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  1. Im not sure whats going on yet. Its possible PlumeParty configs are causing a problem. Could you go to PlumeParty/Configs and delete the contents of that folder? Perhaps that might fix it.
  2. As mentioned several days ago, Mariner 10 had a scaling issue. The fix has been pushed to github now. This WILL BREAK CRAFT using those parts. Again sorry about that but best to fix it permanently while in dev as it could have knock on effects on other potential projects.
  3. Thanks for the info, im a little busy this week. Will try to take a look over the weekend.
  4. I will need some information before I could say anything: 1) Which version of RealPlume-stock 2) which version of KSP 3) Which mods you have installed (full list or screenshot of your gamedata folder) 4) Your ModuleManager.ConfigCache file (this file is located in Kerbal Space Program/GameData)
  5. Not really (yet). There is an experimental branch on github with configs in a very early stage. Too early for users to try it imo but if you wanted to you could grab the Waterfall AND Realplume compatibility folder and bring it into your main github master install.
  6. It looks like Squad in their infinite wisdom changed the how ModuleLight works in KSP 1.11 but didn't provide backwards compatibility nor implement it as a new module. They just changed how the existing module works straight up. Not tested all the lights yet but you can expect some if not all of them to not be functional in 1.11 until we update BDB for compatibility.
  7. Why do you have Kopernicus anyway? I didnt see a planet pack in your mod list. But if you need Kopernicus as a dependency for something else (Custom Asteroids?) removing Kopernicus would cause problems. You can remove Kop if you like but also like I said, the error message is not as scary as it looks. You can keep Kop, just click ok on the message and keep playing. The problem caused is a very minor one.
  8. UPDATE # RealPlume-Stock v4.0.5 Updates - revert global waterfall deconflict patch due to audio issue untill/unless it can be resolved in RealPlume core I think I have an idea how but not 100% sure actually. Even if I can solve part of the audio issue I foresee another problem I didnt think about with respect to how the powerEffectName is patched. Waterfallfx deconflicts for - Near Future Launch Vehicles - Near Future Spacecraft - Near Future Propulsion - Kerbal Atomics # RealPlume v13. 3.2 - no change DOWNLOAD - github DOWNLOAD - spacedock
  9. This is due to an issue with Kopernicus and how we set up some solar panels. Despite the message its quite harmless. It just means certain solar panels that have a size switch will get the same output for both variants instead of different output as we intended. We are looking for a permanent fix in the next update but this is unlikely to actually cause problems in your game.
  10. Ugh I rather foolishly had the sound turned off in my game when testing to listen to music so I didnt catch this. Looks like resolving this could be quite complicated. So Im going to update the patches with manual deconflicts and remove the global patch for now.
  11. Can you give an example of affected engines and which mods they are from?
  12. Please note that RealPlume Stock has been updated with a new catch all patch that should hopefully automatically detect if a part has a Waterfall config and if so delete the RealPlume node. As such you should be able to run both mods together. Waterfall configs will take priority but parts that dont have Waterfall configs can still receive RealPlumes. EDIT: The auto patch ran into some unforseen problems so the deconflicting will continue manually. Updates forthcoming to fix conflicts with NFLV and NF propulsion shortly. I will also make a PR to CryoEngines which carries its configs
  13. UPDATE RealPlume-Stock v.4.0.4 Updates Global WaterfallFX deconflict patch (courtesy of @leopardenthusiast ). Update .version file for KSP 1.11 Fixes Stock NERV plumes disappearing RealPlume v13.3.2 - No Change Github Download SpaceDock Download
  14. Fair warning: due to my own idiocy the while modelling it, the entire Mariner 10 set of parts are overscaled ever so slightly (by about 15%). Since this is still in pre-release I am going to take the opportunity to fix this, this will likely break craft using those parts sorry . But it will be better off in the long run. This will be done within the next few days.
  15. Something new! Fairing for Strawman which was also used for POPPY. An extra variant of the Strawman probe core will have this fairing and there is a new dedicated 0.9375m to 1.25m base for POPPY (which we dont have in BDB but still its a cool fairing). Its also available as a variant on the generic 1.25m base (not pictured) Strawman POPPY
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