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  1. You're not reading too much into this, it's has been touched on at least a couple times in the past. I'd have to dig for it, but it seems like some of the job listings for Intercept Games hint at an unannounced Kerbal project. At least, they used to. It's been awhile since I've looked.
  2. The T2 investor presentation lists KSP2 releasing Q4 FY23. If I'm not mistaken, this is the narrowest release window for the game that we've ever been given: January 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023.
  3. T2 earnings report today lists KSP2 as releasing Q4 of FY23 for PC. Meaning the game is slated to release before April 1, 2023.
  4. The Aziz gets it. The ending launches with the view of Glumo, the first shot of the big interstellar vessel and orbital station over Jool, and the radial booster decoupling on the first rocket... they're all gems.
  5. While I do take Nate for the type that looks at all the posts he gets tagged in, I don’t see why he’d answer this when you’ll be getting the answer in less than 24 hours at the time of your posting anyway. As fun as it is to be able to get the attention of the Creative Director of what could end up being the best game ever made, I cringe at posts like this. I don’t want to see forum users abusing this.
  6. Can you elaborate on this for me? Because it’s interesting and I don’t know how to see for myself.
  7. I've never listened to one before but it appears you just sign in to a webcast here: Q4 2022 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Earnings Conference Call | Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (take2games.com) Interestingly, the most recent Earnings Presentation has a note on its FY22-FY24 Pipeline Details stating updated pipeline details will be included in the FY22Q4 presentation. That's the one happening on Monday. So what are the possible outcomes? A release date announcement before then, a delay announcement before then, a narrowed release window in the presentation, or... no news at all and the release date remains officially FY23.
  8. Sounds good to me. I have no problem taking MechBFP's word over a random Twitter account.
  9. Didn't even catch that. Nice one, The Aziz.
  10. For the sake of saving people from freaking out, the reddit thread discussing this "leak" is largely leaning toward it being fake. Apparently it's missing some recently announced games.
  11. Can you believe it's already been three months since the last earnings call? Now we're already on to FY22 Q4. For at least the entire past fiscal year the information regarding KSP2 has been static, stating an FY23 release. I expect that to be the case again for this report, although a narrowed-down window would be exciting. In related news, a leak was presented on Twitter showing a slide from the upcoming presentation. Its contents were... concerning. But I don't follow any other game franchises besides KSP, so I don't know if this "leak" has any merit to it. I guess we'll see on Monday.
  12. As @Pthigrivi pointed out, we already know there’s uneven distribution of terrain scatter. And thank goodness there is. Even distribution would be boring, right? I can get more on board with what you’re saying about ambient lighting though, because it caught my eye as well. The Kerbals definitely have some while their shadows don’t.
  13. Fair enough! Hopefully your “soon” is soon.
  14. Respectfully, MechBFP, I don’t see how you can say this with so much certainty. Has it been awhile since you’ve watched the announce cinematic? With the same degree of certainty you gave, I can say it is definitely not an exact scene from the cinematic.
  15. I want to talk more about this possibly being a screenshot. I really hope it is. It's just about everything I want to see when I land on KSP2's Mun for the first time. The only thing missing is some footprints, and they may just be in the shadow. Look at the terrain! The scatter, the small craters, even some small rilles! Rilles! Never even thought about them being on the Mun. And the lighting is wonderful. High contrast between sunlight and shadow. No visible starfield. My fellow lighting critic, @PDCWolf, might even approve of this. Man I hope this is in-game.
  16. Maybe.... I wouldn't get my hopes up though. We've only ever seen one style of backpack. The charge indicator just suggest you may have more to worry about than a Kerbal's RCS supply. That which you're suggesting is confirmed is definitely not confirmed though.
  17. What do you mean suit designer?
  18. The KSP Twitter account posted this. Those are KSP2 Kerbonauts. If this is a screenshot...well holy good night. Edit: The backpacks have charge levels on them! Functioning PLSS's?!
  19. @SciMan although it kind of feels like your post came out of left field, it seems like my attitude toward the game and its developers aligns well with yours. I just simply think we can expect something tomorrow. I don't see any freakouts, game-is-dead chants, or existential crises for at least the last two pages. Which is probably a record. Edit: And then @whatsEJstandfor promptly ended that streak right before I posted.
  20. That made me laugh. I expect a S&T or maybe even a Dev Diary. A Feature Video would completely catch me off guard. It'd be a surprise to be sure, and a welcome one. And I think we still have a little while until a release date announcement. When looking at it through the corporate lens, here's what I think: T2 has their next earnings call on May 16 for Q4 FY22. The reports have been stating a release window of FY23 for upwards of a year now if I'm not mistaken. Since this coming report still falls in FY22 I expect the same status to be listed for KSP2. But... the next earnings report wouldn't come until what, August? We'd better have a release date by then, dad gummit. Otherwise, I'll have to give a tip of the cap to all the negative nancy's on this forum that think the game will be delayed again.
  21. I think it's fair to expect something tomorrow.
  22. That's why I said, "their very early interview". Are you suggesting that after an increase in scope and a 2+ year delay it's going to cost anything less than $60?
  23. For @Vl3d and @jastrone, I'm pretty sure the price of the game is already confirmed to be $60. I recall Scott Manley and Nate Simpson talking about it in their very early interview.
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