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  1. The other thing I did to correct that problem was to verify integrity through steam IIRC. Although not sure if that was what fixed it. Please keep in mind that I have no technical know how of how KSP or mods work. I was just dangling at straws back then.
  2. I use Scart91's texture pack with texturereplacedreplaced 0.4 and it is working fine for me. @Galileo Is that not recommended? The head and suit textures are loading up without a hitch in game. @LandwalkerMy folder structure is as follows C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\TextureReplacerReplaced\Heads\ has separate female and male folders for placing individual heads textures. C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\TextureReplacerReplaced\suits\ has separate folders for each class of kerbal (scientist, engineer, pilot and more for example if you have MKS classes) The suit textures go into these.
  3. Did you reinstall the dependencies (scatterer) or are they left over from previous svt install? I get this everytime I move on from svt or update to a new version without reinstalling dependencies.
  4. Can you point me to the repository? Is it this one?
  5. I Installed the latest release from the github release link. The version there says 1.9.6 but ingame AVC says it is 1.9.5 and i meant for KSP 1.1.3. Is this normal? What version should I install?
  6. That also happens but most commonly I get BSODs along with it. I see that you rolled back the drivers. Did you do clean installs using something like Display Driver Uninstaller or just stock uninstall and reinstall?
  7. I got this when I had two magicore.dll's in my gamedata folder. One was in the gamedata folder itself and was outdated. The other was in gamedata\magicore folder and was up to date. I deleted the outdated one and KCT is working fine for me. But if this is not your case please ignore. Can you tell me what is different here from last dev build?
  8. Was there a BSOD? Most probably caused by latest nvidia driver. I have been getting a lot of them since updating.
  9. For me as well. For a minute there it appeared to have come back but the past few hours have been bug free.
  10. This is a bummer. I quite love this mod. But this is a different result. I believe I'll test this myself.
  11. Producing an output log file might be helpful because I too have encountered this bug but since then I have uninstalled this mod. I might put it up again and see if I can reproduce it though.
  12. @Craig DI also use the TooManyOrbits mod. It is such a useful little mod when you are in year 2-3 of your space program with multiple sats around kerbin SOI. However it never caused problems with KISS for me. Also if you go to the mod menu for toomanyorbits you can change its hotkey. I have changed it to "?"
  13. Can someone explain how to design a proper static fire test? Should I just keep the clamps closed on the launchpad and burn the thrusters? If so for how long and how many such tests are ideal before the actual launch?