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  1. @Zoeille I was convinced I wrote some feedback on the latest release, but apparently I forgot to submit it So first of all, congrats to the new release! I like the new lights (mainly the big flood light), since many pads don't have any - including yours, except for the Medium Pad 2. My only problem with that one is the orientation towards the corner, so that my roads can't attach nicely to it. But that's just me. What's the Big Factory supposed to be? I tested all pads for my low FPS issue. ELA-2 has the problem, ELA-3 works fine. "LC-20 Launch Pad" is problematic, "LC-20 - Medium Pad" works fine. Is there anything special about ELA-2 and LC-20?
  2. @kylelander Did you try statics from other mods? I guess your problem is with KK, not Aurora.
  3. I tried to experiment with height map decals. However, the settings seem pretty random, all height maps look kinda the same. The only setting that seems to have any effect (apart from placement) is SmoothHeight (what is that supposed to do? what are accepted values? And what is deformity?). What it seems to do is switching between a square and some oddly shaped pyramid, so my best guess is that it's a scaling factor for the highest and lowest parts of the map, and it never seems to have anything to do with the selected map. Is there a tutorial somewhere?
  4. I accepted a Boot Camp contract, and it completed fine. However, my Kerbal was not promoted. Are there any known other mods interfering with this? Or is it just broken by now?
  5. Planets appear as a dark spot visible through the atmosphere. They should be hidden behind it, just like the stars. Would it be possible to fix that?
  6. Is there a way to remove the modular launch pads from the "structural" category, since they already have their own category?
  7. Yay The legs already extend to the ground, the ladders don't (but I think they're still long enough). Plus maybe an option to disable the railings, so you can place the bases next to each other. Is there a way to disable staging? Fortunately, the generator can already be turned off - for stock launch clamps, you'd have an infinite amount of EC, right?
  8. Did you experience any problems with bases being too high up? I never tried something like this. But since sometimes when editing a vessel with KCT, it's suddenly placed much higher than my original build. I thought something similar might happen with your approach... If there are no such problems (or not that serious), this looks like a job for @AlphaMensae - just a platform with adjustable size and color with a ladder and maybe a handrail? In KSP 2, bases look like that anyway...
  9. Is this 1.1? Is there a beta version I can try? Maybe the problem is only with KSP 1.9.1
  10. Wrong thread - you're talking about KIS. Anyway: Put them in a container of a rover or something, and place it directly from there. If the part is too heavy, put more Kerbals near the part. If I remember correctly, every Kerbal can carry about a ton, range is something like 3m. If you need more than that range, place the part on the ground, move your Kerbal(s) and pick it up again.
  11. I have multiple launch pads from KK. Now I needed to upgrade the KSC launch pad due to size restrictions. I still have smaller rockets in the build pipeline, but I can't launch them on ANY launch pad until the main one is upgraded. Is there a way around this?
  12. Ah thanks, there it is - I was looking in vessel and orbit and body
  13. Has the g-force indicator been removed or am I looking in the wrong place?
  14. Is there a way to preview how a suit looks on a Kerbal without (re-)starting the game for each change?
  15. How did the magnetometer experiment change? The only options I have are from SCANsat, and those always say "too high", even though I'm just outside the atmosphere.