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  1. I think I see what you're trying to say. But there is a reason to think it will launch in 2022, don't you think? The FY23 news is almost as old as the CY22 news. Since you're not acknowledging what I said, I'll try a couple different angles. All of last year Steam said KSP2 was coming in 2022. Then we hit the new year and it said it was "Coming Soon". I believe it did this automatically. Enough of us talked about it here on the forums and it got noticed. Now it says 2022 again. I believe the powers that be corrected it to make sure people didn't think a release was imminent. But they still corrected it to 2022. Not 2022-2023. Also, this YouTube video has Nate saying it will release "next year". Not next fiscal year.
  2. Bej, we all get what you're saying. Absolutely. But you may be missing that the Fiscal Year 2023 news is not "new" news. Last year's shareholders report stated FY23 as well. And that was only a few months after Nate's announcement that it was to be released in CY22. So if you're saying that the CY22 news is old and therefore no longer relevant, then the FY23 news is as well. Not to mention, the FY23 aspect is not common knowledge. The CY22 aspect is. The majority of people following KSP only know about CY22 and not about FY23. They haven't updated that window, which makes me think it's just as relevant as the FY23. Put me in the April 1-December 31 camp.
  3. Would a new feature video released within the next month or so that’s about colonies or multiplayer give you some faith in the game being released?
  4. This is amazing Also, @MechBFP just proved Dres mathematically exists. Quite the feat. This individual deserves a medal.
  5. There's a precedent for some (unimportant) action happening on April 1st. It's also the first day of the official, current release window. We've never reached the eve of a current launch window before. Think Intercept does anything tomorrow? It is a Friday after all.
  6. Ah c'mon sunnypunny! I really thought you'd take me up on this. If you're feeling good about your guess you should take me up on this. If you're right, it doesn't cost you a dime whether it's a good game or not!
  7. Can't help but notice the group of people always crying foul that everything still says "Pre-Alpha Capture" aren't talking about how the last image doesn't.
  8. A and B are where you're told which VAB you're working in. So are those UI elements in this shot just not working yet? Or did they cover them up to not give something away?
  9. If I may jump in a little late here. While it's fair to say the latest official word is FY 2023, it's still very old news. Folks seem to have forgotten that last year's earnings report also listed KSP2 as FY23. That report came out only a few months after the official announcement that the game would be delayed until 2022. I'd argue that Intercept has said exactly what you're saying they should say if the game is coming out this year, "Kerbal Space Program 2 to be released in 2022". It just happens to also be in FY23. I'd very gladly make a deal with anyone that thinks the game won't come out this year - I'll buy your copy of KSP2 if it doesn't come out in 2022 and you'll buy my copy if it does.
  10. Ah, I didn't realize this was how it went down in 2019. Thanks for shedding some light on that @The Aziz.
  11. The epitome of the thing I never knew I wanted.
  12. That was great, @The Aziz. Thanks for that Furthermore, if folks would take the time, they'd see that Nate was on the forums just 17 hours ago at the time of this posting. He's probably reading all these comments and feeling a few different things: - Disbelief - at how quick folks are to go apocalyptic - Guilt - he wants this game released as badly as we do - Relief - that there's still folks on this forum that have some sense of level-headedness I always ask myself the question: what can I hang my hat on? People that say the game's development is dead can only hang their hats on the fact that a show and tell didn't come out last week. That's, of course, after KSPStar said there should be no expectation for a consistent show and tell release schedule. On the other hand, folks that think we're getting the game this year can hang their hats on the fact that the release window is currently April - December 2022. Not 2023, not sure where that's coming from. And anyone can go on YouTube and watch a 2021 interview with Nate that says "...we're in the final stretch, we're releasing next year." I'm no linguistics expert, but I think that means it's releasing in 2022.
  13. Using an orbital construction yard I don't think there's any limits. But there is a hard limit on crafts built in the VAB.
  14. There are high expectations for a S&T today, I hope the streak continues. Any guesses what we get today?
  15. While I see what you're saying, I know Intercept is trying to make planetary science as realistic as possible (think Minmus being glassy instead of icy). So with that in mind, would one expect Rask and Rusk to be vastly different? Besides, this feels like a complaint that you can't make until you've played the game and landed on both of them. From orbit they look similar, but who knows what we'll find on the surface.
  16. @obnox twin I'm not sure how you would've just heard this somewhere and it being legit. But you may be thinking of a comment I made a while ago that said almost exactly that.
  17. Haha! It comes and goes for me, but I've definitely been obsessed trying to get any extra scoop of KSP2 info I can get. We're definitely on the brink of the next Feature Video, but I've been assuming it gets released around the time of PAX. Also, I missed it in a very early Nate Simpson interview but he said there will be a multiplayer feature video. So it seems that we've got Colonies next, and then Multiplayer [hopefully right before release, which is hopefully before the end of (the northern-hemisphere's ) summer].
  18. I think we have to give up on a release in April at this point. The marketing for KSP2 is pretty minimal, and I'd expect it to pick up in the month or two leading up to release.
  19. MT, I think the first clip is just supposed to be a fun little scene of a Kerbal on the Mun with Kerbin in the background. I think for the second clip, all signs point toward it being Jool - probably from the surface of Tylo. I think what you're seeing is a Kerbal standing on the night side of Tylo looking up at a sunlit side of Jool. Pay attention to the lighting, everything is green (green planetshine from Jool).
  20. Welcome to the Forums, @Vl3d and @Volcomlancer! I'm very much the optimist as well. In light of recent news saying the next Feature Video is being filmed, my optimistic timeline is: Feature Video Episode 5: Colonies releases in April at PAX. The end of the video announces the release date: summer 2022.
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