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  1. Wait, does that mean that this mod actually work like a real project orion would (currently unable to try it out myself)?
  2. I'm a bit late (again) but yea, that's your problem. Kopernicus releases only work for the version they were made for. A Kopernicus release for 1.8.1 will only work on ksp 1.8.1
  3. It's already been said by ohers, but are you sure you've installed all parts of the mod correctly? Gotten the appropriate version of Kopernikus for the KSP version you are using? Gotten the newest available of all dependencies? Opened the gamedata inside the download zipfile and transferred the mod folder from that GameData into KSPs GameData? (a common mistake for some is it to just unzip the download zip file and putting that into KSPs GameData, which messes up parts of the mod that are dependent on files being at a certain filepath location) This would be an example of how you correctly install a mod out a zip file
  4. They are Sturdy Floaty Boys that refuse to give up
  5. I don't quite see how nuclear anything is mid career
  6. Because that simply supresses the problem. Not remove or solve it.
  7. Tbh, I din't really like the old Mainsail, but the new one looks like an obvious downgrade.
  8. On the download page, there's 2 downloads.Release 1.0. is for 1.7.1 and higher, Release 1.0.E is specifically for ksp 1.3.1. up to 1.6.1. 1.0.E should work fine on 1.4.2
  9. The Wormhole that Conects the Home-star to Murph is around Jool. Roughly halfway between the surface of jool and laythes orbit. All of them are called Anomally WH (standing for Wormhole). If finding normally doesn't work, just use the tab key to manually jumb between bodies. Their Orbit lines are intentionally so to make them more hidden.