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  1. I mean the tech I'm talking about could theoretically be used to power Lifter rockets. Not just probes.
  2. Several of the beamed propulsion tech concepts I've seen, uses the beamed energy(microwave or laser) directlyas thermal energy, instead of converting it into electricity
  3. For all it matters regarding what one has to deal with in KSP, SSPXr is already filling the role of advanced habs more than enough.
  4. 1. The medusa Is cool. It's running animation is just perfection. 2. reduced apu mass. Nice 3. I noticed that the bombs have an actual model. Nice detail for something only really visible for a second 4. did you adjust the acceleration again? The pulses do feel more spread out over the pushed-retraction (or pushed-extension with medusa) phase of the detonations (like what tiktaalik mentioned). It's nice
  5. Claws can only grab parts. So I highly guess those are gonna be parts too (asteroids are also parts btw)
  6. Couldn't the same argument be made about the Swivel/Reliant? Swivel has gimbal and very little higher isp, reliant has no gimbal but slighly higher thrust. Otherwise pretty much the same.
  7. Multiple claws can grap a single object. Use a 3 point triangle out of claws for larger ones
  8. That foil actually doesn't look that bad tbh. Much nicer than some other, more questionable choices. But I kinda get the feeling I have seen something similar somewhere else before. chough
  9. With B9 it makes me think that that may be Nerts kerbal Atomics or Cryoengines that does that. Iirc it does include a broad patch that adds a hydrogen/hydrolox switcher to most LF/Ox tanks it can find.
  10. No one asked for this, but here's a Saturn-Shuttle but done with X-33
  11. BDB parts aren't as single use as people past-me included claim them to be. MH and BDB both have a majority of parts usable for whatever. And both have dome specialised parts that aren't really that lego-able