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  1. On second thought I think your patch would work as is. The fuel type is defined in the boiloff module after all and your patch is similar to how CryoTanks targets stock tanks which have LFO by default but switch over to LH2 with B9. If that patch doesnt work I would probably try to target the specific LH2 B9 tank types defined for Bluedog in B9TankTypes.cfg Again not so sure but try a couple of things and see if it works. Good luck!
  2. Sorry I don't actually know too much about the ins and outs of module manager to comment on that one, kinda new to all this. I'm mostly looking at existing code and simply trying various things to see if they work. Give it a try on a testing install and see what happens! I'd guess you might have to put a HAS condition for liquid hydrogen to prevent issues.
  3. Thanks! Thats helpful to know. I will add more supplies and hab time relative to the regular orbital modules then.
  4. Hey @Beale, just wanted to add one more thing; I started work on a USI life support patch for Tantares parts for myself but I can submit that as a pull request once I'm done as well. There is an existing open pull request for USI LS on github which blanket patches every crewed part with 75 supplies and 95% recycling. Meaning any fully crewed tantares part will have 138 days of mission endurance. My own proposal will try for a *somewhat* more realistic approach keeping in mind USI life support is more gamified than stuff like TAC life support. Put in simple terms I will do the following: Add maybe 2-4 months worth of supplies to selected space station parts without life support recycling. Salyut/Almaz will get longer endurance than real world I believe. Add an appropriate number of habitation months to every space station crew component. Almaz/Salyut type stations should get something like 12 months of hab time and a fully assembled MIR will have years worth (I dont use the hab functionality myself). No supplies at all in any descent modules just like real soyuz Small amount of supplies for the orbital soyuz modules Large amount of supplies in the Progress orbital module so you can use it for resupply Life support recycling only in the Acamar science modules. Docking a Kvant 1 type module with any station and running the Recycler will drastically extend endurance. Maybe a few days worth supplies in the lander I've been trying to work out how the various parts fit into the real world inspirations behind them. I looked at the craft files which I understand are quite old and out of date but I think I've sussed most things out. Couple of points: Alniyat_Crew_2_2 = A-B12 Crewed Block was used in the crafts for Mir (Kristall, Kvant II, Priroda, Spektre) AND the TKS. Since the TKS was used as a resupply craft I want to add more supplies to it and differentiate it from the MIR modules. As such I will be assuming Alniyat_Crew_2_1 = A-B10 Crewed Block to be used for the station parts above (it has windows and everything). Reasonable amount of supplies as per point 1 Un-windowed Alniyat_Crew_2_2 = A-B12 Crewed Block to be used for TKS. Quite a bit more supplies than the B10 blocks. On the other hand the FGB was a common component between the TKS and the MIR modules so I might keep them with the same amount of supplies... MIR will end up with a lot of food on the station. The only remaining question mark for me is where these two modules fit in. Where do they come from? Which real world craft or proposal do they belong to? I have the outline of my plan here but havent started working out the values yet. I would appreciate any input if anyone has any ideas on whats appropriate or if anything in the overall plan looks odd relative to their real life counterparts even if you don't use USI. Its holidays over here and I've got the whole next 4 days to get into this
  5. I also like the fact that boiloff exists but also like having the option to refrigerate using EC for interplanetary missions. For me the solution was to get procedural parts for when I really need a cooled tank since BD tanks don't support cooling. If you have cryo tanks, there is an included compatibility patch for procedural tanks which adds cryo tanks' LH2 tanks variations via B9 partswitch. Unfortunately the current config file does not include boiloff for procedural tanks so I added the following to the file CryoTanksProceduralFuelTanks.cfg (see spoiler). This will behave as an un-insulated tank so you will have to manually enable cooling in the menu and the EC cost for cooling will be the same as stock tanks. I just sent an Inon on the way to Duna carrying relays to prepare for the first expedition and I used a procedural tank to fit the Inon diameter. Its a good solution as you can easily resize procedural tanks to Bluedog's myriad part diameters. Basic Procedural Textures has some nice textures that will not clash with the Bluedog aesthetic, I would recommend getting that if going the PP route. The pic below though uses a texture based on Ven's stock revamp from KerbalHacks. (links to both below) Its not too bad but its still a bit sad my planned kerballed mission Duna, which will use the VFB module and the S-IVB upperstage will not look quite as pretty with a procedural tank and textures. Oh well. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174103-14x-basic-procedural-textures/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/134889-12x-kerbal-hacks-procedural-parts-textures-asphalt-tiles-unusual-parts-other-hacks/
  6. Hi @Beale, wanted to say I am really enjoying this mod, I've installed it alongside Bluedog Design and am having great fun running parallel rival space programs. I did run into a couple of issues with the realplume. I noticed that the 4 engine proton stage is missing the config entirely, I made my own and can submit a pull request if you wish. It basically applies the same effect as the 6 engine version. The other issue is that the N-1 first stage is too quiet! Realplume scales the volume with the size of the plume. Since the plume effect has been scaled down to 0.4x for the 30 Nk33 engines, the N-1 ends up whisper quiet (especially if you throttle down even a little) when it should rightly sound like apocalyptic. I put a volume adjustment that makes it MUCH louder. Again I can put forth a pull request.
  7. Zorg

