of us, would it? But belatedly, Welcome to you too!
  12. Vexillar

    Rover Refuses To Move

    I think this is a (well lamented) limitation of the Unity game engine? PS: Make sure the wheels are not fitted upside-down or pointing with the bottom toward the front or back of your rover. With stock wheels it should be fairly obvious which is the bottom, but some non-stock wheels need a good look to check.
  13. Vexillar

    Superior Galaxy background

    I don't think we can get quite the same "awe" factor on a computer screen that the astronauts got from their 360-degree wrap-around ultra-high-dynamic-range view, no matter how fantastic the skybox images are .
  14. Vexillar

    What's kerbal money called?

    Another UK-(ec)centric answer would be "bob". (as in "five bob", meaning five pre-decimal shillings, each equivalent to 5p decimal; plural was never "bobs")
  15. Vexillar

    Making your own code

    (Reverse Polish Notation) - quite right; all nicely stack-oriented. There's even a language whose entire syntax is based around RPN, called Forth.