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  1. @Wyzard truly, you live up to your name. thanks! now just to figure out why Konstruction parts won't appear in the VAB (a different forum topic, I know). Trying to build some worker bees for orbital construction. These parts (plus the Konstruction ports) are exactly what I was looking for.
  2. hey all. I was wondering if anyone had an issue where they don't have an IVA available for the HERP pod. Not even the portrait in the corner. My Kerbal is loaded in - he can transfer to other crew modules and take a crew report. There's just no...inside. Everything is fine with the AES pod, and I've combed through the cfg files looking for anything that seemed missing or out of place (with my only rudimentary knowledge on the inner workings of KSP mods). Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I was wondering: a bunch of parts from this expansion are double listed in both the SMArmoryTrucks/SMArmoryTanks categories as well as the structural category. Is this as intended? And if not (or if so, even) is there a better way to change it other than manually editing each config file? Certainly not a huge deal, but given how the SMI structure helps clean up and organize all the parts, it struck me as a bit odd. Thanks for your great work on all these mods all the same!
  4. Just wanted to drop a giant thank you! Land aircraft has always been the one thing I could never get even a remote handle on in KSP (resulting in most of my planes coming to a stop with either just a cockpit or a smoking fireball). This has opened up a whole bunch of content for me. Going to try my hand at writing a flight plan at Nye Island this weekend I think. Thanks again!
  5. coming back to the game for the first time since 1.4, and I just want to say how amazing this round looks, Nertea. I've always enjoyed your mods, but you've really outdone yourself this time. Thanks so much for your work!
  6. it's from a little later in the evening, but nothing much should've changed
  7. Log: My observations: I did my standard lander dedocking, with no craft switching. My station crew's Details report was still visible the whole time, and the "crowded" deduction climbed all the way up to -15/day. The losses in total health were still present after I re-docked, though health loss came back down to -1.5/day at that point. I'm not going to pretend to understand the nuts-n-bolts of modding in KSP, but my guess is still that it has something to do with all the docking I do and something, somewhere, not differentiating between the station and the lander. Let me know if there is any other info you want. Thanks!
  8. I think I figured it out, actually, having switched back to the lander after taking the screencaps for the above post. Back on the Mun, everything is reading out normally. My guess is that detaching the lander from the station doesn't reset what the active vessel is, so KH is calculating the station crew's change/day using the lander's layout (which would explain why I'm getting a details page when I shouldn't be). That's a gross overlook on my part. My apologies.
  9. Is there a way to allow debugging once a game has started, or will I need to start a new game to select it from the difficulty menu? As to try and better describe what I'm observing, I'll try and help out with screenshots. shot 1) showing Thomrie's details page when the Mun Lander is disconnected from the station (Jeb is the kerbal in the lander), daily health change at -5.5/day shot 2) Thomrie's details page from my Mun station (with the lander still on the Mun)showing a daily HP change of -0.59 shot 3) just a shot of the physical station itself, for reference. The only non-stock part on it is the observation node from stock-alike station parts (crew cap: 4)
  10. I went through the thread and saw some other people having issues with unloaded kerbals suddenly having negatives increase. Looked like maybe a fix was found, but now maybe not? Just curious what came to be with that situation...asking for a friend... But from watching the report alone, my station crew's "crowded" factor increases by multiples of 5 when I leave physics range. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the mod. life support on an abstract level without long production chains. Thanks for the work!
  11. I had no stations in orbit when I made the edit, and on re-launching the game client, I received contracts for Kerbin, Mun, and the sun.
  12. Thanks! I wasn't sure where to start it myself.
  13. Every few months I'll come back to KSP and start a career, and I'll have to re-figure out things. One of those things is always how to satisfy the LAN requirements of satellite contracts. A google search will pull up forum results that basically boil down to "it doesn't matter" or "eye ball it," which are answers I find rather lacking for my play style, though if you're running a pure stock game, those are probably the only real answers. But I run a lot of mods, and enjoy the building and planning of an efficient rocket. So here is what I have come up to help those like me (apologies if this is somewhere else on the forums. Just haven't found it). 1) LAN matters! - Crunching the numbers for orbital parameters can get messy, fast, especially for amateurs (like me!). But LAN isn't just a throw away line meant to add flavor. For non-equatorial orbits, LAN will determine the angle the major axis runs through the body being orbited. Being off by more than a few degrees (+/- 3ish) will keep you from completing the contract, even if your AP, PE, and inclination are all otherwise spot on. 2) Change is expensive - You can fix your LAN in orbit, but it will cost a ton of delta-v. More than just an inclination change. A lot more, in fact. If you are significant;y off from the target LAN, you'll be having to make plane changes on all three axes. That's terribly inefficient! 3) Add-ons can help...and confuse - I like MechJeb. I'm a terrible pilot, and it makes a lot of the mundane things easier. But it has a LAN problem. I don't know the nuts and bolts of it, but at KSC, it will not give you the right readout for LAN. Once you get into orbit, it's fine. Luckily, Kerbal Engineer Redux does give the right value Given all that, what I have done is add KER's LAN readout to it's HUD (it's actually the only thing I use KER for in-flight), and use that and the warp to launch into the correct LAN for peak efficiency.. Assuming a relatively efficient ascent profile, you'll use L=T+87, where L is the LAN at KSC and T is the LAN you want for your orbit. Just warp until about 90 minutes before the Target LAN comes up, the fire away. It's deceptively simple, so I'm sure many have already figured it out, but I thought I'd share my findings. TO THE MUN!
  14. @Fishfan I had a similar issue. I ended up deleting the requirement concerning the sun, and everything seems to be running, I just have a consistent contract offer for a sun station. Maybe not the ideal solution, but a work around at least