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  1. Delta IV wasn't just because I'm interested in it, it still fits in BDB because its the culmination of half a century of Thor/Delta rockets. "New Space" rockets do not fit with our theme.
  2. BDB boiloff simulation is based on old 20th century tech and we don't have an option for cryo-cooling, the cryo stages we have like Centaur and S4B etc would be used for launch but not interplanetary insertions or long duration missions of other sorts. We are looking at new options as we look to add nuclear tugs and interplanetary vessels Until that happens, for long duration missions you can either disable boiloff in the BDB section of the KSP difficulty settings or install the CryoTanks patch in BDB_Extras. Keep in mind this is not officially supported and you will also need to download Nertea's CryoTanks mod.
  3. lol yes the releases don't mean much for the forum regulars most of whom are on the dev branch.
  4. UPDATE - BLUEDOG DESIGN BUREAU V 1.10.2 "Луна" This is a minor patch to the 1.10.0 update. v1.10.0 RELEASE ALBUM DOWNLOAD GITHUB DOWNLOAD | SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD should also be available via CKAN soon. Changelog v1.10.2 New Content and features - New "Baby Centaur" Kick Stage - New detailed IVA for Skylab orbital workshop. Applied to historical workshop and the wet workshops - Custom decals for BDB to work with Conformal Decals (thanks to Viper) - Apollo inspired mission patch flags (thanks to Icecovery) - New ULA inspired BDB flag (thanks to Pickledtripod) Updates and Enhancements - Compatibility patches for Extraplanetary Launchpads cargo (thanks to Rodg88) - Added 1.875m top node variant for Delta IV 3.125m fairing base in addition to existing 2.5m node, added ring only version with no truss. - The Delta IV standalone payload adapter truss can now switch from 3.125m->2.5m, 3.125m->1.875m and 2.5m->1.875m - New DCSS paint job based on Demosat/TOPAZ launches Bug fixes - Aero fixes for jettisonable SLA panels - Aero fixes for Apollo capsules and heatshields - Thermal fix for Advanced Apollo "feetshield" (thanks to Rodg88) - Fix Skylab ATM robotics truss surface attach (thanks to Gotmachine) - Various minor texture fixes - Minor description and tag fixes - Node fix for Big G service module - Fix RL10 emissives v1.10.0 changelog
  5. To put it more precisely the GE405H powered main “Vega” second stage was kerolox. The JPL 6K powered third stage was storable (Hydrazine + NTO)
  6. I did? er maybe I said I would consider it, not entirely sure how it should be done given the cable attachments etc. Working on cooler things right now tho.
  7. The S4B has a common bulkhead. I think the other tank is assumed to not. The volume utilization is therefore different I believe but will double check.
  8. Am I reading correct from above you are using the current release? There is an aero bug with the capsules or heatshields in the release thats been fixed on the github versions. We will be releasing the patch officially very soon once a couple of more small items have been taken care of.
  9. As someone pointed out to me, its not a proper Apollo mission unless there's some plume impingement going on . The RCS plumes in fact impinge on the built in CM to SM umbilical if you can believe it. (Commentary courtesy of @CobaltWolf ) I imagine IRL they would stabilize first, disable the two problem quads and then deploy the telescope. Edit: On second glance perhaps they just meant to deal with it, not eliminate it
  10. I think it's probably because its missing a TechRequired field. Fixing that now (I guess it wasn't loading in career and or science)
  11. Its really meant for Earth/Kerbin and for relatively low orbits below GEO lets say. Once the orbit starts getting too high that atmosphere factor matters less and less.
  12. Just added this. Idk why I didn't together with the other variants, no changes to the model were needed, only the config . The top attach node is now moved to the same position as the bottom (but facing up).
  13. Despite 2.5x KSRSS and JNSQ being roughly 1/4 the size of our solar system, the atmosphere height is roughly the same (90 and 85km respectively vs 100km Karman line on our Earth). The orbital altitudes on the other hand are scaled directly to system scale, GEO in these KSP systems is roughly 1/4 of the IRL GEO. So basically this formula will give you a decent approximation to scale IRL orbits to KSP (RealOrbit_km - 90km) * 0.25 + 90km = KSP equivalent orbit in terms of relative performance.
  14. Drag issue on the jettison SLA has been fixed with a slightly modified custom cube and fixes to the B9 switcher that was preventing it from taking. Here a base engine config Saturn IB launching to equitorial 110x110 in KSRRS 2.5x with about 200m/s spare in the S4B With the upgraded 1973 engines can make 180x180 at 50 degrees launching from Kennedy in KSRSS (Skylab orbit scaled to KSRSS). 0.4 deg/s pitch rate and 100m/s pitch start is essential though.
  15. I've made a commit which prevents drag cube (and FAR voxel) recalculation with the B9 switchers on the capsules and heatshield variants. Its likely the addition of the switchers late in the dev cycle is what introduced the problem. It survived without any abnormalities under similar circumstances as my earlier test which was a lunar return in JNSQ with a 35km periapsis with both regular and offset CoM. Please have a look and let me know if its working for you (or anyone else with similar problems). The potential fix is on both master and dev.
  16. Sorry I got your earlier comment backwards. I've managed to reproduce the issue but Im not sure whats gone wrong as it was fine earlier. Will need to dig into this.
  17. Only about 2 years late, here's some variants of the Delta IV fairing and standalone payload adapter. The fairing base can now switch their top nodes from 2.5m to 1.875m The structural adapter can now switch from 3.125->2.5, 3.125->1.875 and 2.5->1.875
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