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  1. The funny thing is that it took me a couple additional readings to understand what you were even talking about. Ha!
  2. Well said, the Aziz. Like I mentioned, I'd still play the heck out of that newest UI. And, if I'm being honest, it's already grown on me in these days since it was unveiled.... Anyway, moving on to your screenshot, I noticed that clip as well. I do want to add another solely personal preference: I love the idea of the "tapes" flying by in the new UI as your vessel is blistering up into the sky or approaching the ground way too fast. That's a feature that could come in handy for landing where you can get a peripheral sense of how fast the ground is approaching without having to actually look at your velocity value. So I do hope that stays. What a fun thing to have included. Oh dear... maybe I'm a fan of the new UI now. I didn't know I could flip-flop that quickly about something KSP related.
  3. Wow Xelo that's amazing!! This is exactly what I'm envisioning! Also, another note for Nate, because I feel bad. While I've expressed my preference for the UI style, I'd still very much be happy with the latest style we've been shown in the Early Access Feature Video. It seems like folks on the forums saw the PCGamer style and were very vocal about how they didn't like it. Now we've been shown a new style because the devs were cool enough to respond to our feedback, and there's people saying they liked the old style better. That's got to be disheartening for whomever put so much work into what we've been shown on this latest iteration. Let it be stated at least once that it's still a very good UI and I would absolutely enjoy using it.
  4. Probably a major headache for the devs... but we can dream. This is a fun idea. To simplify this for people that aren't sure what a kPa even is, it'd be cool if the atmo indicator that we have in KSP1 and now similarly in KSP2 "morphed" depending on which atmosphere the vessel is in. Meaning the atmospheric density, as it's shown in the indicator, is thickened or lessened depending on the body. May as well have the indicator change color to match that of the respective body's atmosphere too, so on Kerbin it's blue, on Duna it's now orange, etc.
  5. Now that I know Nate is watching this thread, I'll throw in my thoughts as well. I agree with Ryaja here. As I've said on the Hype Train thread, I really liked the style of the UI shown in the PCGamer article. I know that's highly subjective, but to me it feels worth mentioning. The usefulness of the newest UI is wonderful, so having it in that older PCGamer article style would be the sweet spot for me.
  6. I won't bother saying what's already been said, but I guess I can start giving some feedback and bring up the UI. I quite liked the style of the UI shown in the PCGamer article and now what I'm seeing feels like quite a step back. It's definitely practical and useful, but it looks... placeholder-ish compared to the best (IMO) of what we've seen in the past. Agreed. The role-playing aspect of it would be entertaining for me for all of ten seconds. That seems like a pretty major game mechanic to add in for how little gameplay it actually adds.
  7. Is anyone else binging all the Feature Videos ahead of tomorrow?
  8. Not a bad take. If it is indeed the colonies feature video, it could still showcase relevant things like supply routes, new parts, boom events, Kerbal roles/specializations, and even the UI.
  9. I've been wondering this ever since the game's announcement. And I've pretty well not researched much about it because I wanted to learn about interstellar travel through KSP2 like I did with orbital physics in KSP1 (I'm one of the few and the proud that didn't watch any KSP YouTube videos until after I had already gone interplanetary). So from the standpoint of I-don't-know-anything-about-interstellar-space-physics, my intuition tells me because the super-massive blackhole at the center of the galaxy is what keeps stars in orbit around it, that same force applies to an interstellar craft as well. But the distances are so vast, and gravity is quite a weak force, so is there really any noticeable change in your velocity vector? We don't see stars (greatly) changing positions from our earthly perspective. So, I imagine while yes the center of the galaxy is tugging at you, it's not noticeable in relation to the star you left and the star you're headed toward. Which, in summary, I guess this means essentially that your vehicle will go in a "straight line" until a force vector is applied?
  10. FYI, Joe, there's another chat screenshot after that which says to tune in this week. I've been guessing it's about colonization, but @Pthigrivi may be right. It could just be a release date announcement video.
  11. Good point. This is something I knew but forgot in the moment trying to throw the OP a bone.
  12. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Good call, The Aziz! Oh snap! All because Deadmeat rolled a 14!
  13. I'm guessing you had the same internal question that I did when I took a stab at some Kerb-speak a while back, when doing sentences do Kerbals say the entire sentence backwards as well or only the words? "em airatsug reel anamuh"?
  14. Shoutout to @Mafuchu who took the time to make a forums account just to make sure us forum regulars saw the TikToKSP post. Thank you!
  15. I like our chances for the next feature video to be out at the end of the month. Now with that TiktoKSP introduction, I'm wondering if we get the release date at the end of the video.
  16. Seriously. I don't have Tiktok and never will. When I saw the tweet I thought, "oh cool, good for them." But then I realized what the file on the table said and holy smokes. That's exciting.
  17. Part of me still can’t believe that’s Vall. If it is Vall, I’m really curious to see what Tylo looks like.
  18. Oops. My mistake, Rutabaga. Love the name by the way.
  19. It was the KSP account. Took me a while to find it but here’s a post from almost 40 pages of hype ago:
  20. If it helps ease your doubts, there’s a precedent. They’ve announced ahead of time on Instagram for at least two episodes that filming was in progress but never gave a solid release date. This doesn’t feel much different than that. Still, I don’t blame you one bit for being cautious. Although, are you actually being cautious if you just bet your KSP save?
  21. This would be a cool feature in multiplayer. One player that likes designing craft and another that likes flying could team up in the way you’re thinking. It seems like this was mentioned before and Nate Simpson saw it and thought it was a great idea.
  22. Agree with @The Aziz here. It’d just feel off to me if every body in one star system was the hardest of its kind to navigate around/on. Now changing perspectives a little, could there be something in the star system that makes it generally hard to navigate? Like multiple asteroid belts maybe?
  23. I’m not usually a fan of sharing news of a screenshot from a Reddit post because my skepticism grows quickly about its truthfulness, but it does make sense so I’ll mention it. According to the unofficial KSP2 subreddit, it appears the next feature video is coming “in the next few weeks.” Between it being early October now and the message saying “next few weeks”, I’d expect the team to keep the pattern going and save their big post for the last Friday of the month. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume the next feature video is dropping on October 28.
  24. This. Not to mention friction between landing gear and ground surface is... wacky. Maybe on Val if I'm not landed on a perfectly level surface should my craft start sliding downhill, otherwise, that sucker best be still sitting where it first landed.
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