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  1. @BRAAAP_STUTUTU @juanml82 How I'm reading the technical data about scramjets, It is estimated that the max speed for ramjets may be somewhere from mach 10 to mach 17, to even orbital velocity, at mach 25(depending depending on the assumptions and input data). Kerbin Orbital velocity is somewhere at mach 6-7ish. For our stock size purposes, conventional ramjets are scramjets. Btw Mk2 expansion has a scramjet, which can get up to mach 10. While testing, I got a cheat plane up to dres. For stock size, Scramjets are too Powerfull to be reasonable. But they would work well for RSS I could Imagine
  2. GrandProtectorDark

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    I just manually add Kerbal-words into the dictionary when it underlines them in red
  3. GrandProtectorDark

    Filling Command Chairs at Design Time

    TBH, Surface EVA should totally be a thing for tourist kerbals, but without RCS. I consider orbital EVA a tad to complicated for Tourists, but walking over another planets surface should be in it.
  4. GrandProtectorDark

    Lets talk about the new update.....

    Paid multiplayer really isn't the way to go. Especially since TakeTwo aquired ksp Just can you image the Armageddon levels outry and accusations about Evil T2 ruining ksp when Squad attempted paid multiplayer. Also, the numbers which you proposed are EA level of scumbag online transactions.
  5. GrandProtectorDark

    Lets talk about the new update.....

    About planets. No one currently at squad actually knows how those work (or how it seems). Part revamp. Literally everyone who played with Vens part revamp ad many more who did not, wanted stock part reworks. And for you. The Pre-1.5 black cockpit variant still is usable via mesh-switch (most new parts have multiple appearances)
  6. GrandProtectorDark

    possible creation of a (unofficial) KSP discord server.

    Actually, The official ksp subreddit already has an official ksp subreddit discord
  7. GrandProtectorDark

    Kerbal Space Program Update 1.5 Grand Discussion thread

    I'm rather fond of USI LS and think a slightly adjusted version would fit well into KSP. The high degree of penalty customization would most certainly be a good thing, as By default, kerbals turn into Tourists instead of dying but can be deactivated or made to temp or perma death. Only complain is, In USI LS, the hab time function is rather hard to play with without any mods to play around it (like KPBS/SSPR or MKS), so that would have the crew cabins situation be a bit reworked (as the only hab like cabin is the hitchhiker). But TBH, as of now, I think it works better just as mod. Also imagine all the try hard player, bragging about their super-efficient LS no mining no refueling TM missions
  8. GrandProtectorDark

    [WIP]Mars Direct

    Looks pretty cool.
  9. GrandProtectorDark


    Loads fine enough in 1.5 I haven't seen any obvious (new) Issues
  10. GrandProtectorDark

    Kerbal Space Program Update 1.5 Grand Discussion thread

    Everything looks so white and uniform. I like it
  11. GrandProtectorDark

    Wormhole from AVP Interstellar?

    I asked the AVP dev on the KSP discord and this is what he says: There do is a mod named KopernicusExpansion, which has the ability to add in wormholes. KEX doesn't do that on itself, but rather needs planet modders to do it(like how EVE doesn't add in clouds on its own)
  12. GrandProtectorDark

    Standalone Fusion systems from Interstellar-Extended?

    While not officially released, nerteas dev release for Far future technologies, adds in engines similar to the design theme of KSPI, while remaining as simple plug-and-play as stock engines. Assuming you manually download the right updated versions of FFTs dependencie mods(B9PartSwitch, CRP, ModuleManager and CryoTanks), it should work in 1.4.5(despite not having been updated since 1.3.1)
  13. GrandProtectorDark


    Nice to see you are back. Hearing that you are gonna look to further repair this mod is really good. Also, a request, although of rather low priority. The Pulsar jet object from old instantiator was also a nice thing. If you find the time after fixing the more important things in this mod. I'd wish for you to look if it would be possible to re-add that addition as well.
  14. GrandProtectorDark

    [WIP] Nert's Dev Thread - Current: SSPX Redux Alphas

    @Nertea Ah, I see now. Comparing your recent work with FFT, I do see the quality difference. But I think they still look really good compared to the alternative(which would be KSPI)