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  1. Well, in the movie it was mentioned that millers planet has 130% of earths gravity. Which is simplified down, 1.3g. I gave Doyle 1.3g surface gravity. Also the Endurance Mod is a bit underpowered compared to the movie
  2. The more fitting thing to say would have been "spiritual successor", rather than a continuation. Technically 1.0-E (the one for 1.6.1 and lower) would have worked for 1.7.0, as the changes in Kopernikus had happend in 1.7.1. But Upgrading to KSP 1.7.3 is probably for the better anyway.
  3. That's technically the correct link, but as you've said, KopEx is already included in the download. Only thing you gotta download manually, is kopernicus.
  4. About that part. Event Horizon is part of the Interstellar Consortium. Which in short, are agreements and guidelines under us modders on how to make your mod not throw a fuss with other planet mods (including avoiding SOI overlap). It should be compatible with most other star system mods. (Assuming they're also part of the IC)
  5. Good to hear that it runs well and without Issues. I tried my best to make polish it as much as I could. I wouldn't be so sure about that part, assuming you ever want to visit Doyle or Romilly
  6. Well, If you don't mind waiting a couple centuries, then you could get there manually with just about 30.000ishm/s. Although I don't know why you'd want to do that over just using the wormhole route
  7. Welcome to EventHorizon. What this mod is about EventHorizon is a planetpack that adds in a Blackhole-system inspired which is inspired by the movie "Interstellar". I loved Interstellar, the visuals, especially how Gargantua looked like. When @Artyomka15's Kargantua fell into incompatibility, it was sad. So after some time I decided to make my own take on the Gargantua system. Now over a year later, here we are with Murph, a Black hole with a totally appropriate name. What is featured in this mod. 19 new planetary bodies. 2 new star system 1 Blackhole system Functional wormholes (Thank the Kopernicus developers for that on) Custom science for ever celestial body Custom Planetary Icons(no boring stock dots) A custom lava ocean-texture (not just a red stock ocean) Handmade Blackhole visuals (and a reason to use those fancy high tech high DeltaV engines) Where you can download the mod. Installation Instructions How to use the Wormholes Some Images Some recommended mods to be used alongside EventHorizon Mod Support - Event Horizon has custom wormhole locations for the following planet packs that replace the Stock-System BeyondHome WhirligigWorld BeforeKerbin AfterKerbin AlternisKerbolRekerjiggered GPP Evolution SLIPPIST-1 - Planet packs that replace the home-system that aren't listed here are supported by placing the Stock system-wormhole in solar orbit - Custom Science for the HabitabilityCheck Experiment from EnduranceShip - Guaranteed* stability when playing with Principia (only guaranteed when the home-system is the stock system) -Antimatter and LqdDeuterium/LqdHe3 can be found in selected regions (When using a mod that needs "CommunityResourcePack") Special thanks to: @Thomas P. not only for Kopernicus itself, but also for adding the ability to make wormholes. @The White Guardian for INSTANTIATOR without which Murph would just be a sad black sphere. @Pkmniako for helping me learn how to make a fancy accretion disk The Kopernicus Discord for being so helpful. Licencing EventHorizon is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 All other bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses. The texture used for Fuego's lava up-close was taken and modified from
  8. Only "mode = 0". "Icon = NONE" will (obviously) remove the orbit icon, aka the little dot that a body displays when zoomed in mapview
  9. I just hope it isn't shelved indefinitely, but I can understand if your interested are elsewhere. Welp, so far it still works, so that isn't too bad for me. But that does sound rather interesting. A probe oriented Near future mod does sound like a cool thing. I'll be looking forward to that.
  10. Very interesting. Another mod for my Collection. I will keep an eye on this.