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  1. I meant this one: Since this was posted just before the announcement of 1.0.0, I think @Nertea meant the version after that. So I supposed it had been changed in 1.0.1...
  2. Wait, hasn't the way this is done been changed with the latest release?
  3. I play a "SpaceX" career game in JNSQ - TE vehicles are perfectly fine for that. They're hugely overpowered for stock. But like you, I couldn't try the new version yet, as we're all waiting for the Kopernicus update...
  4. I never tried it, but doesn't Kerbal Konstructs offer resource storage? I don't know how these resources can be transferred to a ship, though.
  5. That bug exists at least since 2017 and has never been resolved. Just search for "contracts" in this topic... To me it doesn't happen if I return to launch from the stock menu, only if I do it through the FMRS button.
  6. This is only partly true. For once, you can see Venus more or less immediately after sunset, when it's still quite bright. Sirius is brighter than Saturn. And the brightness of the planets varies with their distance and their angle to the sun. There are quite a few stars that are usually brighter than Mars, although has a brighter maximum. Anyway, in a picture like in the OP, where the sky is pitch black, you'll NEVER just see planets.
  7. Nice to see this being adopted. Do you just want to keep it working for new KSP versions or do you plan other improvements too? The "issue" that bothers me most with this mod is visible in the screenshots in the OP: skybox is completely dimmed, but the rendered bodies are not. It's quite weid to see only planets, but no stars. I think for the most realistically possible look, we's need specialized skymaps. Currently, these are just images with larger and smaller dots. In reality, only planets are "larger" (i.e. cover a measurable angle of the sky), but all the stars are just brighter and dimmer dots. This is what I'd love to see in KSP. Not total darkness - slightly dimmed image (but still with all the stars visible) - undimmed skybox, but more and more stars getting brighter and brighter.
  8. He said without payload (and/or without heat shield and landing legs) Starship is SSTO-capable.
  9. I switched the sunflare mode to scatterer. While it looks pretty much the same in open space, it's nonexistent in dense atmosphere or in some conditions where the sun is too close to the vessel, and there's a thin circle around or inside the sun. Is there anything I can do about it? At least the color looks correct now...
  10. The what? Did I miss an important part? What can it do?
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, didn't know what changing that setting actually does other than some technical stuff
  12. Is there a way of having the sunflare influenced by scatterer? I did a launch soon after sunset, and it looked quite odd seeing my rocket in a beautiful reddisch-purple color, while the sun was a blazing white
  13. Huh, I never said that... It only works during an active flight (or on the lauch pad, whatever)