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  1. Yeah once I discovered Career Evolution and started watching it closely, I did the same for a few UbM tech trees. Yemo's looks like the one I'd go with, but like you said it's probably going to be a little while before Yemo or anyone gets one updated because of all the new parts added by MH.
  2. @nightingale - You would know! I wasn't expecting a reply from you. Thanks for that little tidbit. Now I just need an unmanned before manned tech tree and I'm good to go.
  3. I didn't find this mod until after 1.3 and my career was too far along to use it, so I've kept a close watch on it ever since. I'd really like to see this in action in 1.4.1. I'm not posting this to whine about when/if it'll be updated, just want the author to know there is still a demand for this mod and there's probably more like me hoping it'll get a new release.
  4. I'm not sure if I've got an issue or if I'm just missing something. I just launched my Kerbin station core, I didn't add a lab or anything, and I didn't want to launch a Mun or Minmus station because of the problems I've read about so I didn't accept those contracts. They're just sitting there waiting to be accepted. But now I've completed my contract to launch the Kerbin core and nothing is happening after that. I thought there were supposed to be contracts to add power cores and labs and all the Station Science stuff but they haven't shown up. So I looked at the list of contracts under the Bases and Stations tab in Mission Control and for like the "Add a TH-NKR lab to a station" contract it says the condition for having a station WITHOUT a lab is unmet. But it should be met. I've never launched a TH-NKR lab. Ever. Is the mod just waiting for me to launch the Mun and Minmus stations also or what?