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  1. What part or mod that needed to update ? I really only seen one that might need too
  2. Because of mods you maybe use that don't have updates ?
  3. It all should really work with just alittle edit of the cfgs but for some one to pick it up not so clear on the licenses part they have it All rights reserved but on the download sight there 2 of them that are under MIT and one under GPLv2 so what are they ?
  4. Guessing you also installed parttools and 2nd thread might help
  5. Did you install smokescreen ?
  6. ? then just download the station parts and not all of them did you see on first page Space Station mod files: and alittle edit or MM patch would fix the size
  7. You wouldn't have to used the plugin if you didn't want to you could just use the part and edit the cfg's to what fuel you want the pods to have and the engine part what thrust
  8. It should have worked with just MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod transparentShaderName = Legacy Shaders/Transparent/Diffuse transparentTransforms = CabineGlassBottomLeftSide|CabineGlassBottomRightSide|CabineGlassCentre|CabineGlassLefSide|CabineGlassLeftSide| CabineGlassLowCenter|CabineGlassLowRightSide|CabineGlassRightSide|CabineGlassTop } but in ksp 1.7.3 it didn't work at all so I added the name of the texture to it like in the first post to get it to work but the windows are pink when its off then on the whole top of rover is transparent hope we can get a fix soon.
  9. You might try MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod transparentShaderName = Legacy Shaders/Transparent/ERSGlassDiffuse transparentTransforms = CabineGlassBottomLeftSide|CabineGlassBottomRightSide|CabineGlassCentre|CabineGlassLefSide|CabineGlassLeftSide|CabineGlassLowCenter|CabineGlassLowRightSide|CabineGlassRightSide|CabineGlassTop } but for me it was still buggy
  10. You might check this out
  11. There was like only 2 or 3 dishes that it would work they just pointed to what ever you set has target if some one knows coding or the code that its in maybe they could look at the old dll and see ?
  12. It can be done but it was took out of RT a long time ago but at one time it did work ( this was when JDP did RT )