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  1. I’m not sure they’ve actually said “soon”. I’d be happy if you prove me wrong though, DA.
  2. Are you sure we're not variants of each other? I might be falling in love with myself.
  3. Thanks for this Minmus Taster, you do good work. Man I just want to play this game already.
  4. Welcome to the KSP forums @phillibetrus! I too am hoping for life support stuff, at least in a minimal form, but I'm not getting my hopes up. There's been a lot of discussion about life support already so feel free to dig around on the forums to see all of our theories and discussions. You should also know that Mashable just came out with an article on KSP2 recently and it had this quote from Nate Simpson: "Simpson noted that, while you can colonise other planets, you won't have to worry about feeding your Kerbals and keeping them alive once you get there. Life support isn't going to be a concern." Kind of an intriguing line. It says you don't have to worry about life support "once you get there". But it also adds some confusion because we've seen screenshots of colonies that had greenhouse modules attached.
  5. Thanks Nate for likely dialing it back. You’re saving me from myself.
  6. Shoot. I need to stop looking forward to the Show & Tells. I didn’t want to see any more new planets, I want to discover them on my own. But I gave in and looked anyway.
  7. Incredible timing @Johannes. I'm sitting here on my lunch break with this page open, just finished re-listening to this interview trying to pick up on anything I might've missed. It's not time for your lunch break yet though, get back to work. Also, Tom > Johannes > Clean-Shaven Nate but Tom > Johannes >= Bearded Nate
  8. Love the title. I think we'll get a dev diary before two months. But I don't see the next feature video happening before then. To the best of my knowledge we don't know how many feature videos are left, but I imagine there's one for colonies and one for multiplayer. If two more is the bare minimum, and we assume the game's release date is the first half of 2022, it most likely will be longer than two months before we get the next video.
  9. Been fun hunting so far! I've never put in the hard time to look for all the old ones, and now I've got even more to hunt down! If you're wanting some extra entertainment, I've got Jeb photobombing every screenshot.
  10. Like the rest of us, @Nate Simpson is just trying to be as cool as Tom Vinita.
  11. This is over my head for some reason. I click on the links and they try sending me to the steam store, so I log in and get nothing. How do I get the HD versions?
  12. Nate rocking a beard. Right on. Almost thought we were going to get a "soon" out of him regarding multiplayer, but we didn't get there. He did say they're on "the final stretch" though!
  13. Intercept has said before that the console versions of KSP 2 would come some time after the PC release. So if the console versions are also coming in 2022...
  14. The Kerbal Effect is a very real phenomenon. Thank you Felipe, thank you Squad, for letting me experience it.
  15. I'm with @Anth12 on this, don't make it free for anyone and keep cranking out paid DLC's so that the game's development continues for a decade and beyond. I'll happily keep pitching in money to what could very well become the best game franchise of all time.
  16. No one has mentioned it but in the 3rd-person Kerbal view at the end of the last Show and Tell, the Kerbonaut sprinting past has facial hair. So there's a decent amount of diversity that's already been shown considering all the combinations of gender, asymmetric eyes, glasses, hair styles, and facial hair.
  17. Nate, personally I enjoy it always being that same launch vehicle we've seen since the announcement. To me it's become something of an icon for KSP2.
  18. My hype levels have reached new sustained maximums since the last feature video (Episode 3) came out. Yours have too. Now we've gone almost two weeks without a Friday Show and Tell, and the KSP 2 Discussion forum has pretty well sorted out all it can for the time being. So, I now present to you a screengrab from one of the KSP 2 videos on YouTube that I inevitably reviewed due to current hype levels: it's what I'm calling the KSP 2 Feature Video Bingo Card. It's not a treasure trove by any means - I believe we've already seen at least five of these shots. But there are some things to be on the lookout for here.
  19. @tg626 one of the updates revamped the lights and they now default to a soft, warmer color. Right-click on them and change them back to white light and they'll be much brighter.
  20. Nice K^2. My 2 cents, because it's been on my mind for a couple years now, I could see Private Division going all in on physics/science simulators that are fun AND educational. So an unannounced mission that likely relates to the Kerbal universe is not surprising. Think about it, aerospace could be just the beginning of a Kerbal brand of games that cover a range of topics that are interesting to play with but would also contribute to the players that are genuinely intrigued by said topics ending up pursuing a career in them - think structural design (like yours truly), or different emphases of mechanical engineering, or a full-blown Kerbal submarine program, or something else entirely. A Kerbal could someday represent more than just a gutsy (or not) space-farer. A Kerbal could someday be the epitome of "the gateway drug to physics" to the current and next generation.
  21. I want better presentation of launches. In KSP1 your engines fire up with small flames and weak sound, and there's some small gray smoke/steam puffs that fly out the sides of the launch pad - it's underwhelming. I hope KSP2 does a much better job portraying the scale and power of a launch. Huge flames, billowing smoke, loud deep rumbling. I want to be in awe of the work being done of this behemoth I've created as it's trying to get off the ground. I think of the Apollo 11 movie, as they're nearing liftoff the comment is made by the PA that the engines produce however many millions of pounds of thrust upward on a vehicle that weighs close to however many millions of pounds. Millions of pounds! You try benching two plates and think you're a beast, these engines are pushing a millions-of-pounds machine off the ground. KSP2, help me begin to fathom that.
  22. I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I'll present it: with the Show and Tell videos on loop you can now play KSP with the KSP2 soundtrack playing in the background - which I'm doing right now. This music is exactly what I want for this game. Nate, please pass on another compliment to the composer. This one from Ahres.
  23. Just remembered it’s actually the Distant Object Enhancement mod that does the skybox dimming. My mistake. Thanks for keeping this mod alive. So good.
  24. @prestja thanks for continuing support for Planetshine. I've noticed though that the feature of darkening the sky box while on or near a body's surface has been gone for the last couple versions, is this a glitch or on purpose? It was a feature that I really appreciated.
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