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  1. its only translating back and forth. To me it appears to mainly be involved in adjusting the expansion ratio of both the inner and outer annular nozzles simultaneously.
  2. No plans for the methalox Japanese upper stage. We leave that up to the players creativity. A single engine mount designed to fit the NK-33 from Estreetrocket's Kistler mod will be made though. This will serve as a first stage mount for J-1A (J1-Upgrade, J-2 or whatever its actual name is) and as a generic mount as well. After thinking it over and taking some feedback from other places, I made the decision to use the simplified mesh for the engine so it will work with the Atlas II skirt and core tank variant. In the end its probably better to make the rocket look right than the engine which is mostly hidden away.
  3. We really do not reccomend installing the github dev branch unless you are willing to deal with potential craft breaking changes. Especially for new players, it is better to install from ckan, spacedock or the github releases page. The dev branch is intended for testing and as such there can be issues not everyone is willing to deal with.
  4. Just added a subtype to the LR-89 for the proposed Atlas II-B vehicle. This uses the existing LR89-NA6 model mesh for Atlas E/F as its a reasonable visual approximation. Ps. there is a slight issue here. The more accurate engine model would the the Atlas E/F NA6 model which only physically fits the Atlas E/F skirt which only fits the Atlas E/F core tank due to the different pipe layout. Would people prefer this build or a more accurate looking rocket that uses the Atlas II skirt, the Atlas II core tank and a less accurate engine model that uses one of the variants without modelled turbo pumps that will fit in the Atlas D/Atlas II skirt? I am not so invested given its a largely unknown variant but willing to hear which option people prefer. I dont think I mentioned it before but you can access the WIP build guide spread sheet on this issue here until the wiki is updated https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/issues/78
  5. i'll take a closer look at what kind of instrumentation was on the SCORE nose and the rocket avionics pods. Might need a small reaction wheel in the nose cone regardless just for gameplays sake though. Im not particularly keen on yet another custom experiment for something so basic but I'll see if there is an option for a custom UI option for transmission.
  6. Incredible work! And very exciting to see a talented addition to what is now the Tantares Team
  7. There might be a couple of important items like the SLV-3B fairing base (actually just that I think). But I havent looked into what files need to be retained to save that. Will check in a bit. In other news we have a potential trailer for the 1.14 update
  8. Existing craft should not be affected for now. I will be hiding the parts soon (forgot to do that earlier) and eventually they will be deleted.
  9. Initial upload of first phase of Atlas stuff on github now. As always usual caveats apply, things might be broken, balance is WIP etc. Build guides etc will come soon.
  10. I dont quite remember everything I've gathered for the NERVA research but iirc, the reactor in flight test (RIFT) would have used NERVA on an S-IVB. However this is just for testing. The Nuclear shuttle designs as well as crewed interplanetary designs for NERVA II all used S-II sized (6.25m in game) stages. Optimising nuclear stages is a little bit harder since KSP uses higher dry mass fractions than real life. However, the key takeaway is that useful nuclear stages end up a lot bigger than you might think with rather long burn times required.
  11. are you comparing stages of similar size? All LH2 means lower propellant density so for the same Dv you will need a much bigger tank (which should still be lighter overall resulting in further effciencies in the launch stack below the nuclear the stage). Alternatively build an even bigger stage with the same mass as a hydrolox one and you will have a lot more Dv.
  12. Thats not really abandoned, I did update it a couple of months ago as well although planning started a VERY long time ago lol. But I only tick things off once I get a functional version in game and relatively stable. There might be a couple of omissions, I'll go over it again soon. About half that list is modelled and textured now (and more than half workload wise). I will probably do this in two phases so most of what I've shown is going to go start going in game once I've finished the emissives for the engines. Most of whats in that list starting with SLV-3X and below will be phase 2 which I will start on once I get phase 1 in game. ps. By phase 1 and 2 I just mean in terms of my work. All of this likely will be part of the same BDB update.
  13. LR-101s Includes a fictional ultra compact mount, a bare version of the historical mount, and three colours for the full version with aero covers. (The red was used on some Atlas A launches)
  14. The other models don't have modeled turbo pumps at all. The pumps are shared and located centrally in the skirt which isnt feasible to model or practical in game. So its abstracted out. Atlas E/F was the final evolution of the Atlas missile and the USAF wanted the engines to be fully independent so they could be serviced easier. So in this case we have a fully modelled powerhead. The shape of the Atlas E/F skirt is also different to the others to accommodate this.
  15. LR-105 update How these models work out to combine for the different variants, the MA-powerpacks, and associated rockets.
  16. Those engines use liquid fuel by default. There is a patch however in BDB extras that converts some engines to use hypergolic fuels. BDB extras is not meant to be installed as a whole. Users are meant to pick specific extras if they are interested and install only them (or none at all)! There are multiple warnings in that folder.
  17. LR89 progress. Mostly finished texturing but will do the emissives for all the engines together. Most LR89 models had shared turbo pumps which were located in the center of skirt. That aspect is of course abstracted so these simpler models will be used to represent those variants. Left is the RS56OBA (MA-5A) model and right is intended to be used for XLR89, and LR89 NA 3,5 and 7 (ie MA-1, MA-2 and MA-5 power packs). Only difference is some nozzle detail. We also have here the fully independent LR89-NA6 (MA-3) for Atlas E and F. The powerhead just barely fits inside the special Atlas E/F skirt (which had a different shape to the others for this reason). Due to the odd shape and clearance requirements, a separate whacky ring mount is provided as a switch for generic use. Full lineup of LR89s
  18. Cobalt made those so you would need to hear from him but I can say that its unlikely unless there's some space on the sheet as you need to map a different UV island near the end of the tank due to the baked ambient occlusion (assuming there was motivation to do this to begin with it can be hard to work up the energy to work on files long since completed haha). Its a somewhat tedious thing anyway which is why the Atlas tanks only have this on one end.
  19. Thanks! And yeah I will put together a build guide table or something before this is done so Friznit can adapt it to the wiki when he has time. Worth noting the performance charts will also become obsolete most likely.
  20. Box of balloon tank shaped Lego for all your Atlas building needs. Even if not mentioned all historical variants can be built accurately with correct combination of these tanks. Cylindrical extension tank raceways can be switched to be open ended for stacking since some variants need one underneath a conical tank and of course lets you use them in any combination you like as well.
  21. Atlas updates. Aft tank today We also now have a dedicated mount for Atlas SLV-3X "Fatlas" that can mount H1D. It will match the ring and there's no clipping. This aft tank will fit inside the standard skirt. The H1D will need to mount at a 45 degree angle (the prop inlet pipes will guide you) and though its close it just about fits You may want to lock the gimbal until skirt sep
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