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  1. BDB + Chrayol mashup Titan UA1203 boosters Vikas powered Titan 1st stage PSLV 2nd stage tank with LR91-AJ11 4 vernier Agena but with PSLV 4th stage tankage including the solar module for extended on orbit ops.
  2. I dont think SAF can support two modules on one part, certainly I've not tried. They could be regular decoupers I suppose but I would rather keep them integrated.
  3. The first of several planned 0.625m fairings, Vanguard comes with an all new dedicated cylindrical base for the kick stage. The so called "scuppers" would actaully be ripped off by aero midflight. But since they are still on at lift off decided to include them. Plus they look cool.
  4. Oh that looks better. I’ll take a look in game before suggesting any changes.
  5. Thanks! Nice to see so many community contributions. Will take a look when I have a moment. Most of those look pretty good! But a little uncertain about the fourth one from the left, could just be the screenshot I guess but looks a little odd to me with nothing but the little shock cone tip effects visible.
  6. No new fairings models today per se but I've pushed a fix for the part icons as well as some minor texture fixes. Also additional fairing switches have been implemented. This is just the beginning of course. The 1.5m standard base, the Delta P/K 1.5m miniskirt, the Delta 1.875m skirt, the SOT Agena 1.875m skirt and the 1.875m standard base all now have a B9 switch. Make sure your B9 and SAF are up to date as mentioned earlier. The Delta 1000 fairing has also been added to the 1.5m Carrack straight adapter although this one wont switch to the Delta II one. I think it will be more appropriate to make a dedicated fairing for the 2.1m Carrack adapter part (which is now on the roadmap along with Athena and Minotaur fairings).
  7. All thanks go to Blowfish, he's done an incredible job basically reworking the whole plugin to suite our arcane purposes in a matter of weeks.
  8. Look really good! Almost enough to tempt me to try spaceplanes
  9. The "problem" is not due to a restock patch but because of the way the RealPlume patch for Restock is written. If you dont want to wait for ReStock and RealPlume to update what you can do is go to RealPlume-Stock/Squad and open the the files liquidEngineMainsail_v2.cfg and engineLargeSkipper_v2.cfg At the top of each file you will find @PART[engineLargeSkipper_v2]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen,!ReStock] // remove the !ReStock so it looks like this @PART[engineLargeSkipper_v2]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]// The plumes will now work. HOWEVER Once ReStock updates, this will cause conflicts so its up to you to remember that and restore the files back to the way they were. Once restock updates, new plumes for the ReStock engines will only be available once I update RealPlume.
  10. The new v1.10.1 release of SAF should hopefully fix most of the fairing issues. I'll need to do some config work to fix the part icons. Get it here or from the BDB bundle.
  11. The "Straight Eight" Delta 1000 fairing is now up on the dev branch. Make sure to grab the new Simple Adjustable Fairings v1.10 and B9 PartSwitch v2.16. These updates are needed for fairing switching which is now a thing The Delta II skirt now supports both the Delta II and Delta 1000 fairings. Similarly the 1.875m standard base and the SOT agena support skirt now can switch between Titan IIIC and SLV3B options. Of course more switches will be coming soon and I'll add the straight eight fairing to the standard 1.5m base tomorrow as well. Theres also a couple of part icon issues in the editor which I haven't gotten to the bottom of yet.
  12. Maybe we can make a dedicated base plate for it with the appropriate nodes so that we dont have to add extra nodes to the fairing bases and also so that it can be used on whatever you like.