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  1. Hello, I have found a bug with fuel switching and a specific setup that gives me an insane amount of dV. I've been able to reproduce it multiple times. KSPIE: KSP: This craft uses the Plasma Nozzle, Beam Core AM Reactor, Charged Particle Generator and HTP as the fuel. I assume the normal dV value is correct and it's very good. However, when I press the next propellant button it switches to the very small amount of monopropellent (120 units) I have on board and gives me about 35k dV which is insane. I also tested burning off all the normal fuel and then switching
  2. @nonono I had to install a handful of other mods to get it close to opening. The only part that's missing now is B9.Structure.HX.HPD3. I installed all of the B9 mods (including the legacy parts pack) in hopes one of them had the part but no luck. One thing I noticed when inspecting the craft file is that almost all parts are set to rigid attachment and almost every part has autostrut set to grandparent. This could have something to do with the explosions upon movement.
  3. Cool, I'll check this out this evening and see if it happens to me also.
  4. Try uploading your craft. I'm no pro but maybe I might see something, or at the very least confirm it does or does not blow up in my game.
  5. Nah I just decided to process hydrates into water. Also, I learned you can still see the missing resources in the stock resource system. It sucks they aren't in scansat but oh well. Once I got more time I was going to try and figure out how to patch them all back into ScanSat.
  6. Sure. I took the old one out of orbit and cheated a new one up just to see if there was some sort of glitch. Same result.
  7. I am trying to figure out beamed power in a copy of my career save. I got a basic (and not very powerful) network up with pebble bed reactors and thermal generators, using the phased array transceiver in X-band microwave mode. It wasn't powerful enough so I am now trying to use the beam core antimatter reactor. It generates WAY less power than the pebble bed. What am I doing wrong (aside from the very bad design - just testing!)?
  8. Hi @FreeThinker, I wanted to say I noticed KSPIE removes water (and Uranite) from the ScanSat resource overlay list. Is this intentional (I know there are hydrates) and can it be reversed? I tested on a fresh install of 1.9.1 KSP with Community resource pack, KSPIE, ScanSat and USI/MKS. Without KSPIE water is in the scansat overlay list. With KSPIE water is not in the overlay list. I only noticed this recently when I went to plan a Duna mining outpost. It's been a year or more since I last set up mining outposts.
  9. Maybe someone here can help. I remember things like water, uranite and other resources being in the overlay list - I have specific locations marked with active mining. When I boot up old saves for instance I can mine uranite and water in a location but it's not on the resource overlay list. I won't add a whole list of mods, but can mods remove resources from ScanSat? Maybe I have to use a different scanner now? All of my scans are at 100% except Jool and Eeloo. EDIT: Narrowed it down to KSPIE No output log attached because I am not experiencing a crash.
  10. I am sure I'm doing something wrong. I can't get any of these antennas to connect or use a reflector, or get them to show a path in the hangar (buttons don't seem to do anything). I am using KSP 1.8.1, with Remote Tech 1.9.5, NFE 1.0.4. In the hangar when I press either render path button I get "Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  11. Hey, I installed the update of this and KSPIE today from the last versions and am running 1.8.1. All of my crafts will disappear because part "EC2502" is missing according to the game. Was that part of this mod? Edit: Confirmed it was part of this mod. CKAN (for whatever reason) installed an older version and manually changing it to the latest fixed the problem.
  12. First off, thanks for this mod! I am using this with a bunch of other including the MKS-USI mods. I just finished writing some Module Manager patches to add Gold and Gold Ore to some USI Kontainers to take advantage of logistics, which seems to work. However, I'd like the rate of gold made in the Gold Smelter to be even lower for balance (1% gold, 99% ore). If I use .025 for the gold output ratio (plus adjust ore) will it work or do I need to increase the input ratio in order to keep decimal places to two or less? I'm afraid if I increase the input ratio it would process faster but I'm no
  13. Hey I just wanted to say I think the Inline Workshop seems to be missing workshop capabilities. I'm using latest version of KSP and Global Construction and it just doesn't have the Workshop Window button. Clicking the mod icon in the toolbar shows my other workshops but not the inline workshop. I haven't used the Inline Workshop before so I could be doing something wrong. Anyone else have this issue?
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