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  1. I'm gonna guess that you're gonna skip 1.8 and go straight for 1.9 once kopernikus comes out, right?
  2. I no longer have the logs, but this is easily reproduced. I took some contracts (3 contracts) to rescue some kerbals from minmus (stock contracts, no mod) and they were spawned in an orbit that crashed into the ground before i can get there.
  3. I just had a rescue contract on minmus have it ship crashed into the ground. This is somethign that often happens.
  4. TCA has a problem with SRB's from the KW rocketry mod. It's like it doesnt compute their trust at all. (1.8.1). I tested this with the Globe VI SRB while trying to make somethign akin to the space shuttle.
  5. I don't remember exactly, as this was a few days before.
  6. Hi. Is there an easy way to move all the OPT parts up one level in the tech tree? Or manualy for each part is the ony way?
  7. I also use JNSQ and KER reports of DeltaV are highly innacurate. I failed to achieve orbit (4900 dv required) with a craft that was reported to have 6000+ DV.
  8. Galileo, please don't burry this mod. I find it superior to everythign else in ksp, including JNSQ.
  9. I saw that the Nom-O-Matic 25000 can be tweakscaled. However from my tests, the production doesn't scale up, it's just visual. 1.7.3.
  10. The voleyball and winston inflatable habitats are causein some serious loading times in the VAB. I have a station with 100 parts that takes 30 seconds to load. When I remove said haitats it loads in 5 seconds. 1.7.3.
  11. I tried to build using EPL a nuclear reactor. Those thigs are expensive when you buidl them in the VAB, but when using MaterialKits + Speacialized Parts they are dirt cheap. This is true to most expensive components. This leads me to the next question: is tehre a conection between the part cost (career) and its cost in MK+SP ?
  12. Bug ???? I have a starbase core. Using multiple disposable pads i'm expanding it. I started constructing one expansion. I started building the second expansion at the same time. It's now under construction. I switch to the fist expansion to check on it: it still reports 130 days left. I pause teh second expansion to speed up the first one. With the second expansio paused, I check on the first expansion expecting it to be ready in 65 days. It STILL reads as 130 days. Shouldn't the workforce be moved to active projects once others are paused ? Later edit: after moving some kerbals around everything went back to normal. The workforce from the paused project now migrates to the active project.
  13. The J inline docking port needs a bit of attention (there is a bit of empty space between the docking ports):
  14. There's a problem with rescue contractts from teh orbit of Minmus. The rescuee's pod always crashes into the ground before i get a chance to get to it.
  15. A sugestion : A ground experiment (akin to those introduced in Breakign ground DLC) to study plant growth. I know there is such a thing in the nom-o-matics, but it hink its better fit as a long term experiment.