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  1. GrandProtectorDark

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Diverting a bit from all the rationalism. I'm experimental-beyond reasonable but mindful. Few of my missions resemble reasonable designed real world crafts. (Using a lot of mods)Rockets are 95% of the time oversize superheavy ssto BFRs and few payloads are less than 200tons. But I try to avoid loss of life as much as It's possible. Dead kerbals are bad for business..
  2. GrandProtectorDark

    [dev] Spacekiss Plausible Engine Pack

    IT'S ALIVE! Jokes aside, Good to hear that you are still working on this mod.
  3. GrandProtectorDark

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Because you asked me so Nicely. Event Horizon planet pack. Main "Star" (actually black hole) is Murph (MUUUUUUURPH) Coords: x: -12.0, y: 2.4, z: 3.0 (Assuming I understand the map right, this should be somewhere near the galaxy center object) (May change the exact location later but for now there at least some coords)
  4. GrandProtectorDark

    [1.4.3/5] Darwin IV system Mod

    Looks like mars but with a lot of blueberry jam spilled into a canyon.
  5. GrandProtectorDark

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Community Resources Pack Community Tech Tree Community Category Kit Community Star map
  6. GrandProtectorDark

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Hmmm This sounds quite interesting. I'm definitely gonna give it some thought.
  7. GrandProtectorDark

    [WIP][1.4.5] VST (Vectura Space Technologies)

    Looks rather promising. Gonna keep an eye on this mod
  8. I was already thinking if it was possible(in ksp)/to use a rocket preburnerwhich are normally used to power turbopumps, but for propeller engines.
  9. GrandProtectorDark

    [1.3] Orion Drive TD Edition

    Aha, Thank you. I really loved this mod. I find it far more fun to use this version than Roverdudes not-so-realistic orion drive. So it's good to hear that the mod isn't truly dead. Well, I do hope it gets done sooner than later, but I can't really make things go faster. Rushed content is bad content. Good stuff takes time.
  10. GrandProtectorDark

    [1.3] Orion Drive TD Edition

    @TiktaalikDreaming Sorry to revive this thread. But after 4 months from when you last posted, I'm dying to know if this mod is still on your radar or if i should consider it truly dead?
  11. I'm not 100% sure, But I remember reading that for a pre existing save, You have to manually enable extra launchsites in the difficulty menu to use them. The Extra parts will work fine in career with no further changes and mission are separate from career mode.
  12. GrandProtectorDark

    Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

    I Once displayed some really crazy/wacky KSP contraption to some friends on discord and this was one of their reactions Then for I don't remember why reasons, i decided to take a screenshot of that comment and make it into a flag. Now half the kerbol system is littered with this flag from various mission. I'm still proudly flying under this flag and it still occasionally make me laugh seeing it when putting up a flag on and have this pic jump up.
  13. GrandProtectorDark


    I'd wish I wouldn't need to post here as often, but I currently work intensely with instantiator objects, so I found another bug. Instantiator objects in Scaled space get rendered infront of scatterer atmosphere rims. In GPO, You are far enough away from the disk, most of the time,to not notice that. But what with what I'm doing, it do gets quite obvious. (Picture of a GPO planet which I shifted close enough to Oul'um to check if it is happening outside my mod too)
  14. GrandProtectorDark


    *heavy sigh* It's me, again The billboard object for Instatiator seems to be even more broken than it already is. Should the billboard be between your position and a star behind the blackhole, then the game stars spaming this into the log When I move my(or the stars) position, so the lens, no longer "occludes" the far away star, then the log returns to normal. This bellow is my config. the Disk and lens object are almost identical except for the type. Disabling the lens object stopped the log spamming. I really, really hope you find your time to fix this issue.