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  1. Ok first, I only wanted to suggest a mod that doesn’t replace the stock system like kss and has scatterer configs unlike GN second, I Didn’t know it would take so long. I angered star crusher when I asked him to make an option to let the kerbol system be the stock system. I just wanted to leave a comment and get a contingency file that will work for making kopernicus planets that I can actually stand on. Sorry if I made you angry but I wanted to suggest features and get a proper confit file for kopernicus that will work.
  2. I have done it with stock parts. It was a long journey, but it is possible. BTW, do you have a config file example for planets with kopernicus. Like Gas planets, Rocky planets, Planets with Atmospheres/Oceans (I know how to do stars) I'm trying to make a planet mod myself but I never have success with rocky planets, I rarely have success with gas planets.
  3. What happened to the Olei-Gaia folder I liked playing with kerbin but when I remove the Gaia config file, I get the (kopernicus is not working message) at the front screen. Can you find a way to fix this. I also have some suggestions. 1. Make an option to make Gaia a different planet and Kerbin the home world 2. Make an option to make Olu'um a gas giant (I don't like that Olu'um is a sub star.) 3. Make an option to put The planets around a different star (I did this in my own time myself so it should work) 4. More Planets. Also, can you make
  4. Can You Make an option that will keep the stock system but keep the other star systems and their compatibility with other mods.
  5. Hi I have a problem that when I use scatterer the light from the galactic core overrides the light from the new sun. The night side of kerben when it loads in is facing the sun and the day side always points twords the core
  6. For some reason the front half of the runway at the main ksc and rooks glory is half covered by the terrain can you fix this please
  7. Can you add reaction wheels to the craft because I used one of them to go to go to Duna and needed to turn on infinite fuel to rotate the craft and I don't want to use infinite fuel. Thanks
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