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  1. Cardboard Jeb is unfortunately stuck in the unity scene and cant escape. Its already animated yes. Make sure you have BDB and all dependencies installed correctly as per the download. After double checking if you still have trouble, please post: 1. a list of your mods (a screenshot of your gamedata folder will do) 2. your ModuleManager.log (in kerbalSpaceProgram/Logs/ModuleManager) 3. your ModuleManager.ConfigCache (in Kerbal Space Program/GameData.) Also please let us know your KSP version and whether you have the latest BDB installed.
  2. Some Skylab ATM progress (only started on the solars and some detailing is still missing including the underside of the sun shield. Also grime and wear is still not in for the most part).
  3. Its possible some of the older version files werent correct. You can try https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/releases/tag/v1.6.2 . there is a dedicated download for ksp 1.7. Do keep in mind this is from 2019 and tons of content have been added since then.
  4. I saw that recently as well. Something to think about for the future after the priority bits are done. If we do make it will probably be one that fits into the default sim bay rather than conformal like that? let's see later anyway.
  5. Am thinking of doing a truss with with support for Breaking Ground and Infernal Robotics for the accurate deployment. For people who dont want to do that, it will still be a probe core with mono prop storage. So you can add a docking port, add some RCS to the outrigger booms and then dock just like the current one.
  6. Preview of some upcoming stuff The little triangle thing on one of the solars is missing at the moment, will be added of course.
  7. Waited a very long time to see the STME engine in KSP. The one we got was totally worth the wait. Fantastic work!
  8. Did you install the saturn rescale patch in BDB_Extras by any chance? stuff in extras is not supposed to be installed unless you know what you want and know what you're doing. If you didnt install that the included saturn craft files are perfectly fine.
  9. Yes Waterfall does not do this automatically. It is up to the people writing the configs to manage the conflicts. In the case of RealPlume configs stored within RealPlume-stock I have added deconflicting MM syntax to that side for known cases. Similarly I have done so for the realplume configs in Nerteas mods and BDB as well. But these conflicts need to be actively dealt with as new configs are written for Waterfall.
  10. Please do note that we, the BDB authors dont write the RO configs for BDB. As with most mods with RO support, the configs are written by contributors to Realism Overhaul and are stored in the Realism Overhaul files, not in BDB itself. Seems like an oversight? Will look into it.
  11. its not a mount ring, its a support for the deployment mechanism. you'll notice it moves with the gimbal. The real vac RL20 was a significant redesign it would appear (This is the only image I can find). But like the sea level version the gimbal mechanism is unclear and I had to make something up essentially. However while this image might make you think thats a mount, it really cannot be as the deployment jackscrews are connected to that.
  12. Not sure I've not tested this myself yet. You can use Kerbal engineer and monitor the Isp over a couple of launches and find the crossover point. Its probably earlier than you might think.
  13. Not sure what you mean here? FX are still work in progress and theres some tweaks to be made but yes the inner glow is restricted to the upper nozzle just like other deployable engines. (the glow itself needs to be tuned).
  14. I wouldn't have mentioned it for just that Anyway. like I said nothing major but just a little facelift.
  15. Little bonus refresh of the RS68 is on github too now. Minor refinements really. Can you spot the difference?
  16. Thanks. I'll fix this up. This should be reported to Nertea as well since the fallback to the default transform for 1 engine should not break because its being overridden for another engine entirely.
  17. Sure just be aware little to no balancing has been done. The parts are at basic functionality only and I commited so that JSO can also start working on balance and such. Thrust, mass, Isp could be well off the final figures.
  18. A custom engine mount for M1 upper stages will be provided in the not too distant future. Since the look will be related to the new SII mount it will be a little while before its done so you would need to bash together something in the meantime (this one is from NFLV i think). These are on Github now but in VERY EARLY ALPHA. Use at your own risk, breaking changes may take place without warning over the next few days.
  19. No its not going to do that. Do you play in the stock system? Or rescaled or with a planet pack? The BDB authors and a lot of our users use JNSQ which has a Kerbin 2.7x larger. Since I like playing with solids and want to take the right kick stages, I prepared this table. This assumes achieving a 100x100km circular orbit with 4900-5200 m/s of Delta V. The table below is for transfer burns starting from that low circular orbit. If you dont use JNSQ (or a similar sized rescale) and you have the patience, the best option would be to do some pathfinding missions and find out for yoursel
  20. The stock game now has a delta V readout although Kerbal Engineer is nicer and will give you more information. You can tune the solid fuel quantities to suit your requirements and see the delta V readout in the VAB. For the sake of convenience, upper stage solids have a cut off feature, look for "Features BDB Safe Solid (tm)" in the part description. Since its not so practical in game to tune the delta V requirements as precisely as real life we give you this option to shut down (but not restart). This can be done using the right click part action window or via an action group. Finally I would
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