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  1. Oops. My mistake, Rutabaga. Love the name by the way.
  2. It was the KSP account. Took me a while to find it but here’s a post from almost 40 pages of hype ago:
  3. If it helps ease your doubts, there’s a precedent. They’ve announced ahead of time on Instagram for at least two episodes that filming was in progress but never gave a solid release date. This doesn’t feel much different than that. Still, I don’t blame you one bit for being cautious. Although, are you actually being cautious if you just bet your KSP save?
  4. High stakes!! Care to elaborate on why?
  5. This would be a cool feature in multiplayer. One player that likes designing craft and another that likes flying could team up in the way you’re thinking. It seems like this was mentioned before and Nate Simpson saw it and thought it was a great idea.
  6. Agree with @The Aziz here. It’d just feel off to me if every body in one star system was the hardest of its kind to navigate around/on. Now changing perspectives a little, could there be something in the star system that makes it generally hard to navigate? Like multiple asteroid belts maybe?
  7. I’m not usually a fan of sharing news of a screenshot from a Reddit post because my skepticism grows quickly about its truthfulness, but it does make sense so I’ll mention it. According to the unofficial KSP2 subreddit, it appears the next feature video is coming “in the next few weeks.” Between it being early October now and the message saying “next few weeks”, I’d expect the team to keep the pattern going and save their big post for the last Friday of the month. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume the next feature video is dropping on October 28.
  8. This. Not to mention friction between landing gear and ground surface is... wacky. Maybe on Val if I'm not landed on a perfectly level surface should my craft start sliding downhill, otherwise, that sucker best be still sitting where it first landed.
  9. I bet you're right, Strawberry. When I saw it, environmentally, it didn't look much more impressive than KSP1 in my opinion. But maybe this is an area covered with ejecta. Of course, if that's the case, should there be rocks visible? Or should there at least be ejecta on top of the rocks? Idk, something about this screenshot is just a letdown for me. To be fair, the graphics seem to be dialed back. The shadows are very undefined. But, man, has anyone seen a picture of our own moon where the rocks and the rest of the surface have such a difference in color? No me gusta. Or should I say, "on em atsug"? (@Pthigrivi)
  10. Only for you, Deadmeat. And I better make sure @joratto sees this too. Here's what I've got: This one talks about who came to the studio and has a picture of them: Das' Footage: Highlight: KSP 2 Gameplay Footage - Twitch Das' Footage Breakdown: KSP 2 Roundtable Recap - Gameplay Footage, Dev Interview, and AMA - Twitch BadNewsBaron's Twitter Thread: Here's a reference to the "after-party" dinner. It seems the video is no longer available?
  11. There are different resources out there. Das Valdez, Scott Manley, EJ, etc. plus a couple modders like Galileo and I think LinuxGuruGamer, and then Snark from the forums all were invited to the studio. If I'm motivated enough I'll add some links. Das has a really long video on Twitch going through some game footage he was allowed to share. There's another video out there somewhere of the whole group in a restaurant afterward and they're talking about the game. Seems like there's a long twitter thread from another streamer.... Bottom line, it's out there.
  12. I looked hard at that far-off hill and decided terrain shadow isn't implemented in that image. I went back and looked again this morning... and I still think it isn't. Sure, there are unlit faces. But there's a difference between being unlit and actually having higher terrain casting shadow on lower terrain. Maybe you're in the same boat as I was: I didn't realize there was a difference until one of KSP's updates added it in as an optional setting.
  13. Besides the scatter element that the Kerbal bent the spoon on, there's visible scatter also present on the far hillside below the horizon. There's more and more detail in this picture every time I look at it: Reflection off the visor. Lighting in helmet to show the Kerbal's face. Kerbin in the sky next to Kerbol. Visible gas clouds again in the skybox. No shadows implemented (in this image) - neither Kerbal on terrain nor terrain on terrain. Lower left corner is showing camera view cut through the ground. Similar behavior from original game.
  14. Also, let the record reflect that Ahres has noticed the KSP Twitter account has posted a KSP2 screenshot two Mondays in a row.
  15. I'm glad someone else pointed this out. Seems like the KSP Instagram account has given a heads up in the past that filming was in progress. Finding that out almost made me get Instagram, but alas, not even KSP was a great enough tempter.
  16. Put me down for the 30th, intelliCom!
  17. I wonder if the visual artifacting near the bottoms of the SRB's (as pointed out by @ShadowZone) indicates separate parts.
  18. Don’t forget about the show and tell of the tutorial shaders. You get an explosion right at launch and it’s sooo smooth.
  19. PAX makes so much sense to me for them to be present. But then again, I'm pretty sure I said the same exact thing last year. I tried messaging the KSP Twitter account to see if they'd be attending in some form. No response.
  20. I'd put stock in them being present at PAX West before I would Gamescom. However, neither of the respective official websites show Take-Two, Private Division, or Intercept Games being present. So currently I don't expect them at either of the events.
  21. Fair enough Bej. I’ll admit I’m especially nitpicky on you because… of reasons stated earlier in the thread. I think you’re right that there won’t be hundreds of planets to explore. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s much more than you think there are. Sorry @Wizard Kerbal, show’s over
  22. @Bej Kerman I know it appears it was deliberate, I promise it wasn’t. I took it as meaning you were saying the devs were doing procedural generation at small scales, like minor surface features only seen at close distances. But there is no misinterpretation of “everything is handcrafted.” And I just don’t recall this ever being stated. I’d still like a source if you have one.
  23. What’s your definition of large-scale procedural generation? You seem to be ditching the “everything is handcrafted” stance I just called you out on.
  24. Do you have a source for this? I’m under the impression it is factually untrue to say everything will be handcrafted.
  25. Profound. This is probably the most we've ever been on the same page, Bej. I've been thinking this for a while now. I think the excitement, feature requests, and take-your-time-and-get-it-right sentiment from the community greatly swayed the release schedule.
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