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  1. Sorry I haven't found them but will keep looking and pretty sure AnimatedDecouplers never was added in was going to but don't remember adding it
  2. This might help you but you will need blender to import then export into something you can open in 3ds max
  3. If there are some legs you are using that just don't look right you can post the cfg fo0r them or send me a pm , I take it that tweak scale limit is 200% and still not the size you want with a little edit of the cfg might fix that.
  4. There has been a couple of these mods one was just has you said by making a new fuel and cfg and the other mods used a plugin will look around and see if , I can find them. couldn't found the rest.
  5. Never know when your going to need something lol
  6. What part or mod that needed to update ? I really only seen one that might need too
  7. Because of mods you maybe use that don't have updates ?
  8. It all should really work with just alittle edit of the cfgs but for some one to pick it up not so clear on the licenses part they have it All rights reserved but on the download sight there 2 of them that are under MIT and one under GPLv2 so what are they ?
  9. Guessing you also installed parttools and 2nd thread might help