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  1. Thanks dude! This mod is pretty important to me since I like to come home alive. Thanks for hooking us up
  2. Hell I only play 1.4.3 now. Everything after that for me and all my mods I use went downhill. It just works. I still keep a version updated to latest but frankly don't find it very useful.
  3. Hit C to enter the LEM (V to switch between the 2 Kerbs). Inside you will see a lever to open the hatch. Pretty cool the way it was done. A little trick. The lever to close the hatch can only be done by the Kerbie on the right. Make sure if you take that Kerbie out for an EVA, he goes back in or you won't be able to close the hatch. I rode all the way back to Earth with that door open once when I didn't put the kerbie back in (I left him at a moon base). Was pretty funny.
  4. There are changes to the lights since 1.8.1 for some reason. I have all the lights set in the VAB to solid on. Once in space after I turn the vehicle lights on via "U" key, the vehicle and docking LED lights go on but all the lights I had set go off and I have manually turn them all back on one by one. It's never done that before. Unrelated to this but I have the weirdest issue now since 1.8.1. When my ship in on the launch pad, there is a small purple square underneath the ship sticking halfway in the ground and half up. When I launch I can see the small purple square still sitti
  5. Crap is 1.8.1 out? I barely now just got 1.8 to load. Dunno if I want to go through that again.
  6. This new version is a no go for me. It busted about 25 craft I had previously built that contained bluedog parts of old. Can't do it. The craft I build are my whole existence in this game. Can't do without them. On a side note, I had not even been able to play 1.8 until today when Firesplitter updated to make the game load finally. Saw the game get through the loading screen finally only to then see my most cherished craft were now not loadable because of the Bluedog update. No joy. Went back to an older Bluedog version and got my crafts back.
  7. I still can't even get this game to start since 1.8. I'm stubbornly not removing my mods, instead waiting and hoping for some mod updates that might fix my problem. The thought of losing all the stuff I've built just makes me ........................... I recently installed a mod called Madlad which I guess checks for bad mods during start up. Boy it sure doesn't like Tweakscale. Throws out in your face messages about not proceeding with it in it's current version.
  8. I tried removing Firesplitter and it did load this time. Problem is a lot of my crafts bases/space stations will no longer load cause now they are all now missing parts. Crap. That's the problem with playing in sandbox mode and spend all your time building stuff with parts from mods. Once you do this, you are dependent on them if you want that craft/base/space station to load at a later time. That's the way I play so I am pretty much fubared in my current state with 1.8 (and my mods). Unless there is a work around for this, I will have to go back to playing my saved and cherished version 1.43.
  9. Same thing happening to me after 1.8 update. Stuck at verifying Expansion: Making History Squad Expansion/Making History. Hitting Alt F12 gives me a bunch of the same error. Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  10. I'm not too interesting in updates anymore (I'm at 1.7.2 and skipped the latest DLC completely, wasn't interested in it). I'm finding them more trouble than they're worth when using mods. I'm not one of those who has the time to start fresh with each new update and then put mods back in one by one. I'm too old, just don't have the patience anymore. I still play 1.3 and 1.4.3 and they are both hands down better than 1.7.2 performance and stability wise. Since 1.6 and up, the performance hits have been too much for me and it seems to be getting worse with each newer version. It's like they keep
  11. I don't know how you are coming up with those performance claims but I just don't see/feel them. I've used both and notice no performance differences whatsoever on my system and believe me, I'm all about performance increases if I can get it. I've used the original, the one that was modified by wolferado when original would no longer work after I think 1.5.1, Continued, and Next. Since I've used original forever, I need a real reason to switch and so far I just don't see one. I'm one of those guys that needs to be convinced. Right now I'm not convinced anything is better than Wolferado Modifi
  12. I liked your comments Jognt, it's pretty much in sync with my views on this as well.
  13. When you say KSP will fix it in a bug fix, I assume you are talking about after version 1.7.1 that was just released a couple of days ago? Not that I'm much worried about this as I don't plan on getting the DLC anyway.
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