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  1. That makes perfect sense. Good explanation. Thanks for all you do @Poodmund.
  2. I hate to be the one that keeps coming back with bugs but it's only because I think this mod is fantastic and I want it to be everything it's supposed to be. As others have mentioned, I'm also having trouble with getting the BaseMoonCore contract to be offered, even with Mission Control telling me I've fulfilled all the requirements.
  3. I'm sorry guys, I've been trying to do some studying before I ask but I'm still not understanding. Say I wanted to do a relay-lander combo mission. If I just had a dinky little Communotron 16 on the lander and left the relay in orbit around Duna using a DSN 3, how could I enter this in the spreadsheet to find what I'd need on the relay to ensure a connection? Or is that not how this sheet works?
  4. @Gidreess, if you read the page before this it says OPM works in 1.4.3.
  5. Figured it out. I finished the six months in space contract by bringing the kerbonauts back home, but doing this left the station empty. The one year in space contract didn't become available until another crew was returned to the station. So this fantastic mod is still working, it just doesn't specify anywhere that a crew needs to be on the station for the next contract to become acceptable.
  6. This is happening to me too, but with the Year In Space contract. This contract pack is fantastic, just wish it worked better. I'm not brave enough to mess with configs to get the contract accepted.
  7. Ahres

    [1.4.1 PlanetShine, Mar 28, 2018

    Apologies for not following up sooner. It's the weekend before finals week here. I didn't ever get to look at the logs or check for the celestialbodies config because I just deleted kopernicus, OPM, DOE, and Planetshine, started and quit the game, then put DOE and planetshine back in and now it's working perfectly. So it was kopernicus or OPM that messed it up. But we'll learn more when I try it all again on my new copy of 1.4.3 later this week. Thanks for the help @Valerian! By the way, a couple other things: 1) Cool to see @Valerian helping out in the planetshine thread once again! 2) @Papa_Joe, the planned feature of having sunrise/sunset light is a very exciting one. If I knew anything about modding I'd be all over that. Just watching the live feed of the ISS and seeing the whole structure baked in red-orange light is pretty cool. Just throwing this out there in case you're trying to figure out which feature to get into next.
  8. Ahres

    [1.4.1 PlanetShine, Mar 28, 2018

    I'm running 1.4.1 and had the old planetshine running on it perfectly. I updated to the new one just because. But then I got greedy and added kopernicus, OPM, chatterer, and distant object enhancement all at the same time. Now planetshine is screwed up. The bodies being orbited still emit light, but there's no color to it. Minmus and Kerbin were both reflecting white light. So I deleted kopernicus, OPM, and DOE because I'd rather have planetshine than any of those. But now the problem still persists. I started thinking about it, and I had this problem back in 1.3 as well. It's gotta be kopernicus screwing it up right? I'm too bummed to keep messing with it tonight. I'll test it on a fresh install tomorrow. A couple quick google searches makes it seem this isn't a common problem.
  9. Not sure how much changed under the hood, but Planetshine finally got updated after all this time! Has anyone found if OPM is working with this new version?
  10. Ahres

    The Duna Enterprise

    I just read through all of this in the last couple days! Very nice work! A fun read and it's cool how you're "contracting" out for designs.
  11. Just checked. It's the same in my career persistent.sfs. The Original Four all have the hero trait, none of the other kerbals, even those for hire, have it. Still don't know what it's for though.
  12. @Skystorm, yep I'm asking about the "hero" flag. I know what badS and Veteran do but I don't recall ever hearing about a Hero one. Did you just make that code snippet or is Jeb's Hero really set to True? I didn't look at Jeb's in my file because he died in a plane crash a long time ago already haha. But my current hotshot pilot, Carson Kerman, has his Hero trait set to false. Just curious what it meant.
  13. A couple of quick searches in the last week or so have proven fruitless so I'll ask it here, what is the 'hero' trait for Kerbals in the persistent file? If I remember right, it wasn't there in any of the 1.2 or 1.3 versions which are the earliest I played in. Is it there because of 1.4 or because of MH? Anyone know what it's about?
  14. Yeah once I discovered Career Evolution and started watching it closely, I did the same for a few UbM tech trees. Yemo's looks like the one I'd go with, but like you said it's probably going to be a little while before Yemo or anyone gets one updated because of all the new parts added by MH.
  15. @nightingale - You would know! I wasn't expecting a reply from you. Thanks for that little tidbit. Now I just need an unmanned before manned tech tree and I'm good to go.