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  1. I'll look into it. No. The point of the S2 wetlab is that its literally an S2 tank. Adding random greebles to it (which I wouldnt want to do anyway) means making an all new part with an all new texture.
  2. Available on the 1.11 dev branch now. Note the open top version is a SAF, and not an SLA. Its intended for peoples kitbashed First Lunar Outpost builds so the capsule is attached to the lander. Its up to you to adjust your spacecraft adapter etc which will be attached to the faring base to ensure the capsule lines up with the opening.
  3. I started using Blender just as the pandemic started really. No experience with 3d modelling before then. So long as you're dedicated and have patience, I assure you you can learn and become good at it. I would suggest looking for some tutorials to help you get familiar. I began with the infamous Blender Guru donut tutorial but while that helped me get familiar with the interface that tutorial, and many others actually aren't too helpful for making things for KSP as they're focused more on creating for rendered CG art. They often use high polygon count modelling techniques etc. While those tutorials do have value, I would suggest looking at some low poly modelling guides once you get a handle on the interface and basic tools. In KSP the things we make are generally using simple primitive objects with some extrusions and sometimes curves for the vast majority of things. In other words its quite simple to get into. (if your interest is not in KSP but just 3d in general the world is your oyster really, theres tons of resources out there to learn from, many of them free). ps. I dunno how long I spent on that lander model really. working on bits and pieces while travelling mostly. Its maybe 5-6 hours cumulative? (I could be way off in either direction tbh). Including a lot of time just idling lol, looking at references, aimlessly spinning the model around etc.
  4. You're the second person to ask this today lol but the answer is no. This variant was simple since it was just a matter of separating some existing bits. A proper CBM would need more effort and its not really in scope anyway.
  5. Hmmst, maybe something changed on our end, not sure what it could possibly be though right now.
  6. Added a toggle to the inner hatch so you can see through CADS, for use with Habtech modules etc.
  7. This looks somewhat similar to what the post a page or two back from the person with the RO install had. The common factor appears to be real chute. could you back up your save, remove it and see? Did you install it recently or was there an update to real chute?
  8. I dont know. A shorter nozzle would give slightly lower Isp, meaning slightly lower thrust for the same mass flow, not higher thrust.
  9. The B2 nozzle extension is made in 3 parts: a fixed segment and two joined up segments on the moving part. The C-3 is all fixed and only use the upper two segments.
  10. Al2me6 from the RO-engines team had already done this so we just brought this upstream into BDB. An RL10-C3 nozzle created from bits of the RL10B2 nozzle. Being a fixed extension this is a new subtype on the basic RL10 model. For a rocket to use this on....
  11. Sure why not. So not at all part of the proposal but joking or not that idea does sound kinda fun. I'll definitely consider it.
  12. These are about 3500 pixels wide originally. But yeah in game is going to be different than Blender Cycles ray traced rendering but just having some fun with visualising how to texture it later while working on it.
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