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  1. Didn't try that, but I noticed the big scoops. How would I detect the presence of gases? Are there any science points for that? Since I prefer a realistic playing style, I probably won't use it for mining.
  2. Wait what? There's a superthin atmosphere outside the atmosphere?
  3. My problems don't stop On my Linux install, KSP was completely broken after updating to 1.8.1. So I reinstalled everything. Now, decoupling works, but the Ghidorah S1 Tank is black!? The other tanks are fine. I guess there's some broken shader or a missing dependency?
  4. I have the weird issue that the Ghidorah interstage doesn't decouple anymore. Every other decoupler seems to work. Did anyone else experience something like this?
  5. Oh don't worry, it's fixed now Should I make a PR?
  6. I hope they avoid stupid performance issues like 100% CPU and GPU load in Space Center view or R&D (what the heck?)
  7. Done By the way, there are some subfolders called RETIRED, and some parts from there caused errors showing up in KSP.log. What are they for? Can they safely be deleted? As for the OTAV control issues with the "Lift Generators" (AKA winglets): the control surfaces clip through the body in the SPH, but not on the runway after deploying the winglets, the control surfaces look deployed, despite the status being retracted default modes are: pitch disabled (not sure if that makes sense), roll enabled (makes totally sense), yaw enabled (doesn't make sense IMHO) they don't react to any input after deploying them, the only input they react to is pitch (after enabling that) deploy angle and default limiter default to -25 - why negative values? changing the deploy angle doesn't seem to do anything, until it reaches the maximum (or close to that) of -38, where suddenly it deploys downwards instead of upwards. At that point, it also reacts to roll and yaw (but only in one direction, since it is already completely deployed) In general, how is the OTAV supposed to maneuver away from a station? Only using the engine, no RCS at all? I have Mandatory RCS installed, which reduces reaction wheel authority to a minimum, so the only way to maneuver is the engine's gimbal.
  8. @hawk_za @Paul Kingtiger Universal Storage II is on CKAN since forever!
  9. So, modeling is complete, but the nodes don't work. They all show up fine in the VAB with the green spheres, but they don't attach. Any hints?
  10. @JadeOfMaar is there a mod providing Resorce Conversion for RR you know of? I understand that @nemotiger was writing configs for MKS, are you willing to share? The Universal Storage 2 Mod has processors capable of producing Methane, Oxygen and Hydrogen. However, what's missing is a Cryo Generator that converts them to their liquid counterparts. I'd like to just use one of the existing parts and write a new config. What would be a reasonable conversion ratio between the resources and the liquid versions? Where is density defined?
  11. Is there a way to modify the chemical plant? Currently, the Sabatier Process produces water and LiquidFuel. Water Electrolysis produces Hydrogen and Oxygen. So, no Oxidizer. I would like to use it for Methalox Engines, which use Methane and Oxidizer. So completely the other way around EDIT: So apparently, i don't need Methane, but LqdMethane. I guess the best way would be another part/config that takes in EC and Methane and outputs LiquidFuel or LqdMethane. And another one that takes in EC and Oxygen and produces Oxidizer.