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  1. That's all the more reason to separate out the threads.
  2. The thread is becoming confusing cause the longer it goes on, the more people are thinking KJR is Lisias' builds which it is not. In my opinion this thread should be closed until either Ferram4 resumes development of it or it is officially handed over to someone. Lisias should start his own thread on his own development of his version of this and should even call it something else to avoid further confusion. Just my two cents on this.
  3. MikeO89

    [1.4.5] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    That's good news about the legs. Currently the ones I've tested behave just like the stock LT-1 LT-2 legs which for me are terrible. Have way too much bounce on landing. Hopefully the suspension can be made to have fixed no bounce legs so the craft lands without the pogo stick action. To date this remains the top biggest issue for me in the game, Squad's implementation of spring/damper in the legs which is just totally all wrong. It's one thing to damper the shock of landing, but for some reason Squad insists on adding an opposite spring affect that bounces the craft back off the ground a few times at landing which totally ruins the experience. For every time you go up, you must come down. Squad has got the effect of going up ok but not coming back down.
  4. Did something get changed with the nuclear reactor? Recently I put one on a base and there wasn't even an option to turn it on like before. So it's just sitting there doing nothing. I didn't do anything different than any other time I've used it and all other times I could turn it off and on at will.
  5. Well whatever you did is still working for me in 1.5.1. Since it's working fine at the moment and the dreaded noodle joints have not returned, I'm not going to touch anything. When I get the game running just right, I hold my breath each time a new mod or game update comes out. Comes with the territory of running with mods and praying they don't turn on you and eat you up.
  6. Man that's one bad ass looking base dude! I have to try to re-create it (or try to come close to it anyway) in the SPH. I like it and I want it.
  7. For me it was not the performance that I had issues with, I have a plenty strong enough computer. I tried the mod and just did not particularly like the looks of it. It didn't makes things look better for me, it made them look worse. It kind of gave everything a washed out look that I didn't like. I'm all about improved visuals but this look wasn't an improvement for me. To each his own look I guess.
  8. I agree, I don't want them stock. I personally like the stock game look better than I do the stock visual enhancements mod. Make it optional if putting it in.
  9. That does not work unless you have already re-oriented the craft (or root part) in the VAB 90°
  10. MikeO89

    Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    This mod has not been updated in a very long time. I'm not even sure it's still supported anymore. After update 1.4x, any rcs thrusters in this mod no longer work correctly, they all shoot out a long blue plume that is wongos.
  11. I've already done that long ago. Seems like nobody cares but me. It's so lonely at the bottom being crushed by landing legs. lol
  12. To each his own way of playing I guess. You want ludicrous and toy like, no problem. I like a little more realism to feel like I'm actually doing a space mission rather than flying a space toy. No right or wrong way to play this game, I play to get as much real feel as I can get into it (and for the most part, this game does do that for me). That's how I have fun. It's why I brought this up. Something IMO Squad does need to address. They could make two versions of the legs to have options. Keep the ludicrous ones and makes some others that absorb the shock without having to go ludicrous and visual about it.
  13. The way Squad implements the spring and damper in the ksp legs in not even close to being realistic. It's about the most unrealistic thing in the game. Squad gets a lot of things right in this game but a realistic landing of space craft is not one of them. A real spacecraft has spring and damper but it's used to land the spacecraft taking up some of the shock. It does NOT land the way spacecrafts land in this game (using stock landing legs). It does not hit the ground, squash halfway down and then spring back up, sometimes even off the ground (making the spacecraft feel like it doesn't have any mass), and then tilt side to side. I don't know how you can look at those two landing videos and tell which one simulates the most realistic looking landing. Look at a spacex falcon landing or Apollo footage from inside the craft at landing. There is no movement when it hits the ground disturbing the spacecraft, the spring and damper is dialed in precisely to make sure that doesn't happen. In ksp, the stock landing legs make sure that will happen. I agree that there is spring and damper in landing legs (there is actually spring and damper in those FASA legs, it's just implemented a lot better), but it's there to ensure the craft sticks the landing, not to have pogo stick landings. Show me a truss with hinges or one that expands and retracts and I'll use it.
  14. No suspension. Exactly. They are legs without suspension. Something apparently for some reason Squad either doesn't know how to do are just plain won't do it.
  15. Short vid I made of FASA Apollo LEM legs at touchdown. The only legs I've used so far that land like this with no bounce.