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures just wanted to say thank you for making this awesome mod! I haven't actually made it out to Valentine in my current playthrough just yet (and might not for a while yet) but I did a quick hyperedit to 1 or 2 planets in my test save to make sure the visuals were working (they look gorgeous!) and that scansat works (it does). Any tips for a newb on how to get out there? Interstellar looks like its more than just parts and comes with a whole raft of additional gameplay mechanics so I would prefer something simpler... the Orion looks interesting. Do you do a hohmann transfer or is an Expanse style Brachistochrone trajectory possible with Orion? @Gordon Dry I had the same cloud issue in 1.4.2 although fairly rarely usually when returning from a moon at high time warp to Kerbin. This was with both scaterrer and EVE/SVE installed but before I installed Extra Solar. Havent had it happen recently on 1.4.3 with the latest versions of EVE and Scatterer installed (with Extra Solar) but it may still be lurking. I suspect EVE issue?
  8. Fair point, we shouldn't let the poor Kerbals starve each time they need to make a surface expedition. I wasn't too familiar with the proposals that inspired the mission modules, I was working under the assumption the service module carries enough supplies (I also have universal storage to add extra packs into the storage bays of the service module). But taking into account the purpose of extended mission time, I will add some extra supplies into the two MMs in an update to the PR. Edit: I think it might make more sense to add lander supplies to the descent stage as it has already been established to have storage capabilities (for instance KIS storage). Would keep the ascent stage as light as possible by leaving excess supplies behind. It would be expected the ascent stage would rendezvous with the command module asap after lift off.
  9. hi @CobaltWolf, I've just submitted the PR for USI Life Support. The patch does the following Increases hab coverage benefits in Apollo Block 3 mission module to 3 crew although physical crew capacity of the module is 2 kerbals. I think Apollo missions should support at least 3 kerbals. A Kane MM when docked with a Kane capsule would have a lot of living space in total so I think its justified to increase the Hab coverage to 3. I am assuming they hot bunk Adds Hab module to Apollo Block IV mission module. See above. Adds supplies to Leo MSM service module as per existing item description. Adds EC to Skylab airlock. Not super essential in USI as there is always a grace period after you run out of EC but its still convenient so that you can still maintain command on the dark side of a low kerbin orbit without the recycler and lab eating up all your EC. Patches Skylab RAM adapter identical to Airlock with extra EC and supplies. Adds habitation and recycling to Skylab Orbital Workstation. Intended for 90 day mission duration for 6 crew. Adds supplies and recycling to Saturn Venus Flyby module Adds fertilizer and agroponics to flyby module for extended deep space exploration as per the USI paradigm for deep space exploration, saves a lot of weight over pure supplies. Assuming plenty of space for Hydroponic racks in the wet workshop I hope USI users will find the patch reasonably balanced! I don't actually use the Hab functionality in my game but I think the values are in line with existing parts.
  10. Zorg

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Not 100% sure, its just carried over from the default config. I only ever really cared about Flight, EVA and IVA. I just copied some of the changes I made into the other scenes without much specific regard. I think its Map view and or tracking station. Btw I also tried Osmium's subtle.cfg but in my game at least everything looked dark (as in like something was smeared on the virtual lens) until I removed the chromatic aberration node. Maybe thats an effect thats configured differently in unity since they made that config or perhaps something to do with my specific install. Just a heads up in case you have the same issue and are left wondering what the cause is. ps. The descriptions of the parameters in the unity manual ( I think this is the right version for KSP 1.4.x) was quite helpful in tuning the effects without actually downloading unity and while we wait for a GUI for KS3P https://docs.unity3d.com/2017.1/Documentation/Manual/PostProcessing-Bloom.html
  11. Zorg

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I'm by no means an expert by I manage to bumble my way into a config that I personally like. Its a fairly mild config that removes everything except for bloom (with lens dirt), FXAA, and Depth of Field. The bloom is pretty tame too. I use this with a high res skybox and the brightness is fine. I have distant object enhancement with dynamic sky brightness turned on and maximum brightness set to 90%. The config file might be a bit messy as I never intended to share and was just mucking about. Some screenshots I happened to have on hand. Dont have A/B comparisons though. Looking at these you might not be able to even immediately tell that PP is going on but I prefer a subtle effect rather than my game looking like a classic episode of Doctor Who. Try the config and see if you like the difference it makes by toggling on and off. Rocket plumes (here with real plume) get a nice glow about them. Even at the low bloom levels you will lose some detail from the centre of complicated sun flares. Its not as bad in space as it is in the atmo though. Depth of field effects are well and present in this config Can you tell there's post processing being applied? Open and full screen and see. Doesn't kill the skybox. You could also add the following node for film grain in any scenes you like. It worked well for me in game but the screenshots look weirdly smeared unless supersampled. The super sampled screenshots while looking great unfortunately kill Scatterer lens flares due to a bug in Scaterrer. Its a known issue thats been worked on so when Scatterer fixes it I will add the grain node back in.
  12. Once again dropping in to say how great this mod is and with some pics! I'm even learning a fair bit of rocket history after coming across the more obscure rocket parts. I've known for a long time about the Agena Target Vehicle for the Gemini program for instance but the use of the Agena as an integrated satellite bus was news to me. Decided run my own analogue of the KeyHole spy satellite program which used the Agena bus. Pics in spoiler
  13. Hi, @DDE did you by any chance have any further luck with this? I was just starting to think about doing something similar.
  14. Thanks! Just downloaded it and had a look in the sandbox. Very nice! should fit in nicely with my early days of space exploration roleplay with BDB parts in my current playthrough. Erm do you also have the same issue where the delta V stats dont show up in KER/MJ unless you launch it? I can take it up with the mod developer but its not a big deal ig uess. Could be something to do with the way the engine is configured...