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  1. Val looks well pleased with her new suit on the opening menu.
  2. There's something weird here. My FLT-400 and -800 show the legacy texture in the VAB (with no alternates) but when I launch the new textures show. Going back to VAB any parts already on the ship now have new textures and switchable, but adding parts repeats the behaviour. FLT-100 and -200 work as expected. So - different players see this on different parts, all from a fresh clean install? --------- OK - sort-of ninja'd by @TriggerAu's post above. Fix already underway. Thanks guys
  3. Tried this and was about to agree (at one point the pod was stable, falling sideways even with the parachute partially deployed), but then repeated with the same ship and situation in 1.4.5 and got similar results.
  4. So far, so good... looking forward to trying out all the revamped parts and modifications. The new suits look great. Just one thing... am I seeing things, or is the old HECS model still there alongside the new one?
  5. Vexillar


    Hi @zherdev. Welcome to the forums as a non-lurker now . Looking forward to whatever it is you have cooking for ... >cough< ...
  6. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    erm... no thanks... (makes swift exit to bathroom) ...but then again, I guess we all see with the insides of our eyeballs...
  7. Vexillar

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    Hey... does that mean that Kerbals are secretly into oval circuit racecars?
  8. Vexillar

    You know you're a noob in KSP when...

    ... when your side-mounted boosters don't jettison far enough and take out your core stage.
  9. Vexillar

    Aircraft cannot make banking turn

    <MrPunchVoice>Oh no it doesn't!</MrPunchVoice>
  10. Vexillar

    Garble the post above you!

    Spinning Sledgehammer >sneeze< cap
  11. Vexillar

    G'day from THEdragon

    Hey there @THEdragon. We've had a great summer here in the UK... time to send it down under now, I 'spose.
  12. Vexillar


    Welcome! And Kudos for getting stuck in with the mods
  13. Vexillar

    A noob to the forums needs help

    Welcome! And thanks for being so willing to share. More fun for everyone
  14. Vexillar


    Hi @HigenHort But how do you like your chicken?
  15. Vexillar

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race