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  1. Yay! Happy anniversary! Now... pointy hats with reddish spheres. Where have we seen those before? Must be a very ancient tradition among kerbalkind.
  2. You know you've been playing too much KSP when... look at the picture above and hear the Space Plane Hangar music playing in your head.
  3. Ok - who asked for more powerful rotators? Now look what's happened!! Jeb's going to love learning to pat his head and rub his stomach.
  4. Looks like the prop has built-in pitch control - I guess helicopter blades generally need more complex arrangements. Can't wait to find out.
  5. Wow... thanks!! This update just keeps on giving (And my first FIRST )
  6. Right. People who haven't bought it think it's a game. We know that it is really trans-dimensional signalling software that allows us to share and develop our space tech knowledge with highly motivated, fun-loving aliens. At least that's how Bob was explaining it to me. Jeb just wanted to get on with the launch.
  7. Rover deployment, Kerbal lifts, unfolding satellites, swing-wings, VTOL swivel engines, self-righting mechanisms, hoppers, walkers, whatever next!?!?!?!! Gadgets Galore!!
  8. It's been mentioned briefly, but I see a lot of cameras in the promo pictures - on the new helmets, on an experiment, on a robot arm... must be significant? And the suits - I see blue, white and orange... like the jumpsuits in the menu icons and (old) kerbal videos. I like where that might be going.
  9. Hi @Victor3 As previous answers have said, the travel time is determined by the transfer orbit's period. This is, (as represented by Kepler's third law) proportional to the square root of the cube of the semi-major axis, a. [How much of the orbit's period is used in the transfer might vary according to timing, alignment or desired efficiency, but it remains the fundamental factor on which the other factors bear.] Hence, the further from the Sun, the longer the period, independently of the difference in the start and end body's SMA. So - using @KerikBalm's example above, if we take the the orbital period for an orbit with a of 1 AU to be 1 year, the period for an orbit of 0.75 AU would be about 0.65 years. The period for an orbit with a equal to a 1.25 AU orbit would be about 1.40 years. So the further out one is from the Sun (or the planet in whose moon system one is transferring), the longer the period. Period.
  10. Well spotted! Indeed... shows that positive feedback from the forum improves the game for everyone. All in all, can't wait for this release
  11. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! No more fiddling round trying to select the central manoeuvre node and keep getting one of the others! I love this !! Thanks!!! Oh - and the new skybox is delicious too. Yup, that's how we spell it on this side of the water .
  12. At least your ship is still above the ground.
  13. Happy to see some new parts as well as the revamps! Nice
  14. All in all, a great revamp, I think. In keeping with the old part, but better in so many ways (esp. rivets gone ). As @Lupi alluded, the old part's concave top made it difficult to clip/blend it nicely with angled surfaces while trying to get the position and direction just right. The new one should make that a bit easier. Bit if it were possible to have an "unblistered" bare nozzle variant as per @StrandedonEarth's suggestion, that would be the sprinkles on the icing on the cake. (I've wondered about the rationale for the aero blister... in my head, it's because this part would be used mainly on large craft - that would not fit inside a fairing - and so even for a deep space missions the verniers would be out in the wind on launch. Also because it came before fairings were in the game, and because Eve.)