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  1. I looked at the cfg file myself. I' pretty sure the attachment node is somewhere inside the collider mesh, so the ship hits the mesh before it hits the attachment node. However i have no idea what to change where to move the node a bit outwards.
  2. I would be so down for that !!!! also a question: What do i need to do to get higher paying contracts to another body ? Duna for instance?
  3. You sure? Cuz' I clawed things at 0.6 m/s like 3 days ago. I will test it again, though, maybe i'll get lucky.
  4. I used the small one for docking before, i know it works. It just doesn't have the connection strength to keep my big ships from krakening out. I'll try again with a flat surface to see if that does it. EDIT: I have tried slamming into the b-ex-2 with the flat surface of the service bay several times. That is as flat as it gets in ksp. It simply doesn't connect .
  5. Is there some trick to docking with the B-EX-2 Extensible? I've tried to dock to that thing for 30 mind now, at different speeds. I tried to get it to attach to a mk2 fuselage, or to an opt stail tanker. Nothing. I've tried differnet speeds an angles. KSP 1.4.5
  6. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    Another question i have: what do i need to do to make sure the production of various workshops scales appropriately with tweakscale ?
  7. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    There is a incompatibility with Kerbal Joint Reinforcements. Which sucks cuz onyl with KJR i can deploy big ships without them going poof. When you deploy the orbital kit construction and have KJR installed, the kit gets deployed inside the ship that is docked to, resulting into a big explosion because of the overlap. Without KJR, the kit deploys normally without problems. However, when you launch the new ship without KJR ( and mind you this was a pretty big ship ) the new ship suffers an initial shock when its created and thus explodes. ,In the best case scenario (i did 10 tries) it broke up the solar panels/comunotrons. With KJR installed, the initial deploying shock is much attenuated and the ships survives intact on launch. The solution so far is to instal KJR only when deploying big ships and uninstaing it when you depoy the kit. Also, with big ships, the ships launches a bit inside of your construction starbase which results into an instant boom. the solution so far is pretty simple; i changed the launch spawn variable from SpawnOffset = 0, -1, 0 to SpawnOffset = 0, 0, 0 and it fixed the issue. I mean it looks weird the ships spawning far away but weird is better than boom. Later edit: Regarding ships going poof when they're launched, i found a second solution: If the root part of the ship is a sturdy one (for instance i used the orbital workshop as root) the ship barely suffers any shock when launched and can be launched safely. However if you use a smaller part ( i used the MKS circular storage tanks in the ship that went poof 10 times ) the shock that is sent throughout the ship works like a domino effect and is much bigger. I hope this helps somewhat.
  8. I have a beef with B9 parts switch too. It's even more annoying since more and more mods started to use this.
  9. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    I thought i did. Apparently not....
  10. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    Bug report: The construction is stalled very often due to EC missing. I have a storage of 15000 ec but more than enough solar panels. The kit requires 40k EC. I set the construction up, then come back a month later to find out that only 2% has been done adn construction has been stalled due to not enough energy. However if i stay on the same vessel everything goes smoothly.
  11. I have a question: Do the decals use the phisycless property so that they won't add too much strain on an already large part count ship ?
  12. A small request: The K&K launchapad part is very very good looking (the one used in Extraplanetary launchpads mod). It would make an awesome landing pad for a fighter docking to its mothership. Can you please make that part into a deployable docking port ?
  13. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    First of all, congratulations Allista on this new release. I have been waiting for years for this mod to allow me to play completely cut-off from Kerbin! Now to business: 1) What do i need to change in what files in order to make the ground workshops operate in space as well ? It's an aestetic thing, some of those planetary base ship components make an mean looking cruiser when combined right. I noticed the lines: workshopType = GROUND and workshopType = ORBITAL I assume i need to change ground to orbital in said config file. Is there a way to have a component use both kind? 2) What do i need to change in both DIY kit construction and assembly line so that a space station would take years to build, not days ? I figured out what WorkPerMass does in GroundConstruction.glob but i'm not sure how to change ComplexityWork. Should I leave that untouched or scale that one as well proportionally? 3) One one of my tests the orbital poof-construction of one ship was a bit violent and broke off one of its wings (a small aircraft). On another test, the same ship was constructed with no issues. 4) A suggestion t consider for the future, although it may be difficult to implement: Ship update. Often i redesign a ship like 5 times before i'm truly happy with it. I'd like a mechanic to update my ships to the newly designed version. The minor stuff like moving the rcs to the right a bit i can do with kis/kas, but bigger stuff like changing the size of the reaction wheels and the batteries is more complicated and it usually requires launching/constructing a new ship altogether.
  14. Nicky21

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Space Transport System

    anyone tested this on 1.4.5 ?
  15. MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 0.05 } This is the module that needs to be scaled up with size. i just don't know how change the tweakscale's config to scale that acordingly.