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  1. @cineboxandrew Hey - this is great! Looks like it solves pretty well all of the limitations from the existing decal part mods. It's particularly nice how it works with the bump maps. Like @Beetlecat and others, I was/am expecting the new stock decals in 1.10 to be similar to the ones we already have; but eagerly awaiting the release to find out. When I get the time, I hope to update IDFLAGS to use the stock parts, and would love to add an integration for Conformal Decals too. From the quick tests I've done today, Conformal Decals works fine with my flag images - the single letters and digits fit very well, though (like other 256x160 images) the double digits it most cases need to be scaled down to around 60% to avoid horizontal clipping. I don't think that's too hard to work with, so basically, nothing for me to do there . For the remaining decals in my modlet, looks like I'll need to add a new part along the lines of the ones you've done for semiotic and general decals.
  2. Now, if only the forum could be updated with the ability to give 100 likes to a post... LOVE this!
  3. Moar science parts - very welcome IMHO. And the decals? Well, I have to like them, don't I? (looks like I'll need to revamp my modlet post 1.10!)
  4. Indeed - the caves could not be "holes" in the actual planetary surface, but would have to be modelled as discrete objects like the Mun arches or the buildings etc.. (The Mohole should be considered a "featured anomaly" rather than a precedent for more general subterranean adventuring). What the limitations are to the depth/extent of such objects are I couldn't guess - and presumably it would be impractical to mine tunnels/caverns at will - only to "break in" to predefined areas. Personally, I find this an interesting idea, but not a feature I'd exchange more than one limb for. Per experimentum et defectum ad astra!
  5. A mining and construction sub-game? We could call it MineKraft or something...
  6. If you click on your avatar (icon) at the top of the page it will show a list of you activities, including posts. You can find other people's too, by clicking on their avatars in any post.
  7. Yes and no... Star Theory had hinted that KSP2 might be released sometime after March/April 2020... but not how much after. The latest hint is perhaps we'll see it within 12 months... or not. Just a wild guess here... but it was noticeable in Star Theory's cinematic that the parts were older than the then current KSP1 parts (aka assets, in part, erm...) perhaps all the lovely revamped KSP1 parts weren't licenced to Star Theory????
  8. The mining/fuel plant/colony direction suits my play style. KSP 1 has taught me a lot about spaceflight and physics. KSP 2 really looks to be expanding into new science. I wonder if the science gathering aspect of the game is going to be expanded significantly too?
  9. Wow! Brachistochrone trajectories, Torch ship engines, Pink Metallic Hydrogen! Looking good
  10. What makes you think it is only one of us?
  11. They're temporarily turned off because of a technical problem. Hopefully back soon.
  12. Lots of great questions and lots of great answers! Thanks @Snark for taking the time to compile and ask what we all came up with, and thanks to Nate for giving these insights.
  13. A few random queries that spring to mind: Will it be possible to fly multiple ships in atmosphere "at the same time" - for example, to emulate a SpaceX booster recovery? [And if so, how does the gameplay do that?] In the trailer, it looks like Kerbals might have varying hairstyles and suit colours - are these selectable? Will there be many options? And part colour schemes - more options than KSP1 currently has? And I have to ask will there be flags and decals in KSP2?