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  1. Indeed there were various proposals for the M1. Although I dont recall seeing an Airmat. I would be interested in reading about it if you find it again. The sea level version was loosely based on this. Due to geometry/AO reasons I couldn't recontour above the main torus but the exit diamter is the same (scaled). There was also this. No further comment: (also no I'm not making this). This isnt fully done yet but since we're talking about heres another sneak peak:
  2. This sounds like a bad install to be honest. Please remove BDB and all its dependencies and carefully reinstall everything in the release bundle. If the problem still exists please provide a screenshot of your gamedata folder, and a copy of you module manager.configcache which is inside your main KSP folder Kerbal Space Program/Logs/ModuleManager. Please also confirm which version of BDB and KSP you are running.
  3. UPDATE - BDB v 1.7.3 "огромный" DOWNLOAD (SpaceDock) DOWNLOAD (GitHub) BDB is also available on CKAN but it usually takes a little while for an update to index and be available. Bluedog Design Bureau v1.7.3 is now live! This is just a bug fix update. Changelog: v1.7.3 "огромный" Bug fixes and tweaks - fix Gemini lander engine waterfall plume - Fix some typos - Fix system heat patch not applying to SNTP 45. - Give 5m DCSS colliders some more breathing room so it works better with thicker interstages from other mods. - Fix W
  4. Mostly finished M1. A few tweaks still needed and the emissives for all 4 engines still pending but they're approaching completion Featuring Beale's Cardboards Jeb for scale.
  5. Two more engines mostly finished texturing: Pratt & Whitney RL20-P3 If you missed the earlier discussion this was Pratt & Whitney's first attempt at a staged combustion cycle design. It was vaguely mentioned in at least one Saturn improvement study as a drop in J2 replacement and the vac version has been tested and found to cleanly fit in mount truss of Cobalts upcoming SII stage. While the engine was never made, ultimately it seems more real than the mysterious HG-3 program which was more a study of various components than a specific engine design. So we're giving you this i
  6. Little preview RS30 Advanced Space Engine for anyone who missed it. This is only slightly larger than an RL10A4 and will fit on a Dual Engine Centaur mount. transpiration cooling mini nozzles
  7. There should be no B9 errors with an up to date BDB in KSP 1.8.1 onwards. Would need to see a screenshot of the error first.
  8. The required functionality already exists in Nerteas deployable engines exactly as needed, as I said in my previous post. Using DE's "multistage engine" module the XLR 129 will be able to operate with or without the bell extended with different stats depending on your choice. The question is whether we integrate his code and update our plugin with it or add DE as a dependency (decision is for JSO).
  9. Thanks to that particular sound effect goes to @ensou04 author of Rocket Sound Enhancement. The RSE mod itself has great sounding effects but also has a dedicated plugin for handling them in a better way. Actual RSE compatibility for BDB is something I'm hoping to do in the future but it will involve some amount of work so might not happen so soon. Glad you're enjoying the current sfx in the meantime though
  10. It should be light enough but keep in mind its significantly less powerful than the RS25. The shuttle was likely a lot smaller than the final design at the time P&W were still in the competition. It might still be workable and it should be great for generic shuttle like spaceplanes in general but its not a 1:1 replacement for the RS25. I would be curious to see how well it works on SOCK though. I suspect you would need bigger boosters or possibly find a way to squeeze 4 engines onto the orbiter to maintain performance.
  11. As mentioned earlier, was originally meant for a rocket powered boost glide plane (ISINGLASS) and then later for the Space shuttle. No other considerations I'm aware of. But in BDB you're gonna have to get creative. The engine mounting mechanism will be roughly the same footprint as the J2. The booster version has a nozzle diameter of around 1.14m and the vac version 1.59m. Im sure you can find plenty of creative uses for such an engine. Its predecessor the RL20 was mentioned in passing for Saturn upgrades in at least 1 document but the XLR 129 came too late for such considerations
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