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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the continued development for KSP, but I’d really like to see a 1.875m variant for Making History.
  2. Wow look at that! It looks just unbelievable... that you stranded a Kerbal just to show off how good Minmus looks!
  3. My first ride on the KSP Hype Train! I’m so proud of Squad for what they’ve started. KSP is a game I’m so invested in that a sequel feels like something we all played a part in helping come to fruition!
  4. This is of course the great day for Kerbalkind when we leave our KSP1 and set foot upon KSP2.
  5. I’m blown away by these screenshots. What visuals mods am I looking at here?
  6. Thanks @Poodmund for continuing the support of OPM! Very exciting! We look forward to its future!
  7. Holy cow... This is so cool! Why do we still have to wait eight more days?!
  8. [snip] I’m continually blown away by what designers have come up with without any robotics parts, so I can’t even begin to imagine what we’ll be seeing here in the coming weeks! I’m so excited!
  9. Now that is art. Personally, I can't stop thinking about folding satellites up into fairings!
  10. They don't? It sure looks to me like they do. At some point folks have to wonder if people are dissatisfied just for the sake of being dissatisfied.
  11. Thanks @KSK, that's a good example. And I can show more from southern ID if need be. I just wanted to address the steep sides and contrast to existing terrain as they seemed to be the bigger complaints.
  12. Thanks to @RealKerbal3x on this. I'm a genu-wine forums dude now. Here's a quick look at what I'm talking about, assuming I did this right. https://imgur.com/a/TkOf4AC
  13. Ah man... the time has finally come for me to post my first picture on the KSP forums and I don't know how to haha. What's the trick on that @Tyko?