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  1. Why restrict yourself? I always play with a mix of historically accurate rockets, historically proposed but never built rockets, and of course, my own personal abominations Anyway on the more historical side, continuing my "archival images" series with Titan III-A and Titan III-C. All 3 images 100% historically accurate including the rare X20 Dynasoar launch (colourised)
  2. Also messing around with the new Fatlas parts. A somewhat purist SLV3-X Vega. The original proposals called for Centaur D but it can handle D1 and even Centaur II just fine But for serious lifting power added 4 algols with a 4 ring extension tank . Delivered a fully fueled Centaur D1 into a 90x90km orbit with a 2 ton payload (JNSQ). The payload incidentally was a four legged Surveyor MK II built using Gemini lander legs
  3. I believe there is a mod for it! I havent tried it myself yet but plan to for the next shuttle mission.
  4. Hi @Beale by overpowered were you referring to the ISP? It should be easy enough to set up a MM patch so that the ISP is is in the kerolox range when LH2 is not being used. Same for the tank dry masses too. Cryoengines also does this if people use the patch that forces them to use LFO (why would you!). It will nerf the ISP to kerolox equivalents.
  5. Nice! I'll be following this. I tend to play with a story in my head too but am too lazy to write it down
  6. It works just fine in 1.7.3. The B9 errors are not game breaking (they've been there for some time before B9 started reporting it). All of the parts with the errors are being completely replaced anyway in the next update.
  7. The engine bell on the Nk43 model in RealEnginesPack was just too big. It in fact clipped into the 33s. (I have a few from realengines reconfigured and rescaled for "stock" as opposed to RO) No wobble but I use KJR Next. Main problem was the complete lack of gimbal on the NK33s. I guess its the old model rather than the Nk33-1 or AJ26. Especially since I play with mandatory RCS which nerfs reaction wheels, control was challenging but the Atlas verniers just about managed it. I might switch to a rescaled ReStock Mainsail for next time (also NK33 but with gimbal).
  8. PVG is based off of realworld guidance algorithms and is optmised for RSS. Even at 2.5x/2.7x it often ends up pointing radially down around15 degrees with most rockets if the upper stage TWR isnt very very low. Perhaps turning off OmitCoast so that it doesnt try a single burn to orbit might help? Maybe cutting down the thrust on the main engines in the VAB such that you have no more than 1:1 TWR at booster sep might be another option. At least that way your twr is going to be a bit lower at the end of the ascent which would help I think.
  9. If only SOMEONE would make the clamps as an independent part, perhaps in multiple sizes so that it can be done properly
  10. I believe that's the LE-5 upper stage engine actually
  11. Oh I forgot to answer your earlier question. The abort mode on the UA1205 doesnt actually terminate the thrust (the abort is basically another engine mode and it currently has the same thrust value), I was too busy taking screenshots the first time around to notice I have let CobaltWolf know since testing again later though. Correction, I think I messed up during the subsequent test. I tried again just now and the g loading drops off significantly. the thrust figure remaines the same on the read outs but its split between the bottom and top and effective thrust is indeed greatly reduced.
  12. Someone mention me? I tend to favour the Neptune more nowadays, also in LOX augmented if using with BDB saturn, or LH2 only if CryoTanks Constellation stuff. I use a procedural interstage or decoupler shroud to get a longer interstage or even stack two BDB ones together (SII-SIVB adapter+ SIVB straight adapter)