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  1. They should be just the stock Random Monolith. Although I never quite checked if it actually worked everywhere
  2. The Wormhole that Conects the Home-star to Murph is around Jool. Roughly halfway between the surface of jool and laythes orbit. All of them are called Anomally WH (standing for Wormhole). If finding normally doesn't work, just use the tab key to manually jumb between bodies. Their Orbit lines are intentionally so to make them more hidden.
  3. INSTANTIATOR (well the file not the folder) is responsible for Murphs accretion disk and fake gravitational lensing. About that. IT is gonna change in the future(like when I get enough motivation to deal with scatterer/eve). Murph is planned to get harder (it is still possible to get around with Kerbal atomics right now, which isn't really the right feel of difficulty for a black hole)
  4. The none-existence of radiation does remove some major balance from engines IRL
  5. Tbh, if it comes down to it, stick enough radiators on it and any torch drive (effectively what Orion is in ksp scale) is gonna be pretty OP. KSPIE ain't exculded here.
  6. Probably, although there might be a chance that it'll work right out of the box anyway (assuming you use updated dependencies). It also strongly depends on if INSTANTIATOR still works with 1.8 or not. But it doubt it wouldn't work
  7. Well it's just a minor update. I bet most mods that were updated for 1.8, work fine on 1.8.1
  8. Klaus is a special case where using sorta realistic numbers actually works out without making orbital transfers a a near impossibility. Iirc it is about 1.3 or 1.4 (kerbol) solar masses. There's a point where setting it any faster makes it it visually freeze. So I just put it at a second. There also is the thing where the tracking-station/in-flight map-view displays anything smaller than 1 second as 1 second You can remove the cooper-system just fine without breaking anything. You just need to delete/disable all of coopers planets and their moons so the game doesn't try to place celestial bodies around another body that doesn't exist. You'd also need to delete/disable Wormhole C-1 (the Murph->Cooper wormhole) as that one would be a bit useless without a link-partner
  9. A: so its actually usable (same logic as behind the dawn engine). I once tried to use realistic numbers on murph and it was just unplayable even with far future engine mods. However, I do plan on raising murphs mass a decently large amount. Not to realism though. B: everyone their own. I personally just wanted to have a lively system instead of an empty nothingness like what kargantua was(3 planets and an asteroid). You are installing 3 celestial systems at once though, just to keep that in mind. (Also Iirc the conbined number isn't more than some other recent planet packs)
  10. Because that brings with it a big handful of problems. If I were to make Murph the center object of the universe, I would have to modify the stock sun (because just putting it around a new body doesn't quite work)to make it look like a black hole and make a new sun to put the stock system around. Now KSP really doesn't like it if Kerbin (as in The homeworld) isn't orbiting the center object of the universe. Secondly, this would pretty much break compatibility with any other planet pack in existence. The Centerobject of the universe has to be called "sun" internally (although what you see ingame doesn't need to), so If were to make murph into the center object, any planet pack that puts planets around the sun, would put it around murph and not the new kerbal sun. There are workarounds for both, but it isn't really worth the effort.
  11. I honestly haven't noticed any difference whatsoever. The doors when open still produce massive amounts of drag, just as they did before and it pretty much is still just as resilient against heat and impacts.
  12. So far FFT seem to have survived 1.8 rather fine. I don't see any texture oddities, the plumes are all mostly correct (other than some odd behavior on one of the 30m scalable engines), fusion reactors work, the antimatter facility operates and filling the tanks up on the Launchpad also works. I also don't see any logspam So unless there's some deep under the hood fire, FFT seems like it hasn't got any scratches from 1.8
  13. By a chance of absolute magic, Hooligan labs even survived the unity update of 1.8. The Blimps are still happy floaty boys.