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  1. I'm not too interesting in updates anymore (I'm at 1.7.2 and skipped the latest DLC completely, wasn't interested in it). I'm finding them more trouble than they're worth when using mods. I'm not one of those who has the time to start fresh with each new update and then put mods back in one by one. I'm too old, just don't have the patience anymore. I still play 1.3 and 1.4.3 and they are both hands down better than 1.7.2 performance and stability wise. Since 1.6 and up, the performance hits have been too much for me and it seems to be getting worse with each newer version. It's like they keep adding weight to the camel but don't do anything for the poor camel to support the added weight. I think this game needs an engine overhaul or something. For me this game peaked at 1.4.3 and has been going downhill ever since.
  2. I don't know how you are coming up with those performance claims but I just don't see/feel them. I've used both and notice no performance differences whatsoever on my system and believe me, I'm all about performance increases if I can get it. I've used the original, the one that was modified by wolferado when original would no longer work after I think 1.5.1, Continued, and Next. Since I've used original forever, I need a real reason to switch and so far I just don't see one. I'm one of those guys that needs to be convinced. Right now I'm not convinced anything is better than Wolferado Modified (for lack of a better name) or Continued. They just work. The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented if it still rolls down the road well. I see Continued being made for stability and Next being made for experimentation. No right or wrong, what ever one floats you boat. Just my take and no one elses.
  3. I liked your comments Jognt, it's pretty much in sync with my views on this as well.
  4. When you say KSP will fix it in a bug fix, I assume you are talking about after version 1.7.1 that was just released a couple of days ago? Not that I'm much worried about this as I don't plan on getting the DLC anyway.
  5. Ok. A warped reality engine. Never expected that I guess.
  6. This is without the RO mod.
  7. As far as I can see all RCS thrusters and APS Flight pack were fixed at last update. The only one I can still see acting funny now is the little Gemini Lander Engine.
  8. The Gemini Lander engine also has the same issue that the previous RCS thruster and APS Flight Pack has before you fixed it. Hadn't tried that engine until now or I would have reported it back when. It's a cool little engine, hope if you have time Raidernick, that you might fix it also. Thanks
  9. Just tried 4.0.9 and craft started wobbling pretty bad on way to orbit. Using 1.7. Hadn't seen this happen for quite some time now.
  10. You have to click C to go inside and then click on the lever on the door to open the door. You also have to go back in to close the door when you are done.
  11. For me, KSP performance has never been the same from version 1.5.1 and on. Version 1.4.3 remains my favorite version for overall smoothness and speed.
  12. You might have to get ckan to help on this one. Post in their thread and someone will direct you to post to open a support ticket. Someone there will quickly respond to you, hopefully for a solution for ckan to remove the original without effecting the other 'dependency' mods and then for ckan to install the latest. The boys over at ckan are pretty good with stuff like this. No problem overwriting but then you will have to continue to update it manually outside of ckan.
  13. No it's not. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued on CKAN is still pointing to original thread. It's should be pointing here.
  14. I'm not as brave as you. KJR has been tested throughout eons, is tried and true, works perfect, yet you would still toss it in favor of a mod that is not even out yet nor been tested. I'm going to stick with this one until I have a reason not to. Everything is rock solid with it for me and I don't have to think about it.
  15. For me the only confusion was with the forks. The code in this version is golden, no need need to fix what was never broken to begin with. Please don't give this away or we are going to be back in the same boat as the original thread had become. This thread will settle down as people begin to figure stuff out (all caused by the confusion that had developed in the original thread). Keep this one and let others develop their own stuff and people can choose what they want to use. The name "Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued" says it all. That's all I need to know.