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  1. KSP - Kloud Synthesis Program
  2. I want better presentation of launches. In KSP1 your engines fire up with small flames and weak sound, and there's some small gray smoke/steam puffs that fly out the sides of the launch pad - it's underwhelming. I hope KSP2 does a much better job portraying the scale and power of a launch. Huge flames, billowing smoke, loud deep rumbling. I want to be in awe of the work being done of this behemoth I've created as it's trying to get off the ground. I think of the Apollo 11 movie, as they're nearing liftoff the comment is made by the PA that the engines produce however many millions of pounds of
  3. I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I'll present it: with the Show and Tell videos on loop you can now play KSP with the KSP2 soundtrack playing in the background - which I'm doing right now. This music is exactly what I want for this game. Nate, please pass on another compliment to the composer. This one from Ahres.
  4. Just remembered it’s actually the Distant Object Enhancement mod that does the skybox dimming. My mistake. Thanks for keeping this mod alive. So good.
  5. @prestja thanks for continuing support for Planetshine. I've noticed though that the feature of darkening the sky box while on or near a body's surface has been gone for the last couple versions, is this a glitch or on purpose? It was a feature that I really appreciated.
  6. I didn't catch this. There's a decent chance it is planetshine from Kerbin. But also in the video, what appears to be Eeloo has this same blue lighting on the night side.... So it could be a second star. Seems like it'd have to be awful close to Kerbol to shine that much. My last guess is that it's just lighting they're using in the pre-alpha for whatever reason.
  7. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the continued development for KSP, but I’d really like to see a 1.875m variant for Making History.
  8. Wow look at that! It looks just unbelievable... that you stranded a Kerbal just to show off how good Minmus looks!
  9. My first ride on the KSP Hype Train! I’m so proud of Squad for what they’ve started. KSP is a game I’m so invested in that a sequel feels like something we all played a part in helping come to fruition!
  10. This is of course the great day for Kerbalkind when we leave our KSP1 and set foot upon KSP2.
  11. I’m blown away by these screenshots. What visuals mods am I looking at here?
  12. Thanks @Poodmund for continuing the support of OPM! Very exciting! We look forward to its future!
  13. Holy cow... This is so cool! Why do we still have to wait eight more days?!
